And now imagine the Oscars headline : “I hope that some really good films win!”

CAN you imagine that?? Kudos to Sky News for toning it down a bit from what I’ve seen tonight but BBC News has gone full on “people are wondering how diverse the Oscars will be this year”. NO THEY’RE NOT!!

Christ, it’s becoming fucking intolerable. Imagine the mindset of anyone either voting for, or just watching, the biggest film awards ceremony, not thinking “oh I hope there are some really good films this year with some great stories and maybe also some brilliant special effects”. Ohh noooo, but instead thinking “oh I really hope there are a sufficient number of black actors, directors and other associated artists represented in the Oscars here tonight!”. NOT ONE SINGLE FUCKING PERSON THINKS LIKE THAT!!!! Well, not one not working in media and needing woke points, at least.

Why in years gone by was no one thinking “you know what, most of the biggest and best films are made by white men and have white actors in”?? WHY??? Because NO ONE GAVE A FUCKING SHIT about the sex/colour/sexuality of who was making films or in them. Why…? Because we were just swamped with amazing stories, great acting, great special effects, great music scores, etc etc.

Oh, but Stephen, this is because all those black voices just didn’t get the chance to make amazing films that would have blown audiences away!!

Oh REALLY….? Well let’s take a look at one Oscars 2020 nominee shall we. It’s Cynthia Erivo for her portrayal of Harriet Tubman in Harriet. So, after all the shrieking about “we black people aren’t slaves no more you know!! We are citizens in our own right with all kinds of stories to tell, every bit as diverse as white folk!!!”, what do they go and make a film about…? A black slave escaping. Fucking THRILLING. I have a black South African friend, and I can tell you for 100% certainty right now, there will never come a day when he would say to me “Hey Stephen, there’s this really cool looking film I really wanna see, it’s about this black slave who escaped her owners and fought for abolition – do you wanna come see it with me?”. Are you still wondering why there’s not really much of a changing landscape in Oscar voting…??!!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9448649f) An Oscar statue in the press room at the Oscars, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles 90th Academy Awards – Press Room, Los Angeles, USA – 04 Mar 2018


Philip Schofield announcing he’s gay is fucking hilarious. Barely 3 weeks ago he was being called “a cunt” and everything in-between by the woke mob on Twitter, after a segment on This Morning, when he asked Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu for examples of where the press were explicitly racist, and all she could come up with was “Danny Baker compared Archie to a chimpanzee”. He didn’t, you twat, he was actually referring to class, not race. But of course, if you’re playing the race card, EVERYTHING is about race, you know, even when it’s not about race, IT’S STILL ABOUT RACE, GOT IT?!! Of course, this nonsense was used to show that Philip only ‘didn’t get it’ “because he’s white”. For at least 4 minutes of my life I sat and watched the woke mob pile in and kick the living shit out of Philip, in the literary sense. Yes WHERE was his sense of diversity and inclusion, he’s not getting it, HE MUST BE SHUT DOWN.

Fast forward to this week, and ohhhh the frantic back pedalling is so palpable I can hear the gears grinding from here! Ohh Philip, you’re so brave…so ruddy bloody brave. #Inclusion #ItGetsBetter #LGBT. Half of you fucking idiots were the same ones calling him a cunt not 3 fucking weeks ago!!

Now admittedly I’ve also seen plenty STILL attacking him, and they’ve been getting traction. But you just know so many are left feeling so very confused about life by this. “But I just called out his white privilege…but now I have to support him…but….he….I….he….” *ERROR!! ERROR!! DOES NOT TICK ALL SJW LOGIC BOXES*

It’s time to enter my own personal cold turkey

Well, it happened.

Yep, I’m suspended again, and, like I said before, I won’t be back.

Many moons ago Twitter used to be a platform for free speech. And I’m sure that once upon a time it really was. But not today. When Twitter gladly leaves ISIS accounts up for days on end, featuring videos of executions and beheadings, yet I have the AUDACITY to say “cunt” twice in one sentence, and I’m out….? FUCK YOU, Twitter, you’re a worthless, pandering, weak piece of shit that doesn’t even have the first fucking clue HOW to properly enforce your own Twitter Rules.

