My Zenfone has finally been posted…after the seller on Ebay, onetechgadgets, sat on it for an entire WEEK. Yes. 7 whole days. One does tend to wonder why exactly that is. And even though it has now been finally posted out, the estimated delivery is STILL saying next Monday to Wednesday, which only makes me wonder if they even had any stock in the “UK” (which was claimed as the stock location on their listing) in the first place.

All I can hope now is that it is new and factory sealed, as also claimed, or I’m certainly going to put in a claim against them via Ebay. That would be the final insult. Because what the hell kind of company just sits around twiddling their thumbs for a whole week after being paid for an item, before doing anything about it. That isn’t really how retail works. And don’t give me some bullshit about “oh but we’re only a small business”. If you’re a small business you’d be even more keen to get stock out to the customer in a timely manner.

Still, at least they weren’t KickmobilesLtd. This is a company with THIS in the smallprint:

You only sell to people with a minimum of 5 positive feedbacks….?? So what if a millionaire has just joined Ebay that day and wants to buy a £1300 phone from you? Ohhh but that’s okay, in that case you simply call KickmobilesLtd and beg them to let you spend 1300 quid with them. FUCK off!!!!

I also asked them to clarify whether their “EU” variant of the Zenfone came with a UK plug, which is a perfectly reasonable question. Here’s their response:

Yep, no “Hello”, no “Thank you for your enquiry”, just a blunt, indignant “European Factory Unlocked Model”, which is a fucking useless answer, because, and I’m not sure if this has escaped their worldly fucking knowledge here, but electrical sockets and voltages are not all the same across Europe, and certainly not the same as the UK. So congratulations, Kickmobiles – you’ve just killed your own sale.

Whatever happens with onetechgadgets though, I am never ordering from them again.

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