I’ve already hit my maximum insanity dose for today…

Okay disclaimer: I LIKE TheTimTracker on YouTube, they’re a really lovely couple, extremely competent YouTubers and aren’t deserving of all the hate they get. BUT…

A WHEELCHAIR, because you’re pregnant….???!? Sorry but is pregnancy some form of severe illness…?? I’ve lost count of the number of really heavily pregnant women I’ve seen waddling around, somehow managing to not die. Is this some bizarre new snowflakey thing someone’s told them in their comments section: “DON’T walk when nearly due – the pounding of your feet on the pavement can send vibrations through your body that can really harm your baby!!!”..? These people are getting really, REALLY weird (the rabid baby fraternity, not Jen and Tim).

*UPDATE*: I since found out that Jen had actually sprained something, and she was back up on her feet as per normal a couple of still pregnant videos later. So I take it all back this time.


Yep that’s right I tried out Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration today. I didn’t ramp up ALL the details to max, but most of them – and I’m pleased to report it runs smooth as silk on my fucking beast of a PC. I may continue to push the remaining handful of detail level settings to max and see what happens.

The opening sees you, as Lara of course, walking up a snowy mountain peak, then trying to reach the summit. The graphics were beautiful, the music score was soaring. Clearly this game has very high production values – it was all great. BUT..the whole time I was trying to traverse about with the grappling hook, I was just itching to use the PS4 controller. This is what I suspected might be the case. Every fibre of the game-play mechanics just oozes console controller method. On the one hand it’s a shame because from the evidence I’ve seen the PC version looks way superior to the version that’s on even the PS4 Pro. But on the other hand, come on, it’s Tomb Raider – shouldn’t it always play better on a console…?

Seeing what I have and experienced what I have so far even in the short time I tried it out completely sold me on getting the PS4 version. And who knows – maybe they’ve pushed out some graphics upgrades since that comparison video was made. Maybe too they might even push out another one for the PS5 – and you’ll see levels of detail more akin to the PC version. We already know the PS5 will mercifully run PS4 games so you won’t need to hope for a re-release of this title.

“But how do I get past that lens flare??” (Image (C)SQUARE ENIX LTD)

2 short days…

It’s just over 2 days until I am allowed to post on my own Twitter account again, like some naughty schoolboy who can stop sitting on the mat now. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand I so often have thoughts that only require a couple of lines to surmise anyway – and I know I’ll be reaching a huge audience. On the other hand I can just as easily do that here, in-between my long posts and rants, etc.

But there’s one all pervading feeling about Twitter and that is the sheer amount of virtue signalling muppets sat on there every single day of the year, with their “Dear white people” posts or their “I’m QUEER LOOK AT ME I’M QUEER!!!! NO REALLY, LOOK!!!! NO…YOU NEED TO LOOK AT ME!!!!! What??!!! You don’t want to look at me?? Hey everyone – bigot over here!!!!” The ones I find um…’fascinating’ (meaning I’m entirely uninterested, of course) are the ones that feel the need to state “LGBT Ally” in their little Twitter description. So er, what exactly happens when you’re an “LGBT Ally” then? Do the upset gay people go “oh…oh…I seem to be in a great deal of trouble here. I need an ALLY!!! Anyone an ally? Hello? Looking for an ally!!” No I really don’t think they DO do that, eh. More like you’re needing to try THAT HARD to feel better about yourself that you’re putting yourself up as something that will never even be needed. It’s basically a re-wording of “I DON’T HATE GAY PEOPLE, ME!!!! AREN’T I JUST GREAT FOR NOT HATING GAYS?!!” Again, us normal people don’t ever actually feel a need to state that, we just don’t hate gay people 24/7, without needing to actually state that to complete strangers.

It’s the same with race. Why the FUCK do you feel the need to have “Anti-racism” on your fucking Twitter description???? Who the fuck is “Pro-racism”??? Can you find me one single profile on Twitter who’s stated the opposing self-description there…? Because clearly you think they exist, or else you’d not have felt the need to tell us all how “Anti-racist” you are. Jesus I do wonder just how these people make it through standard life, when they feel a need to state the fucking obvious so much. How about more then. Squeeze in there “Anti-rape!”. And not forgetting of course “Anti-murder! Yep murder totally not a hobby of mine!!” OH REALLY!!!! Fuck me you must be one of the best people in your town, I HAVE to know you, you extra special human being, you!!

