Edward Colston: Four deny damage to Bristol statue


Oh not so fucking #brave and cocky now, are we.

Interesting thing is, they were all so keen to cause criminal damage to the statue, oh yeah, “#BLM”, and yet as soon as they’re up in court for doing just that, they’re all “not me guv….I didn’t do anything!” Surely if you’re so “anti-racist”, and oh-so-woke, you’d be only TOO KEEN to go “YES!!! That was ME!! And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!!”

It’s almost as if you don’t actually believe in the cause you’re shrieking so loudly about.


Finally a REAL Black Friday deal!!

Fuck me, £14.84 for 2 YEARS more of lovely Kaspersky safe keeping!! This wasn’t actually the original deal – it was for 70% off. But as I was about to select the payment type on my phone up popped a little box – “Still here? Have an extra 10% off”. Woohoooo!! I have less than 80 days to run on my current licence. And now I don’t even need to worry about finding a deal next year!

If you’re in any doubt about Kaspersky’s worth, I’ve had it stop me visiting several sites this year alone, and that’s without all the good stuff it does silently in the background with pop-up blocking and tracker blocking etc etc.

As I’ve said before, I was given a laptop that was riddled with all sorts of crap – malware, trojans etc. I couldn’t even tell you what any of them were. But Kaspersky mashed through ALL of them, and I was able to get a clean Windows back for the person who gave me her laptop to fix (I used Kaspersky off a USB at bootup – the stuff on there was so vicious it wasn’t even letting me visit the Kaspersky site to get it!!).

I can’t even remember now when I wasn’t using Kaspersky, and I did try the others before this one. I would not recommend anything else.

Highly-Anticipated PS4 and PS5 Console Exclusive Is Now Releasing Early


Ohh, so Sifu is basically yet another glorified beat ’em up them. Oh how fucking thrilling for us.

And you can also discount that “things are changing next year” when talking about the next mediocre instalment of Horizon Zero Dawn as a moot point when as we know the original snoozefest now has a PC release. You really can’t call it a “PlayStation Exclusive” when it limps out on PC later. That’s as stupid as labelling the latest film as “only in cinemas”.

Coming Up

I’ve been neglectful of my little .com, I know. But seeing the loveliest Christmas tree in a shop window this week I had an idea. I’m going to take photos of as many nice Christmas trees as I can find – hell, maybe even the bad ones as well, and post them on my site!

Yo ho ho ho and a bottle of…brandy!

Brit Awards 2022 to scrap male and female categories | The Independent


Soooooooo..you know all those endless stories about “women have always found it really hard to make it in the music industry”? Well I guess you can shut up – you don’t exist!


This is progress…? 🤡🤡🤡🤡