JK Rowling slams Eurovision act in trans robber row

Rather hot off the back of what I was writing about earlier – it’s another day of let’s all bash JK Rowling. And although this article is not doing that, I know, you can bet any money at all that Twitter Toddlers are savaging the woman like crazy.

But at the centre of this one, let’s have a look at one “Zara Jade”, shall we…..

Nnaaaaww, what a pretty lady that i……

….THAT’S A FUCKING BLOKE. And don’t pretend you weren’t thinking exactly the same thing. Hence why, you see, it is very, VERY dangerous to censor comments, and shut down ANYONE who dares step out of line in the current climate of bigotry that says “you will ONLY think a certain way about ‘trans rights’.”

Don’t even attempt to fucking tell me “that’s a woman, Stephen”. It.is.a.fucking.man.

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