Israel vows to ‘act aggressively’ against Ben & Jerry’s – Evening Express

What are you going to do? Blow them up in a drone strike?

Anyway you needn’t worry about protecting your “citizens”, you dumb cunt – they said they’re stopping selling it in “Israeli occupied territory” – so they aren’t your citizens – they’re illegally occupying Palestine – ergo they’re Palestinian citizens – except they should be kicked out because they aren’t lawfully there.

Dominic Cummings: I discussed ousting PM after 2019 election landslide – BBC News

Dominic Cummings: I’ll basically say anything to get attention if I’ve not been in the papers for the past couple of weeks.

Next month: Dominic Cummings: Boris wanted to line up all pensioners with Covid and gas them like the Jews.

Jeff Bezos thanks Amazon customers for paying for his space flight after safe landing | Science & Tech News | Sky News

A “profound” effect seeing the Earth’s atmosphere, eh.

But not quite enough to rethink levelling multiple football pitch sized areas for Amazon distribution centres, or having thousands of huge gross polluting lorries on the roads across the world, belching out carbon to fund your space jollies, I’m going to guess….

Think, fight, feel: how video game artificial intelligence is evolving | Games | The Guardian

Case in point about The Guardian’s tech articles – this one just a day or so after they had the audacity to criticise “mainstream media tech coverage”.

Clear ignorance about the evolution of AI in gaming aside, only The Guardian could turn a potentially interesting piece into some shit about “hmmmm, how can we ensure there are less white dudes in gaming, going forward?”.

Utter cretins. And utterly tiresome.

Nike Releasing Unofficial Star Wars Trainers Based On Empire

Well uummm….I mean…in as much as if I were to paint a blue and red square on the side of my Honda Civic and try and tell you “That’s a Darth Vader Honda Civic now”, I suppose……