Edward Colston: Four deny damage to Bristol statue


Oh not so fucking #brave and cocky now, are we.

Interesting thing is, they were all so keen to cause criminal damage to the statue, oh yeah, “#BLM”, and yet as soon as they’re up in court for doing just that, they’re all “not me guv….I didn’t do anything!” Surely if you’re so “anti-racist”, and oh-so-woke, you’d be only TOO KEEN to go “YES!!! That was ME!! And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!!”

It’s almost as if you don’t actually believe in the cause you’re shrieking so loudly about.


Watch “Obi-Wan Kenobi Props, LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacat…” on YouTube

This is a prime example of just how far Star Wars has fallen.

Using the supposedly on-trend buzzword of the hour “queer” (which yes, is still actually an insult and an insult you will see gay people on Twitter disown, and tell you “gay not queer” – but hey shoosh you people you don’t matter these days – YOU’RE ALL QUEER YAAAAAY) on an embedded video on starwars.com is just cringe worthy.

And then check out the presenter’s…..um…excitement, cleverly disguised, for some reason, as disinterest and boredom, combined with an overbearing sense of “oh, so I say this now….?” As for the props person herself, well fuck me, clearly she thought she was getting a job working on Star TREK, which must explain her utter lack of enthusiasm for her job at Lucasfilm.

I don’t know if next year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe is in London again but if it is, I don’t even feel excited. I just feel hollow and empty. Judging from the bizarre “LGBTQ Star Wars” zones in the last one I looked at, it is questionable whether I would go even if I did have the money.

Is this some “I don’t wanna see QUEERS at my Star Wars event”?! Of course it fucking isn’t. But their whole “we want everyone to feel included – Star Wars is for everyone!” mantra proves just how much their fingers aren’t on the pulse. No one, anywhere, at any point in time, ever, told gay people that they aren’t welcome at Star Wars Celebration. No one gives a fucking shit what colour you are, or what you do in the bedroom – BECAUSE IT’S JUST STAR WARS, you fucking muppets. So why, then, do you want to shove it people’s FACES what you do in the bedroom, with specific signage?

You know what made Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 so fucking great…?? It was because no one needed to me made aware you’re a bloke who liked other blokes. No one cared if you were black, or used to be a bloke and were now a woman. No one fucking cared because ALL anyone there cared about was being there “cos STAR WARS”. Therefore by that very definition, it should already be FAIRLY FUCKING OBVIOUS that it was inclusive. Sorry but I didn’t see any “NO FAGGOTS” signs up (I put that up to impact any American readers. In the UK a faggot is well known to be a branded type of onion and mutton meatball in gravy, or else a bundle of twigs (Medieval term) – so it doesn’t really have much use here outside of those). No one who goes to a fucking Star Wars convention goes because it is inclusive or exclusive. They go BECAUSE THEY WANT TO SEE STAR WARS STUFF. Precisely how fucking difficult is this to comprehend???

I honestly think Star Wars Celebration 2016 that I went to and loved so much (back in the days when they hired presenters for The Star Wars Show that seemed to actually be INTO Star Wars) was the final decent Star Wars Celebration. Which is really tragic.


I’ve said it before but it’s my site so I’m going to bore you with it again: it makes me feel so happy being able to wear my Royal Mail uniform EVERY day – now that I’ve finally been supplied with enough to enable me to just wash them all at the end of the working week.

I felt like a nobody with just an ordinary t-shirt on!! Plus it’s not exactly the most professional look, is it – the only national postal service and you’re wearing a normal t-shirt. Managers didn’t overly mind this happening. But I did!! I basically looked like I’d just nicked a Royal Mail van! Now I get to look like a real postman EVERY day!

The Glory Of Upsetting The Alphabet Mafia via catching them with their own foot shooting

I can’t actually link you because to copy and paste the link to the Tweets about it causes an “Out of memory” error. Probably another conspiracy to stop me telling the truth on my own site. But still. Basically posho chain smoker Laurence Fox put this up:

His account was actually locked for that. Well, I mean how could it not be – DON’T YOU DARE POKE FUN AT THE LGBTQRSUVWXYZ+ COMMUNITY, YOU FASCIST BIGOT!!!!

