Hogwarts Legacy actor responds to backlash: ‘Trans women are women and trans men are men’

Oh WHAT a huge surprise, no one is allowed to comment on the MSN article.

Well tough shit – anyone is allowed to pass comment here – not least me, owner of InsanityDaily.com!!

Look at that utter fucking dribble from this “Andy Chalk” : “but author JK Rowling’s increasingly strident transphobia has blanketed the game in controversy”.

Okay let’s hold it right there shall we. If you have a “phobia” of something, then that means you are afraid of that thing. Joanne Rowling has consistently had to remind people via her Twitter that she has trans friends. So you’re now claiming, oh just dead casually like, that JK Rowling is afraid of her own friends.

You are a fucking moron, Andy. You’re just spouting all this “nneerrr she’s transphobic” because you want to score some virtue points. You want to be all ‘down wid da kidz’ there. Little wonder you’re employed by the most banal, insipid publishing house of them all – Future Publishing.

This “transphobia” lie is repeated further down the article too.

Little correction for you infantile little cretins, so get your little notebooks out. Ready?

JK Rowling is not afraid of her own friends.

Got it, you fucking clowns…..? Now FUCK OFF.

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