Common sense and shitposts: 1 Shrieking hate-filled LGBTQ mob: 0

Yes I do not have to be some sort of Emperor Ming, all-seeing psychic mastermind (okay he had a little assistance from that golden drone thing) to know exactly what the LGBTQ mob are shrieking right now on Twitter over the case of Harry Miller.

I have honestly not been back to Twitter but you’re now going to be astounded by how accurate I’m about to be:

@PinkyFluffyJay: “Oh right so the judge, who was obviously Conservative, has given the green light to #HateSpeech. Great.”

@UnicornZ_89: “Wtf. WHAT ACTUAL THE FUCK is this saying????? “Hey everyone, it’s alright to be transphobic”. Fuck this shit. #SMH.”

@GlitterBoi92: “This has set LGBTQ rights back decades. Fuck this fucking shit. Transphobia is now sanctioned by law. What the actual fuck.”

@DaveSoGay00: “First Brexshit, then Boris, now transphobia is okay. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Ex police too – he should know better.”


THEY WERE FUCKING JOKES, YOU DULL, HUMOURLESS, SANCTIMONIOUS FUCKING TWATS. Just please do get over shit posts that people make. Straight people joke about straight people, straight people joke about gay people, gay people joke about straight people, white people joke about black people, black people joke about white people…but you ever DARE stand up to the Alphabet Mob, we gonna call da police.

Yeah you’d think the police would have slightly more important shit do deal with wouldn’t you like, oh I don’t know, ACTUAL ATTACKS ON GAY PEOPLE which are vile and no one who isn’t a cunt condones. Not someone bashing out a fucking JOKE on Twitter. You know what a “joke” is, right…? It’s something that not everyone will find funny – that’s the actual nature of “a joke”. If I don’t find a joke funny, I don’t think “oh shit I need to call the police here”!!

This is a great result but I fear something looming. A counterbalance, whereby someone really pushes a judge hard to find someone who tweeted a joke guilty of a “hate crime”, just to appease the constantly shrieking LGBTQ mob who WILL NOT BE SILENCED (which is quite the fucking irony isn’t it – when they’re trying to silence ANYONE who dares critique them and their views). Just watch. They will be baying for blood now after this. The judgement will be something along the lines of “we need to show that what some consider harmless fun should not be taken as a carte blanche to attack the LGBT community”.

It’s coming……..mark my words…



Yeah I’m really happy for you that as a BLACK WOMAN, #DIVERSITY #POC #DIVA #JUSTCOS (oops how did that last one get in there) you’re Laptop Mag’s “Editor in Chief”, which evidently involves extended periods of sitting down, but when you’re wanting a clear, concise, assured run down of something, from ANYONE, “you don’t, uh, expect, er, to uh, constantly, uh want uh, someone to uh talk like uh this”….

Presumably she’s wearing headphones to hear all the information about the specs being fed to her to say.


Weighing up the end of Twitter

Things I will not miss on Twitter:

  • SJW’s
  • Some fuckwit trending that I’ve not a clue who they are until I find out people are blethering on about fucking Love Island again
  • Simple Twitter users thinking everything in life works in binaries (also very much social justice warriors again)
  • Entitled wankers using exotic animals as playthings to make viral gifs out of
  • Being suspended for absolutely no reason, and certainly nothing Twitter bots can ever specifically tell me (because their bots are totally broken)
  • Virtue signalling muppets
  • Simple folk who have regressed so far backwards in intelligence/intellect that they have to actually remind themselves on their profile whether they’re a he or a she

Things I will miss on Twitter:

  • Asking anyone who casually called me “racist” to link me to any post whatsoever I’ve ever made that was racist – and making them look like utter tits because they never could do this
  • Irritating the living shit out of Amazon, and Amazon bots (those fake “I’m a happy fulfilment worker, me!!” accounts on Twitter that are supposed to make us believe it’s all just fiiiiiine)
  • My rapid thoughts on what’s on TV
  • Annoying SJW’s and calling out their utter horseshit
  • Asking woke people if they really say “on point” in real life (they won’t ever answer that – because they don’t, because they’re fake fucking cretins)

Oh it appears that the things I won’t miss outnumber the things I will. Good news after all then! All’s well that ends well.