But I’m not pretending it’s going to be easy for the first few weeks here. So many times I see shit on TV, or an advert, or the usual absolute morons of the Wokerati on Twitter and I have to pull them up on their total bollocks. But nope, NO MORE. And in any case, is it really a loss….? It wasn’t like I was ever reaching so much as 100 people on a daily basis. Over 24,000 tweets and I only ever reached a maximum of 92 Followers – half of them were fake accounts and companies. So that’s even less. And yes, even less again on HERE, but HERE I will be saying WHATEVER THE FUCKING HELL I WANT, HOW EVER THE FUCK I WANT TO SAY IT, THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH INDEED, YOU FUCKING CUNT.

Expel the bile, Stephen, expel the bile……

Yes this will be cold turkey, but I have my own site. I don’t need the Gods of Twitter censoring perfectly fucking innocent posts and thoughts I have, thank you very much. I always felt like I was living on borrowed time there anyway. It was fucking hilarious upsetting the woke people, and having them call me “racist”. Whenever any random fucknut called me racist on Twitter, I’d ask them to link me to any Tweet I’ve ever made that was racist. They never could – because oh, big surprise, I’m not racist. This terribly inconvenient fact is what drove them insane. At the very least, if you call someone “racist”, you better bring along even a SCRAP of fucking evidence with your slander. They never did. The best they could do was just link me to the very same Tweet they’d just called me a racist after. Utterly pathetic specimens. Calling someone you’ve never met, and do not know ANYTHING about, “racist”, is the equivalent of seeing someone walking in the street who, to you, “looks a bit of a perv”, and shouting “RAPIST!!!” at him. And I am starting to think that is something that these people would do – they are fucking deranged. So I won’t miss that element (though I will miss making them look absolutely fucking ridiculous).

So all this means I’d better step it up on here, eh? Yes, I should do that. Twitter was a HELL of a lot of my time and thoughts. And I did get a hell of a lot of Likes – if not anyone who could ever be bothered to stick around longer than a click or tap on the heart button.

See you all very soon…..

General Erection

Oh, did you think I’d abandoned this? Sorrrryyyyy!!

I just have to get my thoughts out on the General Election. This year’s was marred by the incessant fucking nonsense on Twitter, with shrieking from BOTH sides. There were fuck ups, there were lies and obfuscations, and all the while you had this underlying feeling that whatever anyone said, Alexander Johnson (what “Boris Johnson” is actually called) was never going to fail to win. I think what we saw towards the end was him running from any form of remotely challenging interview was what one commentator casually suggested – a total clamp down from Alexander’s advisers to just shut the fuck up and stop making yourself look like even more of a tit than you do already to the wider public, and just keep your head down and you’ll get over the line. This turned out to be true, sadly………or IS it sad.

No one who isn’t super rich wants Conservatives in power, but… was the best result. No, stick with me here on this one

Imagine if Jeremy had won, with his “oooh free broadband for everyone, yaaay!!” idiotic ‘promise’. And “ooh gonna re-nationalise the railways, yaaaay!”. Both utterly fucking stupid ideas. It’s way past the point of no return for nationalising something as massive as the railways. What the last Labour government did was fix parts within the privatised sector – when there was one too many rail crash due to the buffoonery associated with private companies running the tracks, what they did was make the company responsible for tracks and signalling a not for profit company. A GOOD idea!

As for free broadband, come on. Does he honestly have the slightest clue a) what exactly that would entail on a technical level and b) what the consequences would be in terms of competition among broadband providers. When you can get it free, who’d want to pay ANY of them? So “free broadband for everyone!” would equal potentially THOUSANDS of job losses as the various providers have no further need for them to run a paid service no one wanted anymore. Also, what exactly was he planning to do about outages, downtime, slow speeds, etc etc? Were we all supposed to ring some handy Government hotline? And what, exactly, would be the incentive to maintain a decent network without data or usage caps, when you have absolutely no competition? The fact I saw him call it “full fibre broadband” tells you all you need to know about his pitiful lack of knowledge about it all.

