[not] Breaking The Law

Well, TV Licensing are a right friendly bunch once you stop feeding them money on an annual basis for something that you no longer want.

When I cancelled my TV Licence online, I received absolutely no e-mail confirmation (despite them asking for my e-mail address in the cancellation form) . Weeks later I’ve finally received a letter through the post (right up there with all this modern technology milarky, eh). Even before the “Dear Mr ….” there is a big font 2 liner in bold:

1 in 8 people wrongly claim No Licence Needed.

Please make sure you’re not the one.

Fucking jesus, thanks. So basically I’m guilty until proven innocent.

I have diligently paid my TV Licence for over 20 fucking years now. I am not fucking stupid. Having realised I barely watch live TV now I have done all the research to ensure that I’m not breaking the law regarding the declaration of not needing one. I’m not one of those fucking vigilante morons all “niiieerr fuck the biased BBC, ain’t gettin’ a penny off me!!”. And yet I am clearly being judged as one from the overall tone of this letter – not just the header before addressing me, but running throughout the letter and also at the end, where they have 4 info blocks headed : “No TV Licence means:” – you know, as if I’ve just been one of those flippant cunts who’s cancelled it on a whim one day, just because he didn’t like what was said on the news the previous evening.

It’s more than the once they mention that I’m not able to use BBC iPlayer anymore. GOOD!!! Fucking go for it, pal – I don’t fucking care!! It was averaging once a year, if even THAT frequency, that I ever used the iPlayer anyway.

Anyway, visit me all you like – I pulled out my aerial lead from the wall and the TV the day after I cancelled online!

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