Death of the Computer Optical Drive

Mark: you are a fucking dick.

Nevermind the fact you just flippantly write off all physical media as “irrelevant” just because you’re hooked like a 12 year old on your trash Netflix, you start off banging on oh-so-knowledgeably about “lack of space”…..yet never once mention PC’s (no Mark, a ‘laptop’ is NOT a ‘PC’).

Oh I also love this gem – inserted into its own special little “Note” box to show how extra extra knowledgeable lil Marky is about such matters:

“In fact, many people have more storage in their computers today than they are likely to use over the lifetime of the system.”

Errrr. Is that why I’ve had to go from a 1TB to a 2TB to a 4TB for my games drive ALONE, Mark? Nevermind my MEDIA drive, which at 2TB is down to the last 4GB. Is that why I had to go from a 250GB C: drive to a 500GB, and now have a 1TB NVMe? (don’t worry about NVMe, Mark – you won’t have heard of that yet). In the last bit about “format wars” he doesn’t even mention 4K – which as Mark doesn’t know, is region free.

I can’t believe this article was dated 2021. I can only presume Marky here is the Work Experience boy tasked with writing about “those silly old discs”.

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