Microsoft to buy AI and speech technology firm Nuance for $16bn

Pretty sure it wouldn’t cost 16 billion to sort Windows 10 out.

But suuuure just buy everything – we don’t mind the fact you can’t be fucked fixing the very foundation of your business anymore!

Downing Street rewrote 'independent' report on race, experts claim

Yes, of course. Anything that tries to suggest Britain is mostly not racist is a WICKED LIE!!! The Guardian is here to make sure we um…..stay fully racist. Cos that’s what leftie newspapers are there for, you know….

My Embarrassing PC Past #1

Did I really used to have this thing and think it was cool?? 😂

Okay the case lights running down the sides (built in) were extremely fucking nice, but what muppet leaves a beige DVD-Rom drive in there?!! I also think I lacked the rather basic ability back then (2004) to remove the A: drive. Although it actually could have been more that I was certain I would still at some point need to access the contents of my many floppy disks that I still had back then.