Microsoft makes a mess shocker

I’m in the process of seetting up my new PC still but one thing has not gone quite according to plan.

My Windows Update is saying my PC is not compatible with Windows 11, and to “run PC Health Check to see if there are things you can do to fix this”. So I run PC Health Check… find my PC IS compatible with Windows 11.

Back I go to refresh Windows Update – only to be told that no it’s not compatible.

The answer here by, ahem, “Volunteer Moderator” Summit Dhiman is fucking pathetic. He’s basically using the Microsoft forum to promote his own poorly written blog, and his original answer contains the gem: “The Windows update compatibility check runs a scheduled task that runs periodically compared to PC Health Check App which shows information in real-time. So, if you turned on a requirement like TPM recently, the status in Windows update would take a while to change, so give it a day or two.”

This is meaningless crap, as you can refresh the Windows update constantly, and it STILL claims your PC isn’t Windows 11 ready. I think you’ll find manually refreshing IS a real-time thing, Sumit. Your answer is fucking useless.

So I’m left fairly vexed here for now. But I will get there!

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