Hogwarts Legacy actor responds to backlash: ‘Trans women are women and trans men are men’

Oh WHAT a huge surprise, no one is allowed to comment on the MSN article.

Well tough shit – anyone is allowed to pass comment here – not least me, owner of InsanityDaily.com!!

Look at that utter fucking dribble from this “Andy Chalk” : “but author JK Rowling’s increasingly strident transphobia has blanketed the game in controversy”.

Okay let’s hold it right there shall we. If you have a “phobia” of something, then that means you are afraid of that thing. Joanne Rowling has consistently had to remind people via her Twitter that she has trans friends. So you’re now claiming, oh just dead casually like, that JK Rowling is afraid of her own friends.

You are a fucking moron, Andy. You’re just spouting all this “nneerrr she’s transphobic” because you want to score some virtue points. You want to be all ‘down wid da kidz’ there. Little wonder you’re employed by the most banal, insipid publishing house of them all – Future Publishing.

This “transphobia” lie is repeated further down the article too.

Little correction for you infantile little cretins, so get your little notebooks out. Ready?

JK Rowling is not afraid of her own friends.

Got it, you fucking clowns…..? Now FUCK OFF.

r3N3w n0W

Fuuucking hell does this shit fool anyone????

Nevermind the car crash attempt at English. Nevermind the “NORsdjhfjsdfskfhkdfTON” – as if them managing to successfully duck under a word-filter set up to block “Norton” is going to suddenly be convincing after them putting that, and nevermind the fact they’ve put “Renew membership”. Membership of what????? That isn’t how anti-virus programs work. You’re not a “member” of anything – it’s a subscription to a key/service. But that doesn’t equate to “membership”.

Quite aside from all this, it must have been over 20 years since I last used Norton. And once my year was up that was more than enough of that shit.

dA LiEz!!!!

…..or just as easily, Donny is talking out of his fat arse yet again, and absolutely nothing will happen on Tuesday.

But if it does, there’s absolutely nothing you can say to his brain-rinsed fans to convince them that Donny T might just NOT be the angelic ‘warrior’ that “all da mean peopolz in deep state wanna GET!!!!!”. It’s fucking hilarious to watch them so desperate to believe in him.

And despite asking in numerous places, I have yet to have any explanation whatsoever from any of his fervent supporters, as to how, if 2020 was “rigged” and “stolen” from them, then how come he won in 2016??? Just fucking TRY and explain that one to me, would ya?! “Uuum, err…uhh….well….uuhh…that’s cos…uhh…they wanted to make it LOOK all legit back then to uhh…make you believe everything was fine and …er…stuff”. I’m going to guess that’s the best possible explanation these fucking dolts can come up with. But why does it need to make any sense, when your Lord Donald just has to blurt “deep state!!!” and you go back to sleep again.

It’s all fucking hilarious.


Fucking hell look at that – almost 7 days since I’ve uttered anything to my beloved followers.

It isn’t any lack of interest in my site. It’s just I’ve been feeling a bit flat/numb/meh of late. I think it’s the build up to trying to build my PC again – knowing what happened before. But there is hope – because Scan tested all of my main components and had them all working. So nothing is dead – I haven’t killed anything. How could that fact not give me hope? It’s just the wrestling with the fucking fiddly 2 8-pin ATX power connectors that’s the issue for me. I already super-glued those fuckers together (the ‘extra’ 2 pins to the 6 pins). And I’m sorry if I’m repeating any of this but I can’t be arsed checking all I wrote before about it. If I hadn’t have superglued them I’d still be wrestling with them now – the space I had to work in combined with the extreme angle you needed to get them pointed downward from was fucking ridiculous. This situation may be improved with the full tower Lian-Li case I’ve got ready to install into – but that’s not a guarantee. But I am hoping that it is.

I’ve still to sit and watch my Space Station 4K – that’s another plan for the weekend coming – and my god that weekend will come fast. As I’m turning my plates over on Route 2 it never fails to amaze me – turning from TUE to WED (it’s Wednesday already?!) then from THU to FRI (it’s Friday already?!) I feel the same way every single week. I so wish that I’d got this job a decade ago but I was thinking about that the other day – it might not have even been possible 10 years ago – as the person who’s route I am doing now was still doing it. Collections jobs are like gold dust, apparently.

Here’s to another weekend after another lovely day in my lovely job – I’m going into space tomorrow!

Actor Keanu Reeves Takes Iconic Role From Johnny Depp in Film Franchise Worth Billions – Disney Dining


Rebecca there has clearly been writing since she was 10 – as 2 thirds of that article is filler. And it takes a long time to perfect that.

Wait a minute, you can still update a disk-based version of Steam from 2004 to the current release


Err….I’m sorry, how is this a surprise to anyone except games journalists? The data on the disc would have been exactly the same data as if you’d purchased a key for it.

It’s basically more fawning over Steam. Ohh Steeeam, you’re so amazing and wonderful!!

Yeah except when you get your account stolen, and £200 worth of games are in someone else’s collection in an instant, and Valve’s policy on reclaiming your account is very clearly (having been through the attempt myself and giving up after the amount of flaming hoops I was expected to jump through) “guilty until proven innocent”.

Just as that wondrous “Offline mode” which half the time doesn’t work – with the ever so helpful ‘error message’ of “Steam is unable to start in Offline mode [so tough shit]”.

Should You Buy Kaspersky Security Products?



Seemingly even admitting there’s actually no evidence whatsoever that Kaspersky is a bad actor despite various mud slinging attempts, PC Mag can no longer recommend it because Kaspersky fails to virtue signal and won’t remove its headquarters from Moscow.

And precisely why should it????? Just because YOU don’t like Russia right now in its war against the Ukrainian dictatorship? That is a fucking pathetic ‘reason’. If you wanted to take the moral high ground in everything ever made, you’d have to go live in a cave in the woods and eat nuts and berries. There is not a single country on earth without blood on its hands in some form or other (this includes Ukraine, which has been caught executing captured Russian soldiers). So you can stop being so fucking pious.

Would it make you happy if Kaspersky found itself in the position of having to put itself up for acquisition, and was subsequently turned into another watered down trash anti-virus like McAfee or Norton? “Well hey I got malware into my PC via the piss-poor detection rates of Kaspersky now but at least I’m not supporting mean Governments!”. Get yourself a fucking grip, man.

Also your “UK.pcmag.com” URL leads to a completely America-centric article. So you might want to stop using fucking TotalAV and sort that one out as well, you muppets.

Preserving Sanity (MY OWN)

The main reason I don’t sign back up to Eurogamer is because I don’t want to get into a spat with some of the utterly fucking insufferable cunts in the comments section – definitely in abundance in this article.


One user on there is someone who is definitely aged about 20 – because he or she clearly understands almost nothing about the world, and has the obnoxious fallback of “you only don’t agree with me because you’re a far right racist”.

Just have a look at the replies of this “Xoralundra”.


There is simply no debate possible with insufferable people like this. She/he sees things just 1 way: THEIR way. Anyone trying to reason with this user is either a racist, or making excuses for racism. You don’t even need the context of the original post this moron is replying to to understand what type of blinkered idiot they are (although by all means – it is freely available to you through the link).

I deleted my account at Eurogamer precisely because of insufferable cunts like this. Because anyone arguing that hard for diversity/inclusion and banging on so hard about racism and tolerance, is exactly the type of person who needs to project their shortcomings in those areas on to others, in order to try and make them feel inadequate and shamed.

I repeat as I have done many a time: normal people do not run around telling you they’re not racist. It’s the default position for us normies.