Weird manifesto promises aside, can you imagine what would have happened to the vote to leave the EU. It looked like if they’d won they’d have headed for a second referendum on leaving the EU. The ENTIRE UK was sick to fucking death of “brexit”. So imagine if they’d won, run ANOTHER referendum, solely of course due to being bullied into that by those who never accepted the “leave” vote of 2016, then, obviously, fewer people would have bothered turning out to vote AGAIN, because why should they? Knowing that the Government decided to ignore the result of the first one, what exactly would their sales pitch be for the second one? “Oh no, THIS time we’ll honour the result!” Fuck off. No one had any faith that any progress would have been made towards either result, and no one should have had any faith based on the past 3 years now of politicians only seeking to serve themSELVES and not the public it is their sworn duty to serve.

Nope. Much as I don’t like Conservatives and would never vote for them, this, for CERTAINTY and just growing up and getting the fucking hell on with leaving the EU (yes, yes, there is a long process) and preventing any attempt at doing anything much at ALL being scuppered by Labour, is the best result.

One bright point out of all of this is that Jeremy Corbyn has finally realised that no one apart from dickhead virtue signallers on Twitter think he’d cut it as Prime Minister. Thank fuck he’s finally given up flogging a dead horse. Can we just get someone with credibility back into Labour and get them into Government again please….?

For All Time

Surely a moment you’ll want around on the internet for all time

Popular YouTubers are one thing. Popular YouTubers with slightly over-enthusiastic Subscribers verging on creepy are a thing. Popular YouTubers with slightly over-enthusiastic Subscribers who upload videos of their child being born…….that’s a whole other universe.

Oh of course they were all lapping it up in the comments…

CamiEliz95 3 hours ago

It was inevitable not to cry when they put Jackson on Jen’s chest 😭💓

Aerie Cintron 4 hours ago

Sitting in my bed cheering Jen on and my boyfriend walks in the room completely confused on what’s going on. Then I cried. Congratulations yall. He is beautiful and perfect! So glad to have gone on this journey with you 🙂

Hmmm yeah the thing I’m wondering about the second one is that who the fuck called their child Aerie Cintron. That sounds like a codename for a lady part.

I did watch it and yes I do like them but all the while I wasn’t crying as per ‘the rule’ apparently, I was just feeling slightly uncomfortable and like I was invading what should actually be a REALLY private, closed to the world time. I really feel like a hell of a lot of their rabid Subscribers would have suddenly turned on them if they hadn’t uploaded a video like this, and maybe the Trackers did too, and that’s way too much pressure for anyone normal to feel. In my mind’s eye I can see the kind of comments now had they not done this video:

“So disappointed that we didn’t get to see little Jackson being born!!! 😦 But glad you’re both doing fine”


It’s the feeling of entitlement that their Subscribers SO CLEARLY have, it’s screaming at you in so many of the comments. God I would hate to have that shit in my life. I have a small following on my YouTube and actually, seeing the reaction to this, seeing the very fact they felt they had to even share anything like this with the world…I’m GLAD I have just a couple of hundred Subscribers.

Fuck Black Friday Forever

It’s been a while – I’ve been busy, and ill, and without internet. I also chose a few things in the Black Friday ‘sale’. Only to discover upon researching almost all of them that they were ALL fucking shams. The Jedi Challenges AR set I bought was just £3 more after the sale, and is actually still ON sale on the other site I saw it on at the same price over a WEEK AFTER Black Friday. And now some of the sites I use regularly are doing possibly the most ridiculous sale ever – “Black Friday II”. Jesus christ, FUCK OFF, now. Enough.

I am no longer partaking in this shit. A couple of the games I bought which were also billed as “Black Friday deals” were in fact the new permanent prices. Oh I know I should know better by now, at this stage in life. But I was carried away by it all. Oh dear. Well lesson fucking learned!!

On the road again…

HELLO WORLD!!! I’m up and ready to face the da…er, night.

Nothing arrived at home for me this week. NOTHING!!!! My Prince book that “will arrive by 28/11/19” – no sign. My Plusnet router, KIND of important when my activation date is on MONDAY – again, not a sausage. And my replacement rock didn’t turn up either – although that’s not one I’m getting angry about as I know they can take a few weeks, but they’ve always arrived in the end.

