Is Pushsquare new to the world of technology…?

There’s only one thing equal to the fucking stupidity of this article, and that’s an alarming number of the comments after it.

Why…no, even HOW, would Sony “abandon its own systems”??? The only possible way that conjecture would have been in any way credible, or even make any sense, is if Sony still had any interest whatsoever in making laptops. Which it does not. It doesn’t even make tablets anymore (more’s the pity – they were fucking brilliant).

Some people will always prefer to play on console! And to suggest PS4 titles are all just going to end up on PC is ridiculous in the extreme. I would say the majority of PC owners are in fact laptop owners (a laptop, dear friends, is not a PC) – so they’re obviously not going to be running PS4 games on those. And who in their sane mind that is even close to being “a gamer” is interested in running all their games at minimum settings?

I really don’t know where the hell or from what angle these people are coming from. Nothing about that suggestion makes any coherent sense….if you’d actually sat and thought about it for more than 8 seconds before either spewing out that article or spewing out a comment agreeing with it.

There may be deaths a-plenty: BUT I AM NOT DYING WITH A MESSY ARSE AND NO PASTA

The panic buying of toilet paper and pasta is moronic, ridiculous, and fucking stupid. Shows just how imaginative these fuckwits are with cooking too, doesn’t it. Imagine being so fucking simple you can really ONLY think you’re capable of making it through what we’re assuming is Doomsday if you’re fully stocked up with pasta. For fuck sake people, I bet you’ve just walked straight past the endless tinned fish? Not to mention most stuff can be frozen for later….? Okay not all of it tastes great after defrosting (mainly pasta).

And have these selfish cunts ever wondered just what poorer people are supposed to wipe their arse with now they’ve cleared their local supermarket of toilet rolls? And pasta too, of course. In fact next time I see any pasta LEFT I am going to buy it and put it in the food donations section. I feel like I’ve got to do SOMEthing to counterbalance these selfish fucking stupid cunts, with their oh-so-imaginative corona virus menu system.

Twitter clamp-down on not-hate speech intensifies…

Just when I thought I’d run out of reasons to NOT sign up to Twitter again, they’re at it again

So, this “age” additional BAN. Does this mean we’ll see hundreds of accounts suspended when they start banging on about “some old white dude”….?

OHHHH, well let me have a little THINK about that one….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

Twitter “hateful conduct” is, yet again, a fucking JOKE. What they actually mean, evidenced by examples over and over and over again, is “anything we don’t agree with”. THAT ISN’T WHAT HATEFUL CONDUCT MEANS you fucking incompetent morons!!!

At least the biggest joke will be Twitter when it finally goes the way of MySpace. I basically live for that day.