Irish Eurovision hopefuls Wild Youth cut ties with creative director over anti-trans tweets

Why are OPINIONS now constantly being labelled “anti-trans”, purely because they’re not fawning over this miniscule section of the populous??? How, in any way, can comments like that be somehow construed as “I AM TOTALLY AGAINST YOU HAVING MAJOR SURGERY TO CHANGE YOUR GENDER!!!!!” ??? Can ANYONE fucking tell me how????? No, I didn’t think so!

Oh but I’m suuuure, “Wild Youth”, you’re going to go on to be remembered in musical history in 10 years from now, for your stunning bravery in “cutting all ties” with your creative director. Mmkay, well…..maybe 6…..? ….


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6 thoughts on “Irish Eurovision hopefuls Wild Youth cut ties with creative director over anti-trans tweets

  1. I am just confused about why people who are not trans feel they need to voice opinions so loudly about what someone does to their own body, why does anyone not trans care about what an individual does to their own body?


  2. I do believe everyone has the right to an opinion. The problem is also that half the people who claim they’re “trans” are basically just a bloke in a wig. The last thing anyone GENUINELY having the change actually wants is a ton of strangers looking at them going “oh that woman used to be a bloke!!”. They just want to quietly get on with their lives as their new chosen selves. That’s the biggest thing overlooked in all of this, I think.


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