“Okay we’re working on a PC game here so let’s make it look amaz…..actually nah”.

Here I was, seeing little thumbnails of some new (to me) game called Rise of Industry. I was all excited at what looked like another Industry Giant II style game. Loaded up the Gog.com page and what’s the first thing that you think if you’re a PC gamer? Or even if you’re not. It’s probably “that looks like a fucking PHONE game”. Is this a sign of the times? Are there some developers developing games now assuming that most of their customers will just have a weedy laptop..?

The difference between this and Industry Giant II is even more stark side by side:

This is not me saying “oh look Rise of Industry clearly ripped off Industry Giant II”, this is me pointing out one of the developers put a LOT of love and effort into their PC game. One just pissed out a scaled up phone game.

The biggest joke is that Industry Giant II was released in 2002, yet looks several times better than Rise of Industry that was released last year. So depressing. Still, the bright side is that it makes me want to have a crack at Industry Giant II again – even though last try I found it a really steep learning curve.

There is a serious global epidemic and it needs to be ERADICATED…

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about the term “fake news“. An infantile, simplistic buzz term invented by Donald Trump (a fact in itself that should really make you embarrassed if you ever use it).

Only tonight, when talking about the corona virus, this journalist was mentioning that she’s seen in Iran that “there’s been an awful lot of fake news peddled things like drinking saffron tea can cure the corona virus…” no no no no, no..STOP. That isn’t “fake news” it’s called “misinformation”. I bet that wasn’t even ON the fucking news.

Increasingly people, especially people in the Cult of Donald (which if you doubt it’s a cult, I would suggest you look up how cults work – you only believe the cult leader, and dismiss ANYONE and anything with a different opinion outside of his circle as liars and/ wrong) are just barking “FAKE NEWS!!!!” because someone else’s opinion doesn’t fit with their world view. The same goes for any negativity towards Donald Trump (god it’s so demeaning to type the full name of someone who has the surname that’s another word for “fart”).

The term as a genuine concept is a joke. There is misinformation as said, there are also oversight, and in the age of 24/7 news, the sad result of that is news broadcasters sat around waiting for news to happen, fed by the general public (Twitter driven) demanding to know everything NOW NOW NOW. All of that is only logically going to lead to errors and missteps. Not one serious fucking news channel (bar the likes of China and North Korea) deliberately broadcasts “fake news”. Funny how when all those amateur ‘experts’ on Twitter get it wrong, no one turns round and shrieks “FAKE NEWS!!!” at THEM isn’t it. Oh noooo, those people just make ‘mistakes’. Oh yes, then it’s a mistake, you know, when it suits your narrative. Grow up, people.

Sony definitely making a foldable tablet…yup cos we just said so.

Well. This aged well.

Confidence…such confidence

Quick tip for you, Slashgear. Maybe best to leave out the “is” when guessing your way through your proclamation. Yeah sure it says to “take it with a pinch of salt” (or “grain” as they weirdly put it) but that’s not quite the point is it. You start the whole article “is” – you’re going to look like tits when nothing happens.

Lastly did they just make up that “Ewdison Then”…? No one is called “Ewdison Then” – they basically just made up that name so he could scuttle off and not be found when nothing came of this ‘leak’.


And I actually listened to a preview of this shat, too. The things I do for research. Still none the wiser as to who the living fuck “Caspar Lee” is but what I can assure you is this book is one seriously banal, mediocre, tedious fucking bore-fest. Imagine nearly 5 hours of that tripe. Okay if you like really, REALLY trying-hard-to-be-witty writing I suppose. But I don’t recommend it if you enjoy life.

Pete would have awakened the Woke

I’m very sad Pete Buttigieg has dropped out of the race.


Of course the idiots in the room wanted him to win because he was gay. That wasn’t ever the issue for me as a negative or positive – it was an irrelevance. It was what he SAYS, in the speech above, that is striking, and that none of the other candidates have touched on – “..and we can’t defeat the most divisive president in modern American history by tearing down anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100% of the time“. If you’re a woke SJW Democrat it’s got to be hard to hear from your hero that you’re being a fucking idiot, and damaging the very cause you proclaim to be standing for. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows exactly who he’s referring to with that line. That line got a long cheer. The next 2 went down like a lead balloon – but they’re ALSO TOTALLY ACCURATE: a politics of my way or the highway is a road to re-electing Donald Trump“, and “vulnerable Americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory“. Only 1 person can be heard clapping. The rest were no doubt stood there going “wh…WHA???? Did he just….#OMG #SMH!!!!!”.

Who wouldn’t associate the shrieking fucking Oppression Olympics mob on Twitter with lines like those. This is exactly the metaphorical slap around the face they NEEDED. And no one else in the field was calling such common sense out. And now he’s out, and look at what you’ve lost. Urghh.

Some good Red Alert 2 news for actual gamers!! (so not looking at you, “games journalists”)

Windows 10 might exist but there’s still hope!! EA could never be arsed fixing Red Alert 2/ Yuri’s Revenge to run on Windows 10 (if you run it through Origin you’re faced with all manner of crashes and disasters that render it unplayable). And you think EA are going to bother fixing a 19 year old game that they published and still very much hold all the rights to…? Dream the fuck on. Yet they’re still very happy to take your money for it….

But at the end of this week I discovered some wonderful people are still maintaining a community site for the game, and they’ve made their own launcher, which supports monitor resolutions even beyond my 2560×1440!! YES, for a cranky 19 year old RTS!! It also gives access to a TON of usermade maps, along with a whole range of other tweaks and settings you can make, or of course just leave, in the game. But perhaps most importantly of all it allows you to play online against real players. I’m far from ready for that just yet – I’m a little rusty on Red Alert 2. But to know the option is still out there should be spread far and wide. There are bloody great people out there (admittedly they’re mostly geeks and gamers).

I’m not going to go on some sort of anti-EA rant as is so often the tiresome way. I do understand why they’re not going to be focusing on a 19 year old game, and of course every games journalist and ‘expert’ will tell you “RTS is dead” (it isn’t – they’re just games journalists and this is what happens when you’re not actually a gamer yet pretend to be one for your job you’ve blagged your way through). Windows 10 being such a fucking train wreck is not the fault of EA (it ran fairly flawlessly on Windows 7), and EA have actually paid for community servers in the past to enable continued online play of this title. But really, to still happily sell it, whilst not making people aware that thanks to Windows 10 it’s a bit of a car crash, and not refer people to this wonderful site is a bit of an oversight.

Go forth and blow stuff up…

This current Amazon ad sums up Amazon customers perfectly….

Alexa how do you use a watch?

Little wonder Amazon are too scared to allow comments on their videos. I for one would be all over them like a rash reminding their dumb fuck customers that Amazon kill their staff AND try to cover it up.

But anyway, don’t you just love this selfish bitch? After finding out it’s 4am any NORMAL parent who can actually be arsed to BE a parent would order the obnoxious little shit indoors “NOW” – seeing as they CLEARLY are living in a semi-detached house and kicking a football against a wall is going to piss off their neighbours no end, and 100% certainly wake them up. But oh no, not Alexa Whore here. “Turn on the garden light”.

Not that Amazon customers are entitled little cunts or anything, and don’t want to know about dead fulfilment centre staff just so long as they get their not-free next day delivery (actually it’s not even next day) on Amazon Prime. Thank god I don’t know any of you slimy little parasites.