PS4 loading times are improved as patches all but remove loading screens in first-party games | Eurogamer

Fucking NICE!! Obviously only 1 of those games is any good but I’ve been planning on returning to The Last of Us Remastered for a while now!

PlayStation Fans Disappointed After Another PS4 Game Gets Cancelled


I can’t believe that muppet’s comment they showed on Twitter. “It’s very sad, was looking forward to play it since it’s my only platform”.

Jesus have you actually seen the game?!!

You aren’t going to need a fucking superbeast turbo gaming PC to run this you stupid tit. It’s hardly going to need Doom Eternal on full settings level of spec!!

Just buy the PC version and stop your cooing.


To do all the things I wanted to in my 3 weeks. 😦 Jesus, where does the time go.

I’ve achieved little of what I had planned for 3 whole weeks, but I have finally started picking up the French, with Duo Lingo. Babbel is great, and many claim to have learned from it. That’s why I paid for a year’s worth. But I’m just not retaining the French using it. Duo Lingo I’m finding, even though I’m starting more or less from the start going through the basic stuff, I’m guessing words and translations that I’ve not looked at for many months and it’s quite shocking how much I’ve been getting right. I’m going to pay for a year’s worth come pay day. And I hope they still have their offer on then. Although it’s still over £80 for a year of no ads and offline courses (personally these days with data being so cheap, any offer to do stuff offline is almost redundant anyway, let’s be realistic).

After writing this I am going to go at it with my new set of 3 drawers, which I’m going to just SQUEEZE into the space by my bed that’s been akwardly cut out of the wall. What fucking clown designed the interior of these flats I’ve not a clue. They either did it for a dare, for a joke, or just after a bit too much to drink. What fucking muppet draws up a flat interior with no windows in the kitchen, and no windows in the bathroom, and then goes “well that will be great to live in!!”?? Imbecile.

Anyway, TO THE DRAWERS!!!!

Historical absence

A curious thing dawns on you when you watch too much Challenge. If you took ITV hype at face value, you’d think that, for example, there was Catchphrase with Roy Walker, and then there was Catchphrase “BACK!!!” with Stephen Mulhern!!

In fact, it never actually went away, it was just shunted to god knows what times and the prizes were total shit. Nick Weir and Mark Curry presented the short runs in-between.

The same is true for other gameshows I honestly thought had died – including Bullseye, which by law should ONLY ever be presented by the late, great, Jim Bowen, was presented for just one single pitiful waste of time year by Dave Spikey. He did an okay job, but it was never going to be the experience it was when Jim did it – hence why it didn’t last quite as long as the 2 decades that Jim lasted.

So you see – watching Challenge is an education.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Rian Johnson's Divisive Movie Stays True to George Lucas' Vision for Luke Skywalker

Yeah I think the old “it wasn’t shit – you just didn’t get it” line has been wheeled out once or twice already by now…