Gina Carano Reveals Details On First Movie Project Since ‘The Mandalorian’ – Deadline

The comments are worth the read more than the actual article itself.

The film being made available exclusively to whiny voiced prick Ben Shapiro’s minions says it all. This film sounds more like a crowd funded vanity project than the “massive success” Gina had been tipped for when the story of her signing on first broke.

Then the film will be “made available worldwide”. Which means what??? This site of mine is available worldwide. Doesn’t mean anyone notices it.

The way Gina was treated was harsh and no she didn’t do anything that would upset anyone other than the shrieking mobs on Twitter. But equally Shapiro only looks like he’s using her as some sort of revenge tool. And like one commenter wisely said in the comments section : people don’t go and see a film for revenge. Just the same as people don’t go to see a film because it has the correct percentage of black and trans people in it, with the correct percentage of lines.

Realistically this film is going nowhere. And shriek all you want to about that fact – you’re looking no different from the SJW mobs you constantly claim to be opposite to.

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