Jezebel: Celebrities Are Unliking Johnny Depp’s Post-Trial Instagram Post After New Court Documents Were Unsealed

Hahaha so DESPERATE are these cretins to find any kind of “BAD Johnny Depp!!” story that some sad muppet has actually sat there and cross checked who liked and then unliked an Instagram post. 🤣

Does it get any more pathetic. Is there any other barrel you sad pricks would care to scrape….?

I either win or I win..

I’ve…ahem…’reactivated’ my Twitter account, and oohh what a fucking surprise – all my photos etc were all still there – which proved my point all along about the worthlessness of “deactivating” anything versus legitimate deletion.

I’ve posted a little bit but I feel no buzz now. Exactly the same repetitive trash was trending as it was when I left. I will just go all out and wait for them to “suspend” (which is a word as obfuscsting as “deactivate”) my account. Just what the fuck is the point in deactivating when, as I’ve proven, all I’ve done is flagged my own account and given the miserable cocaine snorting little cunts who staff Twitter 4 weeks to rummage through my account.

There IS no way to DELETE your Twitter account. That is the most obnoxious set up anyone can design.

So let them suspend me. Either way, deactivation or suspension, leads back to exactly the same outcome. The reason I always win is : I don’t give a fucking shit if they suspend my account.

Another day…..

….another system update from the “terrible with updates” ASUS.

Of course they’re terrible with updates – and you would know that because : “I’ve heard they’re terrible with updates”. Congratulations, muppet.

I’ve heard if you jump off a very high building, you’ll survive the fall if you drink about 1 litre of diesel beforehand.

Badness is so goodness

I want hot dogs again tonight. I’ve had them one night already this week but damnit I want them AGAIN!!! Hot dogs are so fucking good!! And yes I do know what’s in them thanks very much – don’t care – so fucking goooood!!! This week when I had them I had brioche hot dog rolls with them..oh my god that was some next level shit!!

Incidentally, this hot dog may look bare, but it is not. In an earth shattering discovery, I found that if you line the roll with the sauce and the fried onions and then put the hot dog sausage on the top, you don’t then have sauce and onions falling out all over the place, and you get to eat ALL of the hot dog you’ve so lovingly made!

Stephen’s Zenfone 9 Review Predictions: Correct, As Always

Oh look, under Cons: “No wireless charging”. Whilst I cannot now prove I was predicting this achingly dull “Con” on my Twitter account weeks before they wrote it (because I’ve “deactivated” my Twitter account), I assure you that I did. And I’ve alluded to it on here in the past couple of weeks.

It’s as pathetic as it is predictable. Name me 1 single instance where you’ve thought “oh, I wish I could wirelessly charge right now!!”. Name me 1 single advantage of wireless charging over normal charging. Spoiler alert – you won’t be able to, because there are none. Honestly, where is the benefit, or indeed the point, in carrying around a wired wireless charger over just a wired charger?

But I get it….I get it. “I’m a tech journalist. I’ve stated that as my job. So I have to put “No wireless charging” as a “Con” here. My point is proven right here:

Well….WHY is it a shame???? You can’t just say “it’s a shame this isn’t there”, not qualify that statement, and expect everyone who knows jack shit about technology to just automatically stroke their chin going “hmm, yah, yah, you’re so right”. The fact is you CAN’T say why, because you’re a tech journalist, and all you know about is the latest design trends and buzzy terms. You don’t know anything about their actual practicality day to day.

Oh dear.

Demi Lovato updates pronouns to she/her: ‘I’m such a fluid person’

“I’m such a fluid person”. No, you’re just an immature celeb in your little bubble dear, who doesn’t need to worry over normal every day shit like most of us, which gives you endless time to sit around and ponder which pronoun you’d like to be today.


I’m a chef and you’ve been cooking your bacon all wrong – you need to BOIL it to make it crispy

I don’t give a fuck if you’re a chef – I’m not a chef and can get bacon crispy without boiling it.

Now get back in your box.