I cain’t take no moo

My GOD why does every 3rd girl these days feel the need to ram a stupid fucking nose ring through their septum? Do you honestly think it’s ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ to look like this…?

What is the exact reason you want to look so fucking daft? Rite of passage? Feeling rebellious? Think you’re going to stand out? Think you’re being all ‘unique’…? And I don’t care which way round you have it – it looks fucking BAD*.

*no, not in the good sense of that word

It’s been a long time coming…..but it’s coming….

I’ve now finished ordering in all the parts for my next PC build. I have spent the best part of a WEEK researching and ordering.

This is what I’ve come up with:

..actually you know what. I’m too tired to look up the confirmation e-mail to get it precisely right. I will list it all tomorrow before or after work!

Just inCASE you were sat there thinking “Oh! Parler looks like a fair and balanced social platform with no agenda!”…..

Their e-mail offer links to THIS 😂😂

What kind of fucking freak feels any need for even a quarter of that fucking hillbilly, conspiritard shit? If you know anyone who does, PLEASE don’t introduce me to them.

Asus Zenfone 10: what we want to see | TechRadar


🤦🏻‍♂️Fuck me – peak Tech Radar again.

“One of the most disappointing phones of 2022”? What the fucking hell are you muppets even talking about? Compared to what? Yet another mediocre, uninspiring incremental upgrade from too-big sized Samsung phones and the next drab effort from the ever lagging Apple?

Oooh but it didn’t score as highly as the Zenfone 8!

The Zenfone 8 was a DUD. The cameras were pretty much identical looking to the Zenfone 6 except sideways, there were charging issues, oh and that well documented RAM dump issue – which Tech Radar clearly isn’t even aware of.

Whatever the Zenfone 10 ends up being, it’s very safe to ignore whatever Tech Radar say about it.

Oh another 4×4 driver who is a complete and utter CUNT

SURPRISE of the day!!! Some fucking small pricked cunt (or, let’s be fair and equal, some minging, flat chested bitch) dumped their 4×4 in my fucking parking bay. IT’S ALWAYS MY FUCKING PARKING BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were at least THREE other parking bays but noooo, no you dump your fucking ugly piece of shit VW 4×4 in MY parking bay, you fucking selfish cunt.

Jesus I only popped into town to pay a cheque in!!! Come back to that.

Of course, One Parking Solution are nowhere to be seen. The only people they ever issue fixed penalty notices to for parking in the residents’ allocated parking bays are the residents who are allocated the parking bays. Total fucking morons. They’re still chasing me for my Fixed Penalty Notice almost 1 year later. If I was to go in there, and get them to look up how long my parking permit runs for, they’d see themselves that OOH, the period that it covers includes the time that they issued me a ticket just because I hadn’t even been SENT their latest fucking parking permit. How fucking thick is THAT going to look in a court case?!!


aaaahhhhh spleen vented. Time to find some more rain sounds to listen to at night times.

Tesco has made a big change in stores – but there’s a new addition coming to aisles


Tesco makes the most bizarre decisions sometimes.

Did they ever wonder whether the reason Paperchase collapsed is because no one went in there and no one bought anything? Companies in general – not least a tossy little niche market like Paperchase, don’t collapse because they’re doing a roaring trade. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Birmingham Live: Police offer £10,000 reward for missing Constance Marten and Birmingham-born rapist partner


Jesus, WE GET THAT HE’S A RAPIST, Birmingham Mail. You inserted it no less than 3 times before even the 2nd paragraph was finished.

It’s as if these people think “oh, rapist – WHY IS SHE WITH A RAPIST?!?!!?!”. I am leaning towards everyone being given a 2nd chance in life. If he isn’t absconding here, then he’s obviously served his time in prison for rape – obviously entirely rightly.

It’s as if you give no credit that this woman has any intelligence to decide for herself whether to enter into a relationship with the man. Maybe he regrets what he did every single day of his life. Maybe he doesn’t, but I would at least give the man more of the benefit of the doubt than your childish “rapist! rapist! Rapey rape rapist!!!” throughout the article.