Fool me once

Strong advice for you, if you’re ever tempted to go for one of those insanely cheap but seemingly high-spec Chinese Government phones: DON’T.

Case in point here. Oooooh look at all those lenses! Oooooh it’s got a Sony sensor!

Let me tell you from actual experience buying one of these – and it also had a Sony sensor. The entire experience is WEAK. And the updates and/or support, after a year, are pretty much non-existent. As for the camera itself, the photos were incredibly underwhelming. Having a Sony sensor does not automatically make it a great phone. It’s the equivalent to putting Continental tyres and alloy wheels on an Austin Metro. You have to know what you’re doing as a manufacturer to process that Sony sensor photo within the phone, and trust me, Chinese Government manufacturers don’t have a fucking clue. The photos were drab and listless, and the colours were washed out.

Furthermore, after I gave the phone away to my friend, he told me it suddenly started shutting down, and loads of weird code started appearing. I joked it was probably sending all his contacts and messages back to Chinese Government servers – although that’s probably not too far from the truth (as that’s been known to happen).

Avoid disappointment, and just go higher.

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