Adventure Time

Caught Raiders of the Lost Ark on telly – yay! Was there anyone more handsome than 1980’s Harrison Ford?

And you know what – seeing this and thinking about the fun but ultimately lacklustre 4th entry, and the CGI-fest that is the 5th entry – where most of the time what you’ll be watching won’t even be Harrison Ford, it’s just made me want to get the first 2 on 4K, and forget all about a box set.

*edit* Mehh. Whilst I do want the first 2 on 4K, as they have been remastered for that format, they’re coming up at £29.99 EACH. I am not paying 30 quid for a near 40 year old single film. And since the box set of 4 comes up for around £50 right now, I might as well go for that. And jettison the 4th to a charity shop. Or Ebay. But I’d probably loose half my fucking profits thanks to their ‘fees’. Cex wouldn’t take it as they’d want the whole box set or nothing.

Same old intentions but with hopefully a bit more money to my name

I could actually just leave it at that. For that is my 2022 aims. Learn more French, save up a decent amount of money, build a new PC. I suppose the last one depends on if this is the year the chip shortages finally sort themselves out so that I can get a beast of an RTX card. But knowing my luck and knowing what is happening so far, it will probably now be 2023 before chip shortages are resolved. Then come the end of 2022 there will be some OTHER fuck-arse reason why the world can’t go back to normal…it’s like the most weary never-ending circle now.

Newsreader with a traditional Maori face tattoo makes history by reading New Zealand’s 6pm news

Yeah fuck it – who needs to take news presenting seriously anymore? Hell why not have someone reading “and news just coming in to us here we’re hearing reports that 78 people have been killed in a train crash in India” – whilst juggling and riding a unicycle!


Cites 2 examples of vaccine complications. Out of millions and millions and millions of injections.

First person to reply is totally convinced that they’re definitely justified now in refusing to have the vaccine.

Jesus fucking christ, people.