Today is your last chance to download the Microsoft Translator app for Windows 10

“The reasons for its removal are unclear” – i.e. “we don’t know, but we can’t be tech journalists if we type out that we don’t know a thing, so we use the ‘unclear’ smokescreen”.

Microsoft removing a language translator from Windows 10. It’s almost as if their aim is to make you more ignorant by the year…

Oh, that’s it, people with common sense are just being “resistant to change”…

I decided to Google “who first invented being non-binary”.

The first person to come up is one Kye Rowan : “inventor of the non-binary pride flag”…

2014. Oh there’s a surprise – circa peak-Twitter shrieking years where anyone who told these people, or enlightened others, that they were spewing utter fucking nonsense was instantly rounded upon as a “bigot” and “dangerous”.

So case closed, yes…?

Oh not quite, apparently!! If you can bear to abuse your eyeballs by reading that not-at-all-remotely biased article, surrounded as it is by “SOCIAL JUSTICE” at the top, you will find that the writer, Meg, is a “creative”….umm…….yeah that isn’t actually a job title, deary, but then again, “gender non-binary” is total fictitious bollocks so hey – what’s it matter! You go ahead and be whatever pays the bills, eh!

Her bio looks like something a 4 year old with learning difficulties wrote:

Try not to cringe too hard – she actually typed this with a straight face

But no no, no she isn’t writing English like a 4 year old, no, it is YOU with the problem, got it….?

She then goes on to list various bits of ‘evidence’ that noooo, the fictitious “non-binary” term was NOT invented on Twitter (that’s just a stunning coincidence that it didn’t exist, anywhere, before Twitter was around, don’t ya know , bigot). She refers to some woman depicted wearing a man’s suit of armour, and also blethers vaguely on about how some historical figures were sometimes depicted as having male characteristics, and sometimes as having female characteristics.

Err….yeah…..that’s as solid as her ‘evidence’ that it’s definitely not a Twitter invention gets. The rest of it amounts to whining as childish as her sentence construction in her bio, about “why can’t the patriarchy just accept it?!!”. This is the equivalent of saying “look I SAID it’s a thing, so it’s a thing, got it?!!”. Oh the height of maturity, madam.

Jodie Turner-Smith transforms into Anne Boleyn in first look trailer for Channel 5 drama | The Independent

“widespread excitement”?? If by “excitement” you mean “incredulity” then yeah.

This is peak race-baiting pandering. “Yeah I know it never happened but you only don’t approve because you’re racist”.

How about you tell me precisely what is achieved by portraying something that never actually happened??

Can I make a drama from the perspective of a white bloke in the Malcolm X story, whereby I have Malcolm X played by a white actor? Surely won’t have any issue with that, will you….?

Darker Days Ahead…

Universal and Sony have sold up. 😕

They used to jointly operate Zoom for the sales of physical media and a few bits of merchandise. Now they’ve been taken over by a company I’ve yet to look into – based in the UK at least.

But unless this outfit is REALLY good at pushing physical media this does not bode well. Warner Brothers recently closed their online physical media shop as I previously posted. They have a ‘section on Amazon’ now which is utterly useless to savvy shoppers like me who don’t have an Amazon account.

I remember when a company took over AudioGo from the BBC – and that was selling Audiobooks – I think almost all of which were digital audiobooks. They closed a couple of years later – which of course meant unless you’d downloaded everything you would have been robbed of your purchases (ala Google Play Music). If those buffoons couldn’t even keep a digital audiobook site afloat, imagine how much harder these people are going to find keeping a mainly physical media outlet in the black.

It’s a harder sell than ever, what with paid up media outlets constantly telling you to watch this and watch that on trash streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (I know it’s not called that but fuck them because you can’t access it without Prime and even then other stuff is behind yet more paywalls, so let’s just tell it like it is, shall we). Add to that ‘the cool kidz’ on forums constantly smugly telling you you just need to adapt and accept streaming is going to replace physical media – they themselves either brain rinsed by the barrage of Netflix-paid media or without a discerning fibre in their whole being – entirely happy to have a vacuous, projectile vomitesque pile of shit streamed at them all at once for about £20 a month, totally fooled into thinking that represents “choice”.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but I have this depressing feeling Zoom won’t be around much longer – severing another choice that once had pretty much direct access to 2 of the biggest film studios around for assured supply of 4K films.

Clouds are gathering….

The MG Cyberster is a retro EV with 500 miles of range

Please tell me it’s not actually going to be called a Cyberster. It sounds like you’ve just woken up from a 90’s coma and wanted to go back to where you left off on the World Wide Web – after all you definitely remembered to bookmark all your sites on Netscape….