Out came the usual “my grandad died in concentration camps run by those nazis” etc etc. And should an actual gay person find this creation amusing, such as Darren Grimes (openly gay) did, ohhhh the Alphabet Mafia is coming for you TOO, Darren:

Yeah let’s run that little notion through our minds again shall we: the “queer community” attacking a gay man. Welcome to 2022. I’ve seen plenty of gay people on Twitter TELL people “gay not queer”. Of course the 20 year olds thinking they’re ‘taking back ownership’ want those people to shut up. I’ve also had a reply from a lesbian who told me she and her friends are sick and tired of Pride Month. An equal smattering are not remotely interested in a stupid fucking flag which gets colours added to it almost as often as new letters of the alphabet after LGB.

You’re left wondering just who exactly these people are actually representing, other than themselves, their Likes harvesting and probably their own self-loathing. NO ONE FUCKING CARES if you’re gay. And the fact these people are so desperate to jump up and down and shriek about it all day every day suggests that they’re REALLY struggling to come to terms with it themselves. “Oh!! Oh! But I’m a part of the QUEER community!! Are you an ally, or are you one of those BIGOTS?! Here’s my flag emojis and here’s me with my rainbow flag bag which I carry everywhere!!!”. Again, nobody gives a flying fuck what your sexual preference is. Go and sit down in a dark room with a counsellor, and have a little inner self grapple there.

Maybe after a few sessions you’ll realise how ever so slightly counterproductive attacking other gay people is.

Metro.co.uk: PS Plus Extra makes PS5 game prices look like even more of a rip-off – Reader’s Feature


Yes. You lost all credibility when saying you’re willing to pay £70 for God of War 4.5 – which will drop by £20 at least after a couple of months.

God I love casual gamers.


Ugh, in amongst the goodness of work came a bit of a kick in the teeth yesterday. I was pushing one of the yorks outside and Dave suddenly said “ah well done”. I was a bit puzzled as to why – and he said it sort of at me, not to me. Then I looked back, and clearly so enraptured by his own ‘comedic genius’ was he that he hadn’t even noticed I was still stood there. He was grinning inanely at our Italian colleague – who clearly wasn’t paying him much attention as he had to stand there grinning in that horrible “eh?!! eh?!!” kind of a way.

I don’t know what the fuck that was all about. But I know I’ve done absolutely nothing to that prick. I’ve not talked about a single person there behind their back – other than to say how nice I think they are.

This is really disappointing. I thought I had everyone (except Jasmine) worked out there. Evidently I do not. I don’t think I’m going to even bother saying hello to him unless he says hello to me first. I don’t know what I’m even supposed to have done to get such mean spirited jokes made about me. Keith made one about me earlier, and Jasmine was there with a small smile waiting to see my reaction – but that was to me, in front of my face. Not feigning niceness then grinning about it to someone when they thought I wasn’t there anymore. There is a huge difference in how that makes me feel.

Rise and Fall and Ebb and Flow

Peace and tranquillity in my mind.

Doing a job that I love to do. Struggling to keep my head above water financially right now, but so are most other people due to this endless shit in Ukraine. Personally I wish they’d just fucking surrender so we can start getting energy from Russia again. I mean let’s not pretend we’re all moralistic here, trying to source alternative fossil fuel supplies from Saudi Arabia as we are right now to make up the shortfall.

A couple of people have disappeared from my life and that’s cleared my mind up immensely – not having to tread on eggshells or have to sit and take insult after insult after insult without being allowed to say anything back at all isn’t the most fun or equal friendship.

I would not trade the cash shortfall for going back to the care home in a million years.

My Obi-Wan (so far) review. Influenced by: ACTUALLY WATCHING THE FUCKING THING.

I have access to Disney+ now, through a very kindly donated login. This is how I’ve watched Obi-Wan. This is how you won’t be reading mindless drivel with copied and pasted thoughts.

I’ve watched the instantly dismissive videos on Geeks & Gamers. I saw the “I’ve heard it’s woke” – minus any context whatsoever.