But the other 2 are fucking me off!! Come on how fucking difficult IS it to get anything to anyone at the end of November. This is not premium Christmas cards and presents time in the postal service.

Meanwhile I bought myself a handful of games this week as they were most cheap. Finally got GTA V for PC, and I’ll be interested in seeing if the graphics really are as “improved” as Rockstar claim they are for the PC version. Complete it as I did for the PS4, I’m always very sloppy when it comes to aiming guns – it’s the nature of the controller method. So I’ll enjoy playing through it again this time with pinpoint mouse control accuracy! Got that for around £9.89 I think – first time I’ve ever ….EVER seen it drop below £10 for PC, which considering the game is about 3 or 4 years old now is incredible. And now we know (more or less) that GTA VI will be a PS5 launch title, so I will have to save my pennies and get it in the box with the console.

BUT RIGHT NOW, chums, I think I’m going to make me a cuppa and fire up my Euro Truck Simulator 2!


This will be quite the intense week for me if everything comes together.

Hopefully my new router for my shiny new Plusnet internet will arrive by the end of the week – you would hope so considering my activation date is the 2nd of December. Then there is the Prince book from one of his principal photographers, Randee St Nicolas, titled, somewhat unimaginatively, “My Name Is Prince” (a song, incidentally, that Prince released just a year before announcing to the world that his name wasn’t Prince).

Then the long shot – that my replacement rock arrives from my Precious Rocks, Gems and Minerals collection. That would be nice. But then at the end of the week, when I’m still almost dead from the Friday night shift, I’m going to scoot on over to HMV to pick up the Deluxe Edition of the 1999 remastered album. 5 discs!! No less than 2 of these are CDs stuffed full of unreleased songs from around that era. Which makes the measly single CD of unreleased songs we got with the Purple Rain remaster even more bizarre, because by the time Purple Rain came out Prince’s output was FAR more than it was during the 1999 sessions – it was a time, after all, where he was also writing, producing, and invariably singing guide tracks to, albums for other artists – some also on Warner Bros, some not. Purple Rain also didn’t even include the longer version of The Beautiful Ones, which in my opinion was far better than the shorter version he actually released.

All this is this week, and that’s not including my long long drive across Europe, hopefully, in my truck courtesy of course of Euro Truck Simulator 2. I’m going to use my time wisely as I’ve already finished editing my next YouTube video.

I have articles etc planned, it’s just finding the time to set them all out and do all the research for the quotes I’d use etc etc. It’s work!! But it’s fun work.


I’m bereft of inspiration so I’m closing this blog.

Nah not really!! I’ve just been too busy chilling this weekend to put the effort in. Edited and uploaded the next Terminator build video to my YouTube, recorded the next one. Maybe I should edit that tonight and free up even more time next weekend. THAT would be a great move!! But I’m not really known for my great moves….

I also paid out £9.99 for the Skyrim..ahem…”Special Edition”. This, apparently, features “remastered HD textures”, which is presumably why in some areas I’m still seeing blocks of pixels as if the walls were made using fucking Minecraft. The flame effects are also far weaker than games by other developers made around 5 years before Skyrim came out. Honestly, Bethesda have to be one of the weakest developers when it comes to texturing and effects. “Oh but Stephen it’s all in the AI and the story, forget about the graphics!” Yeah that might work – except for the fact that in one of the early fights I was slashing away at an enemy and because he was also being attacked by the man I’d been following, it was as if I was an attack ghost, and I was completely and utterly ignored while he slashed away at my cohort. The story part I can’t comment sufficiently on yet but it’s not the most immersive experience so far! I wouldn’t normally take issue with all this but for the fact that this game is so often held aloft as some sort of ULTIMATE RPG that your game collection simply would not be worth bothering with if you were without it.

The other game I bought right alongside that one was Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold Edition for the princely sum of £4.87 off I’m looking forward to driving my lorry all over Europe but what I’d REALLY enjoy is a car simulator. Why hasn’t anyone made one??!! People have their endless flight simulators, train simulators, and travel hundreds, thousands of miles, for no actual reason at all, so in that regard, why not one for a car??