GMB viewers blast ‘woke’ aquarium debate ‘Prison for fish – too ridiculous’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | How bizarre. The Express write an article clearly skewed against PETA, and then censor my comment that perfectly reasonably and accurately dismisses this clueless bint. But fear not – as always, no one censors me on my own fucking site:

Kristen Bell on her daughter sharing a name with delta variant: ‘It’s a big bummer’ | The Independent “We’ve never heard of Delta Goodrem. After all, she’s only been making music since 2003, so instead we scrabbled around and found Kristen Bell banging on about her irrelevant daughter – isn’t this just the most chuckle-worthy…?!”

After court victories, Michael Jackson estate eyes revival You’re Associated Press and you didn’t even know Michael Jackson’s date of birth…… Great news for the Estate though, in spite of the amateurish reporting. Who’d have ever thought Wade and Safechuck were making that shit up?! Wooaahh it’s like some kind of revelation to me!! 😏

Jodie Whittaker to leave Doctor Who next year The woke/#MeToo experiment comes to an end – based largely, I suspect, on rapidly declining interest in a woman being crowbarred into a male lead “cos reasons”. I wonder if the BBC and it’s Canadian partner has learnt anything from this abject failure. Actually next year we’ll probably have transgender Daleks.

Donations to RNLI rise 3,000% after Farage’s migrant criticism | Migration | The Guardian Right. I wonder if these fucking morons would be as fast to donate to a charity that finds and reports the people traffickers themselves….

Sony clarifies that Nixxes acquisition will “help with” porting its IP to PC | GamesRadar+ Hmm. Kind of destroys the entire selling point of “PlayStation Exclusive”, though, doesn’t it, if all they will be able to say in future is “PlayStation Exclusive (for the next 8 months)”.

CEOs told to ‘think before they tweet’ after Just Eat spat with Uber | Twitter | The Guardian 2 rather obvious things occur: Told by who??? Who has self appointed themselves CEO advisors? Cos that’s one seriously arrogant little tosspot. If you’ve made it all the way to CEO, how the fuck do you not grasp how to use social media?? The mind truly boggles.

Joe Wicks’ tips for finding a physical and mental health balance | British GQ Spout all the fucking drivel from your chiseled smiling, woman’s haircut head all you want, Joe – the balance between physical and mental health is landing your endless book, TV and streaming deals, and earning piles of fucking cash.