Why oh why time again….

Why does EVERYTHING have to be fucking “street food”???!!

This thing was mass produced in a factory, in a “protective atmosphere”. No fucking street was involved in the production process, at any point. Can I do you for false and misleading advertising, just to stop you constantly putting this fucking garbage on on your packets? What kind of fucking cretin anyway goes “oh no, can’t eat that”. Why not, it looks amazing? “Yeah but it’s not street food so…..”

Can I meet the kind of fuckwad that does that please, just so I can fucking slap you.

Upgrade upgrade upgraaaaade!!

I’m right back into Idle Factory Tycoon again. Look at all the happy workers! When I told Sarah he makes soup cans all day she said “I’d love a job like that”. Look how happy they are working in the factory!

There’s something about this game that is so so good for my brain. Routine, repetitiveness – it can be therapeutic actually. My factory rolls on. I’m close to being able to open a new factory. There is the chance to expand across the world. So far I’ve not succumbed and not paid a single penny in real money. There are tons of ads to wade through if you want to really get the best out of the game with boosts. But ads are free.

I got bored of this game the first time I tried it but I’m just not feeling that yet. The human brain likes routine!


Got my site art done. I am not happy with the site marker for browser tabs though. I’m going to either redesign that or just bring the I and D closer together that’s in my site title up the top there. Or make them more defined.

Hey I’m an amateur! It is harder than it looks getting a decent looking tiny browser logo to look clear. Maybe I’ll wrap a D around the I.

I’ve also linked my Disqus account to my site, so some day soon I would expect some little petal I’ve upset in my Disqus comments to come after me. Oh well!

Shoppers who refuse to wear masks to be banned from Morrisons as supermarket ‘strengthens’ rules – Chronicle Live


Yeah this relies on security guards actually being present at the door – which I assure you is not 100% of the time.

And what about those pricks who wear them in, and then think it perfectly fine to just lower them to have a chat, or cos they can’t be fucked wearing them properly anymore once they’re walking round in the shop? 😏

This story is basically meaningless.