You see….? See how fast I expanded my thoughts there? On my Twitter I’d have to stop, space out the sentences to not look too daft when split, make sure I keep all my words in my head whilst I click to type the next limited number of characters, and so on, and so on. I’m really wondering if it’s worth the effort anymore, surrounded as I am on there by such utterly ludicrous people who believe they have this incredible skill of assessing someone’s viewpoints and political persuasion based on 2 sentences having never spoken to them at all or known anything about the wider context. I ask you: are such fucking morons worth it….?

2 Big Ones

I meant computer games – what did you think I was talking about? Tomorrow sees the release of 2 titles I’ve been watching for months (sadly not years, as development times are almost always a rushed out affair these days).

One is Jedi : Fallen Order

and the other is the Terminator : Resistance game.

Many could understandably say that Disney have some audacity expecting us to get all excited over a Star Wars game considering they shut down LucasArts seemingly the minute the deal was signed off. But I’ve read one former LucasArts employee say that LucasArts by the end was not the LucasArts people remember for Day Of The Tentacle etc. So perhaps take…..comfort, from that…? I haven’t looked too much into what people are saying about the game and I’ve zero interest in all the # shills on Twitter jumping up squealing “I’ve been sent a preview for my relentless arse licking and hashtagging, everyone!!!”. I’m interested in what people playing it when it’s released have to say. You know those people – actual gamers…?

The other big one is the Terminator game. I’ve watched what people are commenting under the trailer for this on YouTube. Most are trashing it. But these are the types of people who will trash anything unless it’s the next Call of Duty or Fortnite add-on. Some have said it looks like a phone game.

From the trailer the flame effects do look a bit iffy, as if the flames themselves are contained within an invisible box. But the thing that will have me buying this game to try for myself is seeing the Terminators themselves animated – they look amazing! Also the sound effects sound pretty damn good – lasers overhead in the battle scene sounded exactly like the ones you hear at the opening of Terminator 2.

I tire of these fucking game snobs comparing ANYTHING that’s released to a AAA title with a multi-million budget. Some of those have been the most banal, mediocre games you could possibly play (look at Fortnite).

After experiencing the joy of pinpoint accuracy in Doom with a mouse control method, I might well go for Jedi : Fallen Order on PC first – even though from the Uncharted-esque gameplay it surely lends itself best to a PS4 controller. One thing I’m dreading is that god-awful Wall-E backpack you’re forced to carry around. Yes yes I’m sure “it does useful things” but really, do we HAVE to have a cutesy element crow-barred into everything Star Wars now?? There has to be other ways to get whatever functionality that stupid thing provides other than some stupid bleeping, blooping whirring thing. Just another reason it can be said the Dark Side is always more fun..!

Welcome to some sanity in insane times…

Post 1 (exciting eh)

I’m starting this today, this morning. I should be going to bed for my night shift but I wanted to launch my blog. The layout etc will DOUBTLESS change. I am just keen to get it launched.

I’ve been suspended from Twitter. Again. My crime…? Telling everyone that gays should be killed? Some racist rhetoric? Some sort of praise for terrorism….? No. My “hate rule violation” was, in fact, after I commented on CNN’s story about the parents of Harry Dunn, where they were saying that Donald “abused his powers”.

This dear friends was my EXACT response:

@CNN I don’t know that he abused his power. I do know that’s one insensitive, thick cunt inviting the callous bitch who killed their son along to wait in the room next to them when they went to meet him.

A fair summary? NO. This was apparently “violating our rules against hateful conduct”. I don’t know whether I was reported or Twitter picked it up themselves but this…is…PATHETIC. I’ve actually made far worse quips on there – not a peep from Twitter. I literally told the truth mixed with opinion and that’s “hateful conduct” apparently. And you know what…that was the final straw. Twitter: go fuck yourselves.

So I arrive here, on my very own paid for domain. It may take me a long long time to build up a little following. I may never build up a following at all. But I am sick to fucking death of treading eggshells, and eggshells that you can’t even SEE on Twitter. I am not going to be shut down for AN OPINION. I’m not going to be banished for having thoughts and ideas. Twitter as a tool of free speech is a joke now. I’m sure the original intentions were good. But since the advent of the woke mob, so full of hatred and bile that they literally have nothing else to do all day but sit virtue signalling about how racist and sexist they’re not (really, who in the real world DOES that?? Who NEEDS to do that??), Twitter has gone on hyper alert to anything that might upset these delicate, feeble minded people – to the extent now that even innocuous opinions are evidently classed now as “hateful conduct”.

For now welcome, this is my site, my name is Stephen, don’t take yourself too seriously…

Oh and by the way, it might well be called “insanity daily” – this does not mean it will necessarily be UPDATED daily – it’s referring to the insanity you can find more or less every single day.