No matter what they tell you on the news: everything is fine in the Cult of Donald. Remember. Agree. Conform. – Imgflip

Look how mad and derranged the Cult of Donald get when you use their own logic and wording against them. πŸ˜‚

This is precisely why anyone who picks a side is a fucking idiot, and I have no time for you.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members at Disneyland Being Laid Off Due to Non-Transferable Seniority – WDW News Today

Can they lay off Galaxy’s Edge as well? You know, seeing as it was a totally mismanaged flop, and all….

Twitter hosts the Terminally Stupid. Again.

Man: has, among a hundred other things, a number 88 tattooed on his face.


Ironically (though entirely unsurprisingly) half of the people instantly calling a man who happens to have “88” tattooed on his face “a nazi” despite not knowing him or ever meeting him or anyone he knows, are those nicey nicey “we should never judge someone by how they look” types.

Proof yet again, in black and white – the people who tell you they’re the nicest, kindest people out there: are the biggest cunts you can imagine.

Interesting ‘knowledge base’ go-to…

After I found a random result for 90’s gaming shops on BitChute, I suddenly remembered what that site is all about. It’s all about “independent” voices, yes, “alternative videos” and “alternative news”, none of that evil “mainstream media” and “fake news”. Yes, the bastion of both truth and freedom, where all “those who know” go along to get their “yup, definitely true cos it’s on BitChute!” information and knowledge.

So imagine my chuckling at these fuckwits when I stumbled across this one, circled, on the frontpage:

Oh, yeah, oh yeahhh!! Let’s get this straight then shall we: BitChute users don’t believe all that #FakeNewsMedia stuff, but some bloke there’s scant and often faked evidence even existed, magically walked on water, died then came back to life again, oh noooo, no issue accepting THAT as pure fact!!

You fucking muppets.

Our final Game shop in town is gone…

But is that really that surprising..

Taking this as just 1 single example, as I’m looking up prices for the PC version of this – this is their page for Sniper : Ghost Warrior : Contracts.

Not even an option to buy the PC version.

See this is the problem for Game. When you call yourself “Game”, well, that doesn’t really evoke any restriction on formats offered, now does it. It’s one thing to not find the PC version in the shop itself, but to not even find it for sale on your site…? A sales point which could very easily benefit from digital PC purchases…?

Whoever owns Game now, and it’s been passed from pillar to post over the years, it’s very clear, they REALLY do not give a fuck about Game, gamers, the brand, anything. It’s probably called “a going concern” for them. Pastel shirted fucking twats interested in nothing more than how much profit they can squeeze out of the dying brand they just couldn’t be bothered to run competently, and took no interest in.

R.I.P. Game.

iPhone 12 Mini: give Apple a small hand. It’s finally created a full-fat phone fit for women β€” whether it meant to or not | News Review | The Sunday Times

Caroline deary I think it’s rather obvious you don’t actually understand the reasons phones have become bigger over the last few years.

Good job you’re not compounding the perception that women don’t know anything about technology or anything there….