BTS: South Korea passes law allowing K-pop stars to postpone military service – BBC News

BTS a bunch of fucking girls: confirmed.

How much do you want to bet that by the time their exemption expires they’ll be ‘coincidentally’ living in LA and not able to return. Wouldn’t want to mess up that pretty hair, girls…

Billie Eilish says she has 16 songs in the works, feels more confident as a songwriter

16 fucking songs… the works!! Jesus wept, she’s like some kind of song machine!!


Do NME now sit for meetings each week thinking up how little they’ve licked Billie’s arse in the past 6 days??

I succumbed to 1

Okay so most of the reviews say this one is BORING but fuck it, for the possibility that I can endure it, and for the hype, and for THAT price, from Dixons, fuck yes I’m gonna try it out!! Free postage too.

What’s it on Amazon right now…? Let’s see, shall we……

Oh look, can’t even come close. As per usual. And yet only this week I had to endure some fucking mug on Disqus trying to tell me Amazon was always the cheapest.

I’m keeping the fucking evidence here on my site for you fucking mugs – not just for this example but for future examples I find, and then I will refer you fucking clueless fucking twots to any one of these posts, to enable you to shut the fucking hell up, and realise Amazon are routinely out-priced.