Hogwarts Legacy actor responds to backlash: ‘Trans women are women and trans men are men’

Oh WHAT a huge surprise, no one is allowed to comment on the MSN article.

Well tough shit – anyone is allowed to pass comment here – not least me, owner of InsanityDaily.com!!

Look at that utter fucking dribble from this “Andy Chalk” : “but author JK Rowling’s increasingly strident transphobia has blanketed the game in controversy”.

Okay let’s hold it right there shall we. If you have a “phobia” of something, then that means you are afraid of that thing. Joanne Rowling has consistently had to remind people via her Twitter that she has trans friends. So you’re now claiming, oh just dead casually like, that JK Rowling is afraid of her own friends.

You are a fucking moron, Andy. You’re just spouting all this “nneerrr she’s transphobic” because you want to score some virtue points. You want to be all ‘down wid da kidz’ there. Little wonder you’re employed by the most banal, insipid publishing house of them all – Future Publishing.

This “transphobia” lie is repeated further down the article too.

Little correction for you infantile little cretins, so get your little notebooks out. Ready?

JK Rowling is not afraid of her own friends.

Got it, you fucking clowns…..? Now FUCK OFF.

Stephen’s Cycling Guide

Cycling is a wonderful activity. It is compeltely carbon neutral, so your environmental impact is zero. It provides great excercise, and can be a way to meet like minded cyclists. But it is also often fraught with dangers, especially when cycling in urban areas.

Therefore I have compiled a Cycling Guide, based on actions of cyclists that I have witnessed, in order that you can get the very best out of your 2 wheeled experience πŸ€—:

  1. Whenever coming to a junction, or a roundabout, don’t bother signalling left or right – the driver behind you should be paying more attention, and should really have learned the art of psychic detection by now, if they’d bothered paying any attention at driving school. Just swing around randomly – they will understand.
  2. In heavy, built up traffic, and if you are on the outside of parked cars along the side of the road, if you see you are unlikely to easily fit down between the cars and the side of a van or lorry on the inside of it whilst cycling on the road, simply try and force your way down the side of the van anyway.
  3. Similarly, if you encounter a large vehicle coming towards you on a narrow lane where only single file vehicles can fit, and it looks like you won’t feasibly squeeze your way past the oncoming vehicle : try to do so regardless, and ensure to look behind in an exasperated fashion at the vehicle once they have passed you.
  4. When it gets dark out, well, this is why cars have lights. You’re a cyclist, therefore the cars with all the headlights should be looking out for you. Always remember this.
  5. If you find yourself in heavy traffic at a roadworks, and you have reached the front of the queue of traffic, but have run out of road as there are roadworks blocking your path on the road, simply mount the pavement, and carry on. Don’t worry if there isn’t actually any cycle lane marked on the pavement – they are designated areas. Any pedestrians should really be alert to cyclists – not the other way around.
  6. Similarly, if you are cycling on the road, don’t worry about any red light at the traffic lights – simply breeze on through those.
  7. One way systems were designed for cars. There are no signs that will ever say “Do not cycle the wrong way round this one-way system” – at least not to my knowledge there aren’t – so help yourself to this special cyclist-only treat.

I hope you’ve found this guide very helpful, and look forward to seeing more of you put it into practice on a weekly basis. Stay safe!

Secret recording ‘proves’ dam explosion was Russian sabotage gone wrong

Ohhhh, UKRAINE released this recording.

So that definitely means it’s automatically true then. Cos as we know, Ukraine would never do anything dodgy.

Mo’ money

Yaaaaaaaaayy!! Sarah told me about this. You can claim a little extra personal tax allowance if you wash your own uniform, which of course, I do, and very proudly, every single week.

It may well not be a fortune but it’s still something extra!

Naturally, the Government does not advertise this fact.


I AM EXCITED. Whilst this may be old news, dated January, I can still find no trace of it on Kino Lorber’s site itself. I LOVE this film. And the blu-ray transfer was not exactly stellar. I hope these people do a better job of it for the 4K. Unfortunately Kino Lorber say they don’t sell outside of America, due to “region restrictions”, which is a bizarre ‘reason’ when the 4K format is Region free.

No matter, I know several people in America who I can rely on to buy this for me and send me it. I can’t fucking wait!!

Sensitive little fucker, aren’t you, Sumit

Hehehe oooooh dear…..

Look at the date in his little guide here. And look when it was updated:

And here is why it was updated 🀣

To give you even more perspective, Sumit here is one of the Microsoft Volunteer ‘experts’ who answers questions on the invariably useless Microsoft troubleshooting forums.

Yes, I’m aware abysmal English on its own isn’t a deficit, but being a prissy little tosspot does hinder clarity of mind. This is presumably why their answers are usually such a fucking car crash.


I won’t do this for every day. But I have spotted a couple of things about the Zenfone 10. One is great, one is disappointing.

The great one is that had I actually spotted that link, which actually re-directed itself from the .tw URL, I would have noticed it re-directed to the ASUS UK site. ASUS only put up Zenfones on their UK site if they’re going to be available for the UK market. So YAY!!

Now to the disappointing part. ASUS have finally caved to the clueless “tech journalists” and the Zenfone 10 will have wireless charging.

Don’t know about you but since owning my first proper ‘smartphone’ in 2016 I have never once, EVER thought to myself “oooh, but I wish I could charge this thing wirelessly though!” 😏Well, GLORY BE – now you will be able to plug in a fucking great clunky pad, which oooh, what is that thing you need with the pad….hm, is it a bire? a fire? a liar?

YES IT’S A FUCKING “WIRE”. You know, for your “wireless charging”. A wire. For your wireless charging……do you need me to run that by you again, you fucking idiots?

So with this being in place, and it being one of THE ONLY “Cons” in that section on tech sites, that will mean it will be a 100% perfect score, now they’ve got “[wired] wireless charging”…right?

Of course it fucking won’t. Almost all “tech journalists” are on Samsung’s payroll. So I’m actually looking forward to seeing what utterly inane “con” they manage to dream up for the Zenfone 10. They’ve already used the incredibly purile “Front not as premium looking as the back” for the Zenfone 9, so they know they can’t use that one again. So this will be a wonder of modern day ‘journalism’ to see them cobble together something for Big Daddy Samsung.



Woooooo date set!! Obviously that link won’t work in a few weeks so I’m putting a screenshot to show you (and me) what I mean in the future. I hope they do a UK release again – they have since the Zenfone 8 (ROG phones since before that). This will mean I can definitely use it here because they have been making their phones with o2 band support in the UK market which is actually rarer than you might imagine.

Time for me to get excited!!

Sue Perkins announced as host of 2023 British LGBT Awards

“Ooooh well done you – you wrote a book despite being gayyy, naaaawwww here’s a big pat on the head”.

Fuck me, how patronising is this shit?!


Oh give me strength……πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