No flashy tech for YOU this month…

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn MWC is cancelled. I always look forward to this, maybe even more than CES.

At least Sony will still be doing the press conference thing….well sort of. It’s a livestream anyway – I’ll take it!!

I love Android Authority’s hoighty toighty attitude problem :

“Little consumer impact

In the end, most consumers won’t even know anything out of the ordinary has happened”. 

Yeeeaahh righto, AA. Even though every year you’re all like “hey guys we’ve got the most AWESOME coverage of MWC and the biggest new exclusive launches for you!! Come and read all about it right here!!” Now it’s cancelled, they’re trying to make out “oh none of you know about it anyway”. IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD YOU’RE NOT GOING ON A FREE JOLLY NOW,

I’ll tell you what the biggest impact will be – you entitled pricks missing out on sitting there in stony silence at Asus product launches!! And ohhhh how your entitled little selves are hurting right now, trying everything you can to disguise that shit with your “oh but none of you outsider, ordinary folk know about MWC anyway, it’s just us with our press passes that know about it”.

Fuck off with that shit.

Social Media Sitting

I am so sick to fucking death of Government and campaign groups forcing social media companies to “take responsibility” for online harm – particularly with regards to suicide in teenagers.

I don’t know when this fact vanished into the current noise surrounding it but there is, in fact, just 1 person responsible for someone killing themselves: THE PERSON WHO KILLS THEM SELF. That’s kind of how “suicide” works…look it up in the dictionary – you’ll be surprised how wrong you’ve been all this time.

This piece on Channel 4 News just now featured a 14 year old who was “forced” to send a naked photo of herself to another child. “Forced”….? What, at knifepoint? Her words were even more grating – when asked “did you feel let down by social media companies?” “I felt let down by everyone” was her response. That sums up the whole problem – no one is willing anymore to take ANY responsibility for themselves. Oh nooo, it must be all the big bad internet companies to blame. But no, she was “forced” to send that photo. Couldn’t open her mouth and contact the police, talk to her parents, nope, that probable threat that the boy receiving the photo would “kill all her family and stuff” if she didn’t send that photo was totally REAL!! And Channel 4 News never even questioned it either, just moved immediately on to yet more inference that it’s definitely the social media companies that are to blame here. Perhaps ask her “how did you feel ‘forced’?” Nope….

The other phrase used referencing the problem with the likes of Twitter and Instagram was that they failed in “child protection”. Ummm WHAT????? Isn’t “child protection” a term you use when referring to various Government agencies?? Is Twitter a Government agency…? I must have missed that particular meeting.

Finally, do enlighten me here, before Twitter and Instagram, did no teenager commit suicide?

Reports are that there has been a rise in teenage suicide. But what’s NOT clear is exactly why? Faster pace of life, massive increased workload in school work…? Any number of other factors..? NO IT’S ALL INSTAGRAM!!! LET’S LEGISLATE IMMEDIATELY AND STOP THIS HAPPENING!!

Yeah I got news for you. If a teen can’t find what they’re looking for on Instagram, they’ll just look around other places until they do find what they’re looking for. That’s kind of how internet curiosity and research works. What is your plan then after you’ve finished making social media platforms the most banal, mediocre, uninteresting sites on earth? Are you going to close the rest of the internet, ‘just in case’..?

Stop looking for the simple fucking easy options, because it’s hardly ever them that is the issue. Teenagers have killed themselves before Instagram, and they’ll kill themselves after you’ve sanitised it to the point that it dies like MySpace.

Does Bernie ever ask himself why he thi…actually just why

I think most people watching Bernie wheezing and blurting his way through his ‘victory’ speech last night were thinking the same thing as I was: “WHYYY Bernie…just whhyyyyyyy”. Can’t he just give it up? Hillary Clinton says nobody likes him. She’s probably well placed to actually know this. But noooo, oh no, Bernie is gonna WIN…No, Bernie is probably going to DIE before he wins.

