Never neutered

I’m going to switch my comments to just appear straight away (when I get home and have more time). It’s tedious having to approve them first.

And in any case I am not one of those idiots who bangs on about being booted off Twitter, complains about not being allowed to say what I want to say, and then subsequently runs a blog that no one is permitted to comment on unless they agree with me and everything that I say. FUCK that.

That’s not to say if it’s very fucking obvious you’re an obnoxious prick without anything to bring to the table I still don’t reserve the right to just remove your comments but that is always my very LAST port of call – not the first. So know that I’m not some spineless fucking jellyfish who’s waiting by the “Block” button just because someone dares to tell me I’m wrong.

Bought this yesterday after waking up way too early. It’s fucking great. The only downer is that unlike the other Ladybird collection with shorter stories, there’s no sound effects in these. But the voice characterisations are so good you can forgive that. They each last around half an hour so are condensed, yes, but still epic and detailed (though I know A Christmas Carol well enough now to know what parts they snipped out or only briefly referred to). Over 10 hours of stories for £7.99.

Meghan Markle is the ‘centre of Prince Harry’s world’ as smitten relationship explained – Daily Star


Yes it takes a “body language expert” to decode the great revelation that 2 people who are married like eachother.


You know I think you need to shower this expert with more money to decode the equally incredible revelation that 2 people who are getting a divorce don’t like eachother. Then write another book about it. Yep you’ve really earned your living there it has to be said.

Xbox is reportedly interested in buying Mortal Kombat and Batman parent


Oh god.

Think about what’s happened to just about every other studio that Microsoft bought. They’re pretty clueless about acquisitions – operating what is clearly a “hmmm well it looked like a good idea at the time” backwards policy. The result of that is that some of the most innovative games developers in the world like Lionhead just get closed down when Microsoft don’t know how to handle their new toy.

If I was working for any of Warner Interactive Studios development houses right now I’d start crossing off the days left until close of business operations. I guarantee you Microsoft are gonna fuck you over – doesn’t matter how big your games are – you get bought out by Microsoft – start counting the days until the plug is pulled.