Stephen’s Cycling Guide

Cycling is a wonderful activity. It is compeltely carbon neutral, so your environmental impact is zero. It provides great excercise, and can be a way to meet like minded cyclists. But it is also often fraught with dangers, especially when cycling in urban areas. Therefore I have compiled a Cycling Guide, based on actions ofContinue reading “Stephen’s Cycling Guide”

Mo’ money

Yaaaaaaaaayy!! Sarah told me about this. You can claim a little extra personal tax allowance if you wash your own uniform, which of course, I do, and very proudly, every single week. It may well not be a fortune but it’s still something extra! Naturally, the Government does not advertise this fact.

Sensitive little fucker, aren’t you, Sumit

Hehehe oooooh dear….. Look at the date in his little guide here. And look when it was updated: And here is why it was updated 🀣 To give you even more perspective, Sumit here is one of the Microsoft Volunteer ‘experts’ who answers questions on the invariably useless Microsoft troubleshooting forums. Yes, I’m aware abysmalContinue reading “Sensitive little fucker, aren’t you, Sumit”