Disney Disappoints (rarely offered conjecture, I know)

Well, I finally got around to seeing my Return of the Jedi 4K tonight.

Beh. What a fucking let down. Far from the truly eye-popping colours of the Rise of Skywalker 4K, the colours and hues in Return of the Jedi were bland and mediocre. It was almost as if they just couldn’t be bothered with any kind of remastering, and simply did a straight pixel upgrade from the blu-ray.

There was a tiny bit of a difference, like for example some of the final scenes of the Emperor, and you could really see more texture to his skin. But other than that, if you told anyone “it’s vastly different to the Blu-ray version” you would be lying (presumably after another Disney press pass).

I already have the complete Blu-ray box set (obviously) of all 2 Star Wars trilogies, so now I can save some money I’d have wasted buying A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back on 4K.

It’s as if Lucasfilm now can only be arsed taking care of the Disney Trilogy stuff, and the 4K was just a cash grab (outlandish thought, I know). But all the scenes, especially on Endor, that you could, and should, have really been able to see the differences over the Blu-ray, you just didn’t.

When you own one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises of all time, Disney, at least pretend to give a fuck about it, eh….? I really wish Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers or hell even Lionsgate would have bought the Star Wars franchise. Because at least, and there is clear evidence to back this up, they actually GIVE a fucking shit about the films they own.

Capitol riots: The Simpsons eerily predicted incident in 1996


Except they weren’t running up the steps firing guns.

This is like one of those “some event that looks vaguely similar to what was written in the bible actually happened!”. And when that’s your article basis, in a serious newspaper…..it’s time to rethink your credibility, petal.

Disappointment some more

Someone who I thought was switched on..well, he is still switched on but I caught him saying in one of his latest videos that “I get my news from Twitter”…..

#BigBadMainstreamMedia. Jesus, Twitter, Parler, GAB, these are all driven by people posting mostly unverified bollocks disguised as “insight”, and are mostly their own personal opinions, wrapped up in their own narratives. People are led where they want to be led, I suppose. You like to think you’re ohhh so much more clever than those “sheeple” who watch “mainstream media”, and that you’re ‘in the know’ and you’ve ‘woken up’. It makes you feel like you belong, like you’re a part of an exclusive little club. On a higher plain, etc etc.

It’s just another gap in the market that people have exploited, and you’ve fallen RIGHT into it. So many people are that far gone now after being swallowed up by those they thought were ‘one of them’ or ‘helping them see the truth’. It’s a rather depressing downward spiral where they switch off to any opinion that doesn’t match up to what their conditioned world view is. Part of “the great reset” must be to dumb down ALL fucking sides. Because that’s exactly what I’m observing….

Strictly’s Ranvir Singh ‘set to become one of ITV’s highest paid stars with lucrative new contract’


Oh christ. Look she’s a nice looking woman and all that but fuck me she has a terrible personality.

Majority think Boris Johnson should resign as prime minister – poll


Yes and then let’s replace him with another Tory we can’t stand, then hold a poll that finds he should resign, and so on, and so on. How exactly are you finding it a good idea to keep a country running by replacing the Prime Minister every few months?

Can Trump be impeached? Democrats plot move to oust ‘unhinged’ president over nuclear fears


Suggesting Donny even has the brain capacity to think through so much as the implications for nuking anyone or anything is seriously stretching your credibility as a politician…

Why EA Wants to Buy This Racing Game Maker for $1.2 Billion | The Motley Fool


“A UK studio called Codemasters”…. 😂

This is why you should stick to trying to be a stocks and shares expert. At least you have an accurate URL – I’m assuming “clueless.com” was already taken…