I think I’m going to pay out for another day’s access to old-games.com and get Juiced 2.

For those unaware, Juiced and Juiced 2 were EXCELLENT racers, sort of in a Need For Speed vein, but very unique because you didn’t even need to race to earn money (though obviously, you still could). You could place bets on who would win in races and watch those. This set it apart from other racers. Also the way your car view ‘exploded’ when you were on the customisation screen was mental.

Again, I own Juiced 2 on dvd-rom. But have a little guess what fuck-arse activation it used. That’s riiiiight!! Fucking Games for Windows Live (Rest In Agony). From the screenshots I’m seeing on old-games.com they’re again giving you a hacked installer that’s Russian/English.

OH LOOK I’ve just found the most wonderful answer regarding this exact game on Microsoft’s forums:

“The backwards compatibility program ended last year.” FULL STOP. No not “sorry about this”, or “there is a workaround though”, or “have you tried….”. I keep finding example after example after example of evidence that Microsoft don’t understand gamers or gaming. Sorry, Microsoft, “backwards compatility” isn’t like some short term GIMMICK. It’s not something gamers want for 6 months or so then will completely lose interest in. This is a thing gamers want around FOR DECADES, you fucking idiots.

Is there any doubt left in your mind as to why Sony completely destroys them in the console wars, year in, year out?

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