Donald Trump, of course, is also way too old to be president – he’s definitely showing signs of senility. We all know that Donald would never accept that he’s too old, but it’s not too late for you, Bernie!! You don’t look like a winner, you never looked like a winner, you never will look like a winner. Just go home and put your slippers on and have a nice cup of tea, pull that special reclining chair back and watch the results come in on election night. COME on…he’s the American Jeremy Corbyn, promising a multitude of bizarre policies that anyone with an ounce of common sense has already spotted are un-deliverable, and all your “we should dare to dream” bollocks isn’t going to alter that fact.

It’s just embarrassing that he’s still determined to make a fool of himself. And if he does end up winning…? The election in November will be a 1 horse race. Not because Donald is great, he’s a dense fucking moron, but because Bernie just looks like a man on borrowed time.

HS2 will mean the end of the world!!

Did you spot my slight sarcasm…

Jesus, you’d get this impression if you listen to those shrieking about “IT’S GOING TO DESTROY ANCIENT WOODLAND FOREVER!!!!” That’s a little bit simplistic – even according to the Woodland Trust itself – there ARE no truly ‘ancient’ woodlands left. If you’re only starting from 1600 – I think the UK has a population that’s been around a little bit longer than that.

And even if that’s just when records were started from, I’m still dismissing the environmental “catastrophe” this is being painted as. All kinds of people from rich barons to farmers have been carving up the land in the UK for hundreds of years. Virtually nothing you see is truly natural.

I imagine the exact same things were being shouted over when the M25 was built, and when the current South to North lines were being built. No one is saying “oh it doesn’t matter about the trees”, what I’m suggesting, as has tended to be the way of things after big new roads or train lines are built, is that stuff does tend to grow back again!

Joined, left, rejoined, cancelled

Well yesterday I finally bit the bullet and joined EE – them of refusing to directly answer the question of why if they can afford to throw millions every single year on sponsorship of TV shows, awards ceremonies and sports events, they somehow can’t afford a couple of fucking quid a year to honour the price I signed up to with my mobile contract for 12 fucking months.

“Hi Stephen, our prices change in line with the annual RPI”. THAT ISN’T WHAT I FUCKING SAID TO YOU, IS IT, you fucking auto bots. They used to type ANYTHING on Twitter just to avoid addressing the words I had actually typed to them – basically because they know full well, along with the other networks, that they CAN afford to offer fixed price mobile contracts – they just choose not to because they’re greedy cunts.

But regardless, sadly I was left without a choice if I wanted to have lovely 4G back, I had to leave Tesco Mobile, because my beloved Asus Zenfone 6 Edition 30 doesn’t support Band 20 LTE. So technically it’s Asus’ fault, but hey I’m always going to forgive them, as their phones have brought me so much joy.

And then was this morning, when I re-joined Twitter, at least, right up until the point where it suddenly stopped me mid-post, even after offering to let me skip all the phone number stuff, by DEMANDING to link my account to a phone number for ‘verification’. Fuck off, liar, that’s not “verification” – you already did that via e-mail. That’s Twitter-speak for “we’re checking you’re not that outspoken fucker we just censored and we’re waiting to lock you out again by matching your phone number to our records”. Fuck off again then!!

Have gay people been eradicated…?

Do you know what I went through college hearing every single week…? “Queer”, “faggot”..”queer”. So mostly “queer”. It was a deeply hurtful thing to hear over and over and over again – not least when I’m not even gay.

These days, it’s ALL you hear, as if they’re “taking ownership of it”. Even Wokequin Phoenix at the Oscars yesterday mentioned “queer rights”, as if his ‘people’ had whispered in his ear before his speech “remember don’t say ‘gay’, say ‘queer’ – all the 20 year olds will dig that”. Yeah many congrats for being ‘on trend’ with the millennials, Joaquin, but tell me now, what is wrong with having gay rights?!!

Hearing, even seeing “queer” gives me mild flashbacks to those horrible days. Not that the LGBT “community” gives a shit about that, of course, as I don’t qualify as “cuddly cause they can show their support to and make themselves feel/look better as virtuous people”.

Of course, another factor is the sheer number of times da kidz these days say “gay” to mean something is lame or stupid. So the LGBT mob are a bit butt-hurt over that.

But I say GAY RIGHTS!!!! Stop trying to eradicate being “gay”, you fucking fascists!!