Edward Colston: Four deny damage to Bristol statue


Oh not so fucking #brave and cocky now, are we.

Interesting thing is, they were all so keen to cause criminal damage to the statue, oh yeah, “#BLM”, and yet as soon as they’re up in court for doing just that, they’re all “not me guv….I didn’t do anything!” Surely if you’re so “anti-racist”, and oh-so-woke, you’d be only TOO KEEN to go “YES!!! That was ME!! And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!!”

It’s almost as if you don’t actually believe in the cause you’re shrieking so loudly about.


Don’t challenge meeeeeee!!!!

Fuck me some women are sensitive little sausages, aren’t they…

For context, this 32 year old woman from the UK had gone to live in Japan. You know, LIVE in Japan. Where they speak Japanese, and you’re going to need to do everything from shopping in a supermarket, to arranging car insurance over the phone, to booking tickets to a show, to asking directions – to maybe even giving directions. And this won’t be in English. So naturally I had to ask…..

OOOOFFFF. Ohh sorry, are you one of those airheads who is all “OOOOH, this is just a life changing experience!! Oooh I’m so cultured now!! Oh but….if I can just carry on speaking English when I live in Japan, yeh?” and I’ve just shown up to burst your egotistical little bubble?

Can’t even muster up an answer. Maybe even smack me down as to HOW she gets by. Nope, just blocks. Fuck off then, you ignorant cunt.

[not] Breaking The Law

Well, TV Licensing are a right friendly bunch once you stop feeding them money on an annual basis for something that you no longer want.

When I cancelled my TV Licence online, I received absolutely no e-mail confirmation (despite them asking for my e-mail address in the cancellation form) . Weeks later I’ve finally received a letter through the post (right up there with all this modern technology milarky, eh). Even before the “Dear Mr ….” there is a big font 2 liner in bold:

1 in 8 people wrongly claim No Licence Needed.

Please make sure you’re not the one.

Fucking jesus, thanks. So basically I’m guilty until proven innocent.

I have diligently paid my TV Licence for over 20 fucking years now. I am not fucking stupid. Having realised I barely watch live TV now I have done all the research to ensure that I’m not breaking the law regarding the declaration of not needing one. I’m not one of those fucking vigilante morons all “niiieerr fuck the biased BBC, ain’t gettin’ a penny off me!!”. And yet I am clearly being judged as one from the overall tone of this letter – not just the header before addressing me, but running throughout the letter and also at the end, where they have 4 info blocks headed : “No TV Licence means:” – you know, as if I’ve just been one of those flippant cunts who’s cancelled it on a whim one day, just because he didn’t like what was said on the news the previous evening.

It’s more than the once they mention that I’m not able to use BBC iPlayer anymore. GOOD!!! Fucking go for it, pal – I don’t fucking care!! It was averaging once a year, if even THAT frequency, that I ever used the iPlayer anyway.

Anyway, visit me all you like – I pulled out my aerial lead from the wall and the TV the day after I cancelled online!

Fool me once

Strong advice for you, if you’re ever tempted to go for one of those insanely cheap but seemingly high-spec Chinese Government phones: DON’T.

Case in point here. Oooooh look at all those lenses! Oooooh it’s got a Sony sensor!

Let me tell you from actual experience buying one of these – and it also had a Sony sensor. The entire experience is WEAK. And the updates and/or support, after a year, are pretty much non-existent. As for the camera itself, the photos were incredibly underwhelming. Having a Sony sensor does not automatically make it a great phone. It’s the equivalent to putting Continental tyres and alloy wheels on an Austin Metro. You have to know what you’re doing as a manufacturer to process that Sony sensor photo within the phone, and trust me, Chinese Government manufacturers don’t have a fucking clue. The photos were drab and listless, and the colours were washed out.

Furthermore, after I gave the phone away to my friend, he told me it suddenly started shutting down, and loads of weird code started appearing. I joked it was probably sending all his contacts and messages back to Chinese Government servers – although that’s probably not too far from the truth (as that’s been known to happen).

Avoid disappointment, and just go higher.

Shop Minnow

I left the very active guild I was in, and I think my love of Shop Titans is over. My addiction certainly is.

The game is greedy and money hungry from the start, but you could ignore that to a point. But then you reach the early 30’s in level, and you REALLY see the fairness and balance drop off the edge of a cliff.

Earlier in the game I could leave my game for a few hours, comfortable in the knowledge that when I loaded it back up again, my energy would be near and often completely refilled, so that I could charge customers double prices to get my money up faster. Money is what the entire game revolves around – to build more storage, buy more things to make your shop more attractive to customers and all sorts of other things. But by the early 30’s levels, things suddenly (and I mean suddenly – this is not subtle) changed. Pretty much NO ONE came into my shop, and there was no one waiting there at the counter to buy something when I checked back hours later. My energy was still decimated. It ended up being so bad that I just sold stuff at normal price just to make my energy back up, in order to charge double price for whatever I could.

Too much of a grind for too little reward over too long. Nah. I’m out. No wonder the game itself is free.

Need for more Need for Speed

I’m probably going to wait for Need for Speed Unbound to drop in price quite a bit more than it has thus far.

Whatever happened to a game that was supposedly going to be photo realistic – ala this early shot of 2020:

Absolutely incredible!

