Tim Bray, the man who saw Amazon from inside, is not done yet

https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/business/tim-bray-the-man-who-saw-amazon-from-inside-is-not-done-yet/articleshow/77121482.cms Essentially: I was a cunt but now I’ve left with my pots of cash and am set for life: “Amazon bad”. 🙄 Yeah, the moral high ground is not quite yours, Timothy.

Jeff Bezos ‘happy to lose’ customers over Black Lives Matter message | Fox Business

https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/jeff-bezos-lose-customers-black-lives-matter-george-floyd *insert slow hand clap* Maybe instead of giving $10 million to these erroneous “organisations that are working to bring about social justice” (which invariably involves buying 300 cans of spray paint and some banners), how about taking a financial hit eliminating zero hours contracts, paying the correct corporate tax rate for the country thatContinue reading “Jeff Bezos ‘happy to lose’ customers over Black Lives Matter message | Fox Business”

Ohhhh, Amazon….

Just who are you trying to fucking kid…. You have a proven track record of killing your staff and then covering it up that you’ve killed them. What joker thinks anyone with a brain cell is actually fooled by this basic level propaganda – coming as it does from a company that has vending machinesContinue reading “Ohhhh, Amazon….”

This current Amazon ad sums up Amazon customers perfectly….

Little wonder Amazon are too scared to allow comments on their videos. I for one would be all over them like a rash reminding their dumb fuck customers that Amazon kill their staff AND try to cover it up. But anyway, don’t you just love this selfish bitch? After finding out it’s 4am any NORMALContinue reading “This current Amazon ad sums up Amazon customers perfectly….”

Ohh looky here Amazon are being full of shit….AGAIN

The story is the same as ever from Sky News – loads of people hurt at Amazon’s UK fulfilment centres. They’re not yet killing their staff and covering it up like they are in America, but trust me it’s only a matter of time before they do. But heeeyyyy, you want your free (it isn’tContinue reading “Ohh looky here Amazon are being full of shit….AGAIN”