Judith Butler: ‘We need to rethink the category of woman’ | Life and style | The Guardian


I promise you you’ll never read a bigger pile of fucking bilge.

The Guardian focuses almost entirely on leading questions that are slanted to only get the kind of answers that people like this woman and the mobs have been conditioned to believe anyway – basically that anyone who doesn’t bow down and agree with the bizarre ideologies is obviously just a right wing homophobic trans hater or ‘just doesn’t get it’ and needs to be educated.

Sorry, snowflake, but “lived experience” is not something that can be seen as credible. Just because you say a thing is the case, that does not then make it unquestionably the case. Lived experience is your get-out clause for any lack of data that backs up any of your slanted agenda.

And can we please stop insulting gay people by constantly calling them “queers”. There’s nothing strange about being gay!

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