Fable 4: Everything we know so far about the new Fable game (and have subsequently gone back and edited 3 years after writing this article – because people in the comments section know more than we do)


And here we go again. “Games journalists” know as much about gaming as “tech journalists” know about tech. This is blatantly obvious from their “What we want to see” list which lurches from the vague to the clueless.

“We want to see a bigger role for the dog!”. I want the fucking stupid dog GONE. I take on an RPG as a hero. As 1 man. It’s not called “One Man and His Dog”. You’re not going to thank your lucky stars a furry friend was around when you’re taking down some huge ogre with a massive enchanted sword, are you. But again this is classic “games journalist” for you “I want da doggo cos it cute”. God, fuck off back to your Rocket League.

Also GOT to love how they’ve kept the comments closed, yet updated the article 3 years later, so they can edit out all the bits that people in the comments had pulled them up on, and pretend all those amazing extra discoveries about the game were totally their ‘games journalism’.

All in all let’s be realistic here – it’s probably going to be Fable only in name – seeing as Microsoft were stupid enough to close down Lionhead Studios, only to hire “the best in the business” to make another Fable game. Err……the best in the business to make a new Fable game were the people whose studio you closed down, you clueless fucking muppets.

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