But you know what, I WANTED to sit and watch this thing, so, I did. I went into it without any expectations, but coming out of it and then looking around the internet again, left me with a very very nasty taste in my mouth. But not for the reasons you might expect.

It was a disappointing first episode that’s for sure. From the cheap looking special effects of the Third Sister ship arriving and landing, to the poorly written dialogue from the Jedi in the bar (cantina..?) saying “they’ll come looking for me you know that right?” – which sounds more like a line you’d expect to hear in one of those endless generic angsty teen dramas that Netflix like to churn out as filler content than in anything Star Wars.

But once that disappointing opener was over, guess what : I carried on watching!

Yes that’s right because unlike seemingly half the unthinking pile-in, bot-like people in the group-thinking Geeks & Gamers comments section, I wasn’t determined to hate it. And I actually liked it – even in spite of young Leia appearing to be slowest running 10 year old I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The Darth Vader and Obi-Wan lightsaber dual was a bit like watching 2 geriatrics with mobility issues go at it in the back garden of a care home though. Especially weak when you consider when the timeline is of this thing, and also consider the fact that the final Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in the very first Star Wars film was MORE energetic, and the actors themselves were also older – as well as the characters they played. Evidently Disney forgot to source a competent fencing advisor for this sequence.

But I actually found Darth Vader’s dialogue to be more Darth Vadery in Obi-Wan than it was in Rogue One. This was a very pleasant surprise. And they got James Earl Jones roped in to voice him. Short of a really, really good impersonator, could there really ever be any other option…? And at the age of 91 they better get all the use out of James that they can, here!

I also actually liked the NED-B droid design – it’s a sort of combination of a Shore Trooper and K-2SO (look all 3 up and then try to dispute that).

The thing grates, though, is stupid shit like this:

Ohhh well done Disney, clap clap clap clap, etc. You’ve specifically posted on Twitter, defending: 1 actress.

I didn’t see you posting to defend Gina Carano when she was relentlessly attacked all over Twitter. I didn’t see you posting in defence of voice actor Cameron Monaghan, who voiced Cal Kestis in “Jedi: Fallen Order”, when all those ‘gamers’ were whining about “yet another white guy protagonist in a video game”. I didn’t see you posting to defend any other Star Wars actor at all, in fact, when they came in for criticism.

And sure, I’m sure there are the tiny minority of actual racists sending her fuckwitted comments about the colour of her skin but here’s the fact: NO ONE FUCKING CARES WHAT ACTUAL RACISTS THINK ABOUT ANYTHING.

And so there was I watching Moses on screen, bizarrely thinking to myself “I don’t have a problem with her cos she’s black though…I definitely …do I..? No I don’t have an issue with her cos she’s black”. The truth is, this irrelevant shit would NEVER EVEN HAVE CROSSED MY MIND had it not been for the stupid division causing posts of the Star Wars account and others!! It’s like it’s poisoning my mind now. Surely this would be the exact opposite of what they thought they were ‘achieving’ with that post.

I wasn’t watching Lando in Return of the Jedi and thinking about what colour skin he had!! I was just thinking “well he’s a smoothie if ever there was one”. The calls for “unity” and “support” and “stop being mean” and “stop thinking bad things” are only serving to plant divisive seeds where before there were none.

But having said all that, I’m not going to let the Star Wars account let my enjoyment come off the rails here.

I think overall it comes down to the realisation: no, George Lucas isn’t coming back. Probably none of the writers of the original trilogy if they’re even still alive will be writing anything for Disney Star Wars. So your mind needs to allow for some sloppy dialogue now and again. If you know the timeline, and the shows more or less stay true to the timeline, your mind will settle. I know some will instantly dismiss ANY nuanced thoughts like these as “oh so you’re just going to accept any old shit that Disney gives you, then!!!”. No, because if I genuinely can’t enjoy something, be it a game, I will just stop playing, or a show, I’ll just stop watching.

I personally think that you are stupid if you enter into watching this, as a Star Wars fan since 1983 when I first saw Return of the Jedi at the cinema (thanks mum), either determined to like it, or determined to hate it. You need to actually SIT AND WATCH a thing, and decide based not on what ANYONE else says – whether that’s a person you love or a person you hate. You need to base it on one viewpoint: your own.