A horrified shopper brands Sainsbury’s ‘big daddy’ steak sexist

Rose is 38 years old and was “shocked” to discover the meaning of “big daddy”.

Oh fucking dear. Perhaps just stick to walking in the fells, dear, and away from modern day facilities like supermarkets, since you’ve clearly been rather sheltered from normality for almost 4 decades now.

This is as pathetic as that woman who actually got Kleenex to cower to the ridiculous and change the name of their Man Size Tissues to “Extra Large”. Precisely what benefit this has had is entirely unclear – and the stupid bint who bullied them into it won’t be able to explain to anyone what quantifiable benefit that has brought about either.

It’s as if these fucking banal, insipid people are systematically going through every single fucking item in supermarkets pretending to be “stunned” or “surprised”. They are neither – they’ve gone out actively looking for this innocuous shit to make stupid comments on to then call up the newspapers about…oh sorry, pretend they’ve ‘just seen and had to post about on my Twitter’. Fucking right. 🙄

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