Biden inauguration: Democrat to be sworn in as Trump leaves office

Wracked actually by 2 things : a narcissistic twat who wasted 4 years on an ego project, then pardons just about every single one of his crooked cronies, as opposed to anyone actually worthwhile, and BLM supporters trashing 2 billion dollars worth of property after a criminal got killed by police – precious little of which was reported on either side of the Atlantic.

Fix that, old man…..

Mind losing…

YouTube comments sections are a gift that keeps on giving…..

But of course. When you’re that far down the rabbit hole and Steve Bannon is playing his pipe, “nothing is real!!!!“.

Naturally I wasn’t going to let this one slip past without at least a polite query:

Ohhh lil Dwighty. With your check shirt and beard…

Yep. You guessed it – still waiting…..

Pence and GOP leaders to skip Trump’s farewell event

Donald response: “I didn’t want them there anyway, they were the worst [insert position] in the history of America!”.

Throw your little toys around, moron – no one gives a fucking shit about anything you have to say anymore. But it’s hilarious watching you not dealing with that.

“We all should be allowed to keep lions …..COS!!!!”

This dunce is on another level of fucking stupid. Her basic argument is that “bad stuff can happen with dangerous animals that shouldn’t be kept as pets regardless of whether they’re accredited or not – even in zoos!”

Yeah, the difference between selfish cunt humans wanting a lion and a zoo keeping a lion is that the zoo doesn’t go “oooh look at me with ma big ass LION!! Hey everyone come see ma lion cos I’m gangsta y’all!! Look, I can make him do this!!” and stick a diamond encrusted pose collar on it.

If and when a zoo has one of those rare catastrophes and a keeper does get killed, policies and procedures are looked at and reassessments are made. When a lion kills a dumb fuck amateur who just wants a status symbol pet, evidently the response to that amounts to “but…but…..ZOOS HAVE BAD STUFF HAPPEN TOO!! NO BIGGIE!!!!”.

Fucking hell, you’re as stupid as they come. However, let me buy you a big pet lion so we can at least have 1 less stupid person on earth.