Shop Minnow

I left the very active guild I was in, and I think my love of Shop Titans is over. My addiction certainly is.

The game is greedy and money hungry from the start, but you could ignore that to a point. But then you reach the early 30’s in level, and you REALLY see the fairness and balance drop off the edge of a cliff.

Earlier in the game I could leave my game for a few hours, comfortable in the knowledge that when I loaded it back up again, my energy would be near and often completely refilled, so that I could charge customers double prices to get my money up faster. Money is what the entire game revolves around – to build more storage, buy more things to make your shop more attractive to customers and all sorts of other things. But by the early 30’s levels, things suddenly (and I mean suddenly – this is not subtle) changed. Pretty much NO ONE came into my shop, and there was no one waiting there at the counter to buy something when I checked back hours later. My energy was still decimated. It ended up being so bad that I just sold stuff at normal price just to make my energy back up, in order to charge double price for whatever I could.

Too much of a grind for too little reward over too long. Nah. I’m out. No wonder the game itself is free.

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