Slight Re-assessment of the Meghan/Oprah interview

Okay the more I’m reading since that interview the more almost every single fucking thing Meghan claimed is unravelling. The fact they went for 13 holidays abroad together during the time she claimed “they took my passport away”. The fact that there was a mismatch in their story about someone “worried about how dark the baby’s skin would be”. The fact that even the Archbishop who did not marry them before the actual Royal Wedding has now gone on record to say that it did not happen (although “Meghan’s team” (notice not Meghan herself) have now back pedalled slightly on that one and claimed “oh, it was just some nice words exchanged”)…yeah right. That’s not quite the impression Meghan gave Oprah in that interview.

Frankly with every single ‘revelation’ now unravelling, I’m not sure I even believe the basis of all the current shrieking over the Royal family – about the colour of the baby’s skin. Even if it was ever actually said, it was probably just in jest. But ohhhhh no, you don’t ‘jest’ in front of wokier than woke Meghan when it comes to skin colour. Those are not jokes those are “micro-aggressions”.

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