Slight Correction (won’t ever be rectified)

You all remember the headlines and clickbait…”SOME PS5 GAMES TO COST £70!!!!!

Just 4 short months on, and whilst customers are still scrabbling around for the actual PS5 to even play the PS5 games on, as you can see, these prices are hardly eye-watering for a next gen console. It’s a hastily bashed out article, clearly, and completely fails to take into account the bleeding fucking obvious: hardly ANY gamer pays full, “r.r.p.” for a game. And no one in a job melting pandemic is going to fork out 70 fucking quid for a PS5 game – for ANY PS5 game. Even Sony know this (deep down, Sony, deep down).

Yes, I love “games journalists” more and more each day. This one can’t stop talking about Street Fighter, apparently. Ohh you hardcore gamer, you….

‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos

‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos

“Oh but Democrat protestors invaded the Capitol Hill building during the Kavanaugh hearing!!”. Yes this is true – they were idiots as well. But they didn’t go quite this far, did they.

“All fake news!! The people were all antifa in disguise!!!”. Grow the FUCK up, pond life. Try and start thinking for yourselves not your batshit crazy little echo chambers who have an agenda to push – using weak minded, easily led maluable fools like you to help push it thinking on your behalf.

Also what made my head hurt was this 20 year old looking thick bint accosting the Sky News team: “these people are clearly racist. Why are you giving these people a platform? Are you racist?”. My fucking head hurts just thinking about how fucking STUPID that girl is posing a question like that to a news camera crew and journalist. If this is the result of “woke education” then please, for the sanity and very, VERY basic level of human intelligence, please go back to sleep.

Windows 10 limps on

3 BSOD crashes tonight – with a different nonsense ‘error code’ each time. The second crash came RIGHT while Pinnacle Studio was processing my latest YouTube video. Fucking brilliant. And after the third crash, Steam came up with a fatal error, saying I needed to reinstall Steam, and GOG Galaxy kindly informed me all my installed games were wiped. Fucking brilliaaaaaaaaaaaaaant.

Naturally, when searching for the ‘solutions’ to any and all BSOD error codes, all you will ever find is the usual fucking contrite list going something along the lines of:

  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  • Could be a virus/malware
  • Ensure all your hardware is up to date

Jesus fucking christ you dolt I’ve had PC’s since 1996 I think I just about know this limp fucking checklist by now thanks. Why don’t you give us some ACTUAL fucking solutions here – and while you’re at it why don’t you bother fixing this fucking cunt-fuck of an OS after nearly 6 fucking years of being a total fucking train wreck.

New Bluetooth Speaker Day 1

Well, the title is self explanatory – it was my first day with my new little Sony speaker and it is very nice indeed. The “extra bass” in this one simply picks up and enhances the lower tones of whatever spoken thing I am listening to. For the past week or 3 “Knowing Me, Knowing Yule” – yes the audio of the TV special, has been knocking me out nicely in the morning time.

The speaker makes different sounds to the previous Sony one I had – I like that they’re different. Bit annoyingly, the speaker does not turn itself off once the audio is finished. Also quite crap is the non-existence of a simple on/off button. The Standby icon is there, but you need to long press it to get the thing to turn off (and obviously, stop draining the battery). There’s no NFC which as a reviewer pointed out is very odd seeing as Sony did put NFC on its Bluetooth speakers that are older than this one, but for me it’s hardly much of a hassle to just hook my phone up to it the slightly more long-winded way.

But overall I am happy with it. The issue that I thought was going to be an issue, that being the actual speaker points skywards, is not a perceivable issue.

So nice sound, nice speaker on and off sounds, and water proof too. Also, I’m in January, so in the perfect position to track EXACTLY how long this one lasts…..

Update! Star Wars Set Construction Upsets Residents of UK Village (Photos) – Star Wars News Net

It’s interesting that the kind of (almost exclusively) posh twats you find living in Buckinghamshire didn’t have a problem with a dirty great quarry, but do with a film set…

Life and sound

Just ordered this little thing to collect after work this morning.

Not sure how long little Bluetooth speakers are actually supposed to last, but one thing I do know is that my beloved little Sony cube speaker is fucked. I tap the NFC and it plays – for about 4 seconds, before going silent.

The first time this happened I noticed the orange out of charge light come on. Fair enough, charged it back up. It just happened again. Not good.

I’ve used it almost every single day before sleep for about a year or 2. The days I haven’t can be counted on 1 hand. But should it really have conked out this soon?!

Upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows 10 may be the best plan

Honestly this absolute fucking shit show of Windows 10 is driving me fucking mental.

The shoddy, cobbled together by PC illiterates OS has crashed at least once every single fucking DAY for the past 3 days.

Had Windows 10 been released, say, 9 months ago, I wouldn’t even really bat much of an eyelid. Teething problems – we all have those.


If you can’t fucking sort a stable OS out in nearly 6 years, you are totally fucking incompetent at your job, and are only keeping it because daddy is head of department. Or you sucked off the manager. Or the whole board.

Whatever the scenario, this is absolutely fucking pathetic. I build my own PC’s I know what the fuck I’m doing. I don’t overclock anything and I don’t make any silly adjustments or mods when I don’t know what I’m doing. All of this shit is down to the train wreck that is Windows 10. I’m going to look deep into just how much of a ‘risk’ it would be running Windows 7. Of course the FBI would issue a warning over it, but they were referring more to companies running Windows 7. I’m of precious little interest to the maggot-dicked acne ridden pondlife who sit there all day hacking into things to implant ransomware etc.

There’s stories of the sheer number of people still not downgrading to Windows 10. That’s because of the base level key advantage Windows 7 has: it WORKS.