As it turned out, Need for Speed Unbound actually just looks like any other recent Need for Speed game:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that – Need for Speed games are always enjoyable. But maybe don’t go quite so all out in the previews the next time around, eh EA…?


Someone on Twitter offered me up this as “proof” that there has been a sudden increase in racist and misogynistic tweets since Elon Musk took over.

Even taking aside the fact that most university students and “studies” revolve around painfully woke people who don’t even know what racism actually IS anymore, the best they could come up with was an increase in “potentially toxic tweets”. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Pathetic. Did you keep the receipts…?? You see the problem is, one person’s “toxic tweets” are another person’s “what??? – he didn’t even SAY anything bad”. There’s a very, very, very low threshold in 2022 as to what constitutes “toxic”. And it’s nowhere even approaching being in the same galaxy as the kind of stuff some 1840’s hillbilly slave owner would say on the plantation. People are so weak, spineless and feeble these days, that god only knows what the next generation are going to grow up being strong enough to brush off. Almost nothing, the way things are going.

And no, it isn’t about “you can just be kind and not be racist”. It’s about get yourself a fucking grip and stop desperately looking to find racism in the most innocuous fucking things people might happen to say as a person of one race about a person of a different race. It’s almost as if now, if you make ANY derrogatory remark, it’s not because you’re judging that person as a person, it’s because you’re only saying it because they’re a different race than you. THEREIN lies the ACTUAL racism – because it is YOU fucking morons who aren’t seeing through the colour of someone’s skin, it’s you morons who are OBSESSED with it, and projecting all your racist assumptions on to us normies, who are only criticising based on the person, and not the person’s skin colour.

That’s something that YOU have to deal with. Not us.

An interesting proposition

Hmmmmmmmm! The new ITVX Premium is a very interesting proposition.

Not only is all the on-demand stuff ad-free (as you would expect) but now it also gives you access to BritBox – a service which in and of itself was a pointless proposition when the Channel 4 Player and ITV Hub had the same content for free.

It’s £59.99 per year with (mostly) no ads. Versus almost £160 per year and rising WITH ads for a TV Licence. You can see the decision making process laid bare….

ITV appear to fully recognise the upheaval of the TV industry and the big difference in how a lot of people, especially the upcoming generations, are now watching TV – and it mostly isn’t live. Their new ITV X Premium offering certainly reflects that recognition, and it’s a very strong proposition – offering as does a tonne of shows made before the cringey wokeness took hold of programme makers. A great deal of shows these days aren’t commissioned because they’re good shows, they’re commissioned after they’ve ticked all the right diversity and inclusivity boxes, and promise to be as safe and medicore as possible. Quite how mediocrity ended up being classed as “entertainment” is a mystery to the best of us.

This might be one Direct Debit per month that IS worth something to me!!

Cancelled Culture

Today is day 1. I cancelled my TV Licence yesterday. Already I’m missing my Dickinson’s Real Deal on Challenge in the mornings before work – but that was by no means a guarantee anyway as I think Challenge have already swapped that for Supermarket Sweep.

In any case, my TV signal was fucking shot and has been for months – with absolutely zero explanation. Just suddenly started breaking up one day after me adjusting absolutely nothing.

I loved the way TV Licensing site carefully mis-words it when you go through the form to cancel your TV Licence though: “I confirm that I will not be watching TV”. No, people, “that I will not be watching live TV”, is, of course, the correct wording. I’m not going to just have a fucking great 49″ TV sat there in the corner of my room never to be turned on again, am I, you fucking bozos. And nor am I going to be selling my TV.

I see they’ve already sealed off any other escape route – if you select “Other” for a reason, you’re told “We are unable to cancel your TV Licence”. Fine, so WHY EVEN HAVE AN OPTION THAT SAYS “OTHER” THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!!

Anyway, for me, this was never some childish Twitter Toddler reason like “nneerrr biased BBC, not PAYING for that crap!!!”. It was partly the sudden unexplained reception problem, and partly because, although I will always support the BBC being funded in the way that they are, I barely watch it anymore. And I barely watch any other live TV anymore either. I have been using the catch up services though. I’m now no longer allowed to use BBC iPlayer without a TV Licence. But this fails to bother me – as the BBC hasn’t put out a decent comedy in years. Not even a half decent one.

I remember when Saturday nights were gold on BBC. You actually used to look forward to them during the week.

Let’s have a look at this week’s Saturday night, shall we:

Fucking christ….TV to hang yourself by.

Not so long ago the thought to me of cancelling my TV Licence was utterly unthinkable. Now it’s reached the stage that the inability to watch live TV is just a minor inconvenience. It’s sad that it’s come to this. But, at least I get to save about £160 every year.

Agora…? Angora coat more like

1:43 scale car models are nice.

Ferraris are nice.

Asking me for £99.99 a month for just 4 fucking cars is NOT nice.

This is exactly what the latest Agora Models collection is wanting:

You’re asking £25 PER CAR, and there is no way on earth those cars will be of any better quality than the ones in the DeAgostini American Cars Collection that DeAgostini are asking £56 per month for – for 4 cars, including postage.

I’m not liking this exclusive tier of subscription company at all. They’re handy, I suppose, for taking on some builds, especially the Terminator build, that some people might have missed directly through Hachette, but when you price most model builders out in the first place, how is that a sustainable long term business plan?