It is DAY 1 of my 2 week holiday!!! My first holiday over 1 week since joining Royal Mail.

Since my 1 week off holidays have felt like 2 weeks (or certainly more than 1 week) I estimate that this is going to feel like nearly a MONTH off!!

That’s the black and white difference between that godforsaken job in the care home where on my last night off I would cling to every last SECOND of my time before I had to go to bed and then wake up a few hours later knowing it was all over and I’d have to trudge back in that night, and a job which, although occasionally gets in the way of doing some stuff at home, I REALLY do enjoy doing, and really do not mind remotely going in to. When you actually like to do a job, the time outside of it lasts for so much longer – when the dread is removed.

A couple of my colleagues couldn’t quite believe I had TWO weeks off. I had to check myself on the Royal Mail app last night just to make sure myself. A receptionist and a few of the Postmasters said have a nice holiday – as did a tiny few of my colleagues (the others didn’t actually know as I don’t tend to talk to them).

This feeling is a whole world away from time off from the care home. I feel no sense of needing to recover – I love my job now and I’ve nothing to recover from.

I think I’m going to have a lovely time. I just hope I can get SOME of all the things I have been putting off done!!

I was told my work outfit was ‘inappropriate’ for showing ‘too much flesh’ but I won’t stop wearing similar clothes

I’m starting to think these stories are a bit too samey to be credible, and are actually just young women who dress like a slut (nothing wrong with that) wanting more attention driven their way on social media. 🙄

Another Epic freebie you’d have to pay ME to put in my games library….

Saturnalia is one of the free games this week. Unfortunately what might have been an interesting game fucked it up in the first few seconds of this video, where, if you’ve been playing games for longer than 4 years, you can clearly see it’s shit, dated graphics, and poorly animated characters, but “let’s disguise it as hand drawn-like so people won’t notice”.

Yeah. Great plan…..😏

Deadline: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Ncuti Gatwa Hails The Show’s Meaning “For Marginalised People” Who Need To Hear “The Possibilities Are Endless”

It’s about “union and unity”…..?

No, Ncuti, it’s about a time travelling man who fights space monsters and gets into all sorts of pickles. Well at least that used to be the synopsis, when it was still fun.

The Guardian US: Rishi Sunak to become UK’s PM after meeting the king | First Thing

He looks so camp. And sounds it too. You know he’s just having to keep it together until his Priministerial pension kicks in, before announcing “oh by the way everyone, I’m gay”.

After all, when your wife is a billionaire, you really don’t want to rock the boat there just yet until you can support yourself with a solid income.

‘I pitted McDonald’s new chicken burger against Burger King’s new one and the winner was dreamy’ – Bethan Shufflebotham – Manchester Evening News

I really hope McDonald’s didn’t drop their new burger – cos people have been walking on that floor all the time. If they drop it I’d ask them to make you a new one, deary.

Drain and no gain

Fucking hell I’m staying off Twitter for today. Twitter Toddler spats are draining without any actual benefit. They’re so fucking entrenched in their scripted, pre-programmed ‘views’ it’s pointless trying to get anything through to them about what you’re actually saying – as opposed to, you know, the point you are actually making (that thing they never actually grasp).

I’m going to do some trucking today on Euro Truck Simulator 2. There’s been so much content released now for that, I wonder if there’s even any point in making a Euro Truck Simulator 3…?

Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia gets thrown a lifeline by Rockstar | GamesRadar+

If you were stupid enough to ever have faith in Stadia: tough shit. You certainly don’t deserve any special treatment.