Downg d-d-downg downg downg downg downg…

I’ve ordered me some of THIS!! Not from here, from a re-seller. I’m going to try them ALL – plus the deodorant! I really love the silver one. Not one but 2 of my colleagues separately have told me “oh you smell nice” when I’ve had that one on me. And I’m not sure I recognise these “it only lasts about an hour” claims I’ve seen people say about it – considering one of them told me I smell nice the next morning after a 10 hour shift! Maybe it helps when I ‘accidentally’ get some of it on my clothes around my neck. 😉

I’m going to try the deodorant as well.

Aaahhh if only I was even 1% as suave as Bond! But I can pretend.

On the same subject, I only just discovered on a random need to know basis, that the man who designed the 007 logo, David Chasman, only died last December! He was 94 though, so a good innings. But I always seem to discover these people I admire just after they’ve pegged it!

Incidentally, Quantum of Solace was the final decent Bond film.

A post about my beloved little speaker

No it hasn’t died or anything. I just wanted to tell the world how much I love this little thing. It’s a Sony SRS-X11. Small it may be but the sound it produces is excellent. It perches on my bed post with ease and reads me stories, and plays me the most relaxing calming sounds when I’m waking up for no bloody reason at all. I only charge it once a week if that – and I use it every single day. It also switches itself off again a little bit after what you’re playing ends – so it lasts even longer. I love it so much.

“I want my rights to spread disease and death to others!!”

Good god FUCK OFF with your “libertarian” fucking horseshit.

I want them to have EVEN MORE powers to clamp down!!! People are being FUCKING MORONS still. Blatantly ignoring what I would have thought was a fairly easy to understand request: DON’T GO OUT UNLESS ESSENTIAL. Are you telling me all of those constant queues outside supermarkets every single morning are ONLY those needing “essentials”…? How come 99% of them have a fucking TROLLEY then. Who NEEDS a trolley full of stuff every single fucking DAY???!! That your normal shopping is it? NO!!! FUCK all those whinging about the police, YOU ARE THE FUCKING CAUSE OF THIS THING SPREADING FASTER THAN IT WOULD HAVE DONE IF YOU’D BOTHERED TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU’RE BEING FUCKING TOLD.

And don’t bother coming at me with this “police state” emo fucking childish, simplistic shit. I watched the Home Secretary state these powers are temporary and also have the ability to be reviewed every month. “Oh but they would say that wouldn’t they Stephen, can’t you see what they’re trying to do???!!” Yes stop the fucking spread you fucking moron, because you fucking dumb shits don’t LISTEN to “oh please stay at home would you, please? Thanks very much”. THAT VERY EVIDENTLY IS NOT ENOUGH. So do stop fucking whining about what your own stupidity has invoked. You’ve no one to blame but yourselves – even though you’re not intelligent enough to actually sit and reflect upon how true that is.

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say PC Gamer is written by people who aren’t gamers…

I meant to add they’re also clueless fucking idiots.

How the hell can you bash out an article that long and not mention Once. (Yes I know it’s there, but it’s merely in a quote from a games company rep mentioning who they sell their games to).

And precisely who are they meaning is the exact problem here? The article at first glance appears to be a “G2A ARE SCUM” piece, and yet when you read through they’re then adding “sites like G2A”. What are those sites, PC Gamer?? Care to specify…? Because I’ve bought off and and had absolutely no issues with my keys at all. There’s also even more well known key re-sellers such as Gamersgate who have been around for years and years and are very well known to be honest brokers. Well done on muddying the waters, vaguely bashing out the term “sites like”.

Where exactly are you going with this article? (that’s a rhetorical question, Tyler Wilde didn’t actually know himself). Was your aim to just put G2A out of business…? Or is your aim to put “sites like” G2A out of business – sites that are entirely legitimate and obtained their keys in the correct and proper way? And the inference that it would be a brilliant idea if each publisher just had their own separate launcher is stupid and clueless in the extreme.

But hey – you’re a games journalist – we shouldn’t be entirely shocked by your lack of the faintest clue about gaming. Not least when you have 2 surnames for a name.

Stuff we’ve learnt after 1 week of lockdown

Firstly that there is probably a direct link between people typing “#BeKind” and selfish cunts clearing the shelves of all the supermarkets, and also booking out every last fucking home delivery slot so that you can’t even get food delivered to your home or workplace either. These are one and the same people. Vile cunts – now please stop projecting and attempting to fool anyone with a brain cell that you’re a decent, kind person. You’re a selfish fucking cunt.

Secondly that a worryingly massive percentage of the UK cannot even go 1 single fucking week without resorting to making vomit inducing videos.

If you think this is bad – try reading the comments section…

There’s also been a massive increase in those with clearly no imagination whatsoever producing cringe making YouTube videos in a race to be the most viral and get on the telly. If this is some weird attempt at being the office joker [read “wanker”] and making colleagues realise just why they haven’t added you to their contacts list on WhatsApp – you’re definitely succeeding in that one. There’s actually a scientific rule for this – the harder you try to be funny, entertaining and ‘quirky’, the more tedious and insufferable you will show yourself to be. But hey if you want to share that trait with the world, you go for it.

And now we learn that this shit could go on for a further 6 MONTHS…..after you cretins can’t think of anything to do with yourselves after 1 WEEK….??? I really fear for you.


“I think we need to be nicer to Chinese immigrants”

Mia Goodfellow on Sky News papers review. I’d be surprised if she didn’t leap at a chance to make the pandemic all about brexit and xenophobia – she couldn’t ever resist any chance she could to constantly shove those in everyone’s faces when talking about practically any other headline or subject known to man.

Hollow The Leader

I absolutely adore Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers, but the blinkered obsession he and most of his team have with “Donald Trump right, mainstream media all lying” is really showing up painfully obviously in the virus we’re enduring.

At the start, when Donald was dismissing it as a hoax, Jeremy and others were all “I think the mainstream media is blowing this all out of proportion, I’m personally not worried, I’m just doing all the things I normally do – imagine if they reported on every single car death – no one would drive a car again!”. Then as the shit started to hit the fan and Donald was forced (by the couple of people with intellect in his advisory team) to realise that no, this wasn’t going to go away conveniently in time for the start of his re-election campaign, you saw Jeremy etc change their tact dramatically and tell you “I know this is really serious” etc etc.

You know, like your mainstream media boogeyman was saying all along right from the fucking start. This is the danger of dismissing what the news is trying to tell you – purely because some fucking dunce in the Whitehouse doesn’t like them, so you choose to only listen to him and his subversion and ignore anything that news channels say by default. He’s probably cost lives by now. And whilst they’d JUMP on what I just said as “Stephen is saying Donald Trump is killing people!!!” if you’d allow the tiny amount of rationale you may have left in your psyche to kick in here for a second, you’d read that again and realise that IS NOT what I just said.

Presidents are there to serve. There is only one service Donald does : self service. The more American people wake the fuck up and have that fact dawn on them, the better chances they’ve got.