I was waiting for my date to pick me up but he sped off as soon as he saw me – it was horrible, I’m so done with men


Shut the fuck up. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re making the video for attention. You’ll be back fucking someone in about a month and you know it. 🙄

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order developer is hiring for a “brand new single-player adventure” | GamesRadar+


Oooh well that must be for….WHO FUCKING CARES WHAT IT’S FOR?!!?!! They’re hiring people to work on the next game they’re developing. Because they’re a fucking games developer.

Jesus christ, GamesRadar are pros at publishing fucking drivel.

Black Riders’ Faces Would ‘Fall Flat’ Seeing Jungle Cruise’s Imagery: Ride’s Ex-Operator


“Drake” here wants to shut your opinions down if you don’t agree with her – hence she turned off her DM’s to show how much of a bigot she is.

The funny thing is when I, as a white bloke, went on Jungle Cruise, I did not once, even as a child, look at the models on there and go “oh look at that funny black man”. I thought “oh look at that funny character”. If you are really equating an animatronic model with anything in real life, you have a mental disorder.

Nintendo Switch OLED under fire as Steam Deck upgrade officially confirmed | T3


The OLED release of the Switch is not exactly how we want it!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!!

Shut the fuck up, and stop creating desperate-to-sound-archaic phrases like “half-decade old”.

The Valve handheld and the Nintendo handheld are 2 entirely different markets. So stop wailing like a baby just because one of them isn’t what you think it should be.

Tech journalists. 🤡

Prince: Welcome 2 America review – the best album of his last two decades | Prince | The Guardian





“Endless instrumental jazz albums”… 🤣🤣 Let me educate you, you fucking muppet. He released 1 instrumental album, “N.E.W.S.”. No wonder Prince liked to rip the piss out of “music journalists”. They don’t even know the subject they’re tasked with reviewing.

And let me guess, it’s only his best cos he sings about all the stuff you so relentlessly bang on about day in, day out. And it makes you feel like you’re right.