Edward Colston: Four deny damage to Bristol statue


Oh not so fucking #brave and cocky now, are we.

Interesting thing is, they were all so keen to cause criminal damage to the statue, oh yeah, “#BLM”, and yet as soon as they’re up in court for doing just that, they’re all “not me guv….I didn’t do anything!” Surely if you’re so “anti-racist”, and oh-so-woke, you’d be only TOO KEEN to go “YES!!! That was ME!! And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!!”

It’s almost as if you don’t actually believe in the cause you’re shrieking so loudly about.


I’m Excited for the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Here’s Why (spoiler alert: I never actually say why)


Spoken like a true “tech journalist”, Andy. Oh yes, of course, the only competition the next Google Pixel has is the iPhone or the Samsung S22.

This article is so banal and scripted I don’t think you even need a real human to write these anymore. Just program them into some AI.

Also loving how he even says it’s basically the same hardware, ohhh but that’s okay, cos I get to receive a freebie try out phone from Google, yaaaaaay.

Utterly fucking pathetic.

Nearly 3 years in……and THAT’s when I get Covid.

Tested positive yesterday morning. I was wiped out all Saturday and pretty much spent the whole day in bed. I thought I’d better do one yesterday, just in case…..

Fucking positive. A very faint lower line, but it doesn’t matter how faint it is, it’s still positive.

Fuck sake. I spent 2 years wishing this to happen – I would have had a guaranteed week off work at the care home – maybe even more. But noooooooooooo, it happens in a job where I actually LIKE going to work. Spent most of my weekend in bed. I can still taste and smell, but I have no appetite. I spoke to my manager and he said the policy is if you feel able to work then you just come in to work. Wtf…no isolation….? I’m supposed to wear a mask while I still have it but what use is that when I’m still touching everything that everyone else is. Anyway I’ve said I’ll be back on Wednesday – for better or worse.

I’ve just had a much needed shave which has made me feel human again.


Just had some pathetic maggot try to access my blank Facebook account. Yeah that’s going to end well for you, chum! I’d love to see what you do with all the no photos and no posts there on Facebook account. Oh wait, I did post “It’s my birthday, you cunts” on my birthday this year. That’s it. But no location, no photos, no nothing, it amuses me the effort morons will go to for no reward at the end of it.

Google to close Stadia cloud service and refund gamers


Well who didn’t see THIS one coming. Ohhh, yes, that’s right – “tech journalists”! Those fabled people who just KNOW all the techie stuff that you don’t.

Do you know the number of clueless fucking idiots I’ve had since 2019 desperately trying to smack my prediction down? But I mean, it’s a totally cloud based gaming service, relying entirely on everyone having massively rapid fibre broadband! That’s a winner……yeah…? Yeah???


I predicted this would last about 5 years tops and the only reason I can’t prove that to you is because my previous Twitter account was banished by the cunts at Twitter. When I saw the actual truth this morning I could barely believe my accuracy.

“But….but…you want everything in CLOUD now, yeh?! That’s what our highly paid cocaine snorting stats people have told us! So here you go – we’ve done this for YOU!!”

The whole concept was shit – I knew it would die. And it’s amusing me no end here today to find out that ohhh huge surprise – I was right all along. You see, when you’ve been gaming 20 years before most “games journalists” were even BORN, you tend to know your shit over any of those little know-it-all twerps.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers fined after police change speeding rules without direct announcement


Oh boo-fucking-hoo. There is a rather simple solution to avoid getting a speeding fine from a speeding camera. I wonder if you can work out what it is?!

Check out more about the Nokia E7, its pricing, and specifications


Do they really think this is going to sell in 2022? Even “for business”? Come on, when was the last time you saw any business wishing they could hand out a Blackberry to all their employees.

This is going to sink.

Nokia’s powerful 5G phone has arrived at such a low price, if you do not buy it now, you will regret it later


Nokia don’t MAKE a powerful 5G phone, you fucking clown.

“Think about the future”….


When people 50 years from now sit down and tell their small children all about the 2020’s, their children are absolutely going to reply “noooo….you’re making that shit up – humanity didn’t have THAT much leisure time to waste..did they…???”


I’m up nice and early (got out of bed at 8am, waiting until 9 for my water to heat for a bath) and that’s enough reason for me to write something. I am STILL waiting for my fucking screen protector to come from Germany. I am dying to take the Zenfone 9 out with me. Every little thing about it is better – except for the fact that this is the first Zenfone without a notification light. I really miss that. When you see it flashing for a new message it makes you feel like your little phone is trying to get your attention. Like the child I’ll mercifully never have tugging at my trouser leg, or the dog barking at me for seemingly no reason. Yes a notification light definitely beats both of those things.

Seeing as I’m up this early I may EVEN get my lump of wood in the car and take it to get cut up at B&Q…..if I can get myself motivated enough. I would imagine, being Monday morning, there’s not really going to be a lot of customers and thus cars getting in my way right now. My real hope is that they’re not only able to cut it into thirds, but cut it through the middle too so I can make the first 6 shelves for my American Cars collection. My flat is starting to look like a massive fucking car park here and this is not ideal.

At the end of the week there’s another strike day to be awkward about. It’s actually quite a good gig for me working on a strike day. All I do is go to 5 Post Offices, collect all their stuff (which is actually half a tonne sometimes) then take all that back to the depot, get help unloading it, and then fuck off home. Don’t even need to sort it. Meanwhile almost all my colleagues are sat around earning nothing at all – certainly not by the union, so determined to impress upon them that they “must stick together on this”, feeling all righteous and militant. Fuck feeling righteous and militant, I would rather earn some money, thanks!! I would also rather be loyal to a company that’s improved my mental health in a very real way. I don’t really feel like being loyal to a union that not only dismisses any feelings of employees who DON’T want to strike, but doesn’t appear to be remotely interested in the wellbeing of those who are going not earn any money that day to help them out in their foot stomping over the changes the company wants to bring in. Principles come for free. Food and electric bills do not.