Gabby Petito: Fiancé Brian Laundrie’s remains found – FBI – BBC News

2 impossibly beautiful people.

1 of the beautiful people murders the other beautiful person, buys a bit of stuff using her card, then realises his Instagram followers will probably drop off a bit when he’s in prison so tops himself.

How romantic.

Film incoming 🙄

Meghan Markle makes surprising revelation about life with two children in open letter | HELLO!

If you haven’t contacted Meghan Markle to ask her if she’d like some more publicity recently don’t worry – she’ll write to you. 😏


My Zenfone has finally been posted…after the seller on Ebay, onetechgadgets, sat on it for an entire WEEK. Yes. 7 whole days. One does tend to wonder why exactly that is. And even though it has now been finally posted out, the estimated delivery is STILL saying next Monday to Wednesday, which only makes me wonder if they even had any stock in the “UK” (which was claimed as the stock location on their listing) in the first place.

All I can hope now is that it is new and factory sealed, as also claimed, or I’m certainly going to put in a claim against them via Ebay. That would be the final insult. Because what the hell kind of company just sits around twiddling their thumbs for a whole week after being paid for an item, before doing anything about it. That isn’t really how retail works. And don’t give me some bullshit about “oh but we’re only a small business”. If you’re a small business you’d be even more keen to get stock out to the customer in a timely manner.

Still, at least they weren’t KickmobilesLtd. This is a company with THIS in the smallprint:

You only sell to people with a minimum of 5 positive feedbacks….?? So what if a millionaire has just joined Ebay that day and wants to buy a £1300 phone from you? Ohhh but that’s okay, in that case you simply call KickmobilesLtd and beg them to let you spend 1300 quid with them. FUCK off!!!!

I also asked them to clarify whether their “EU” variant of the Zenfone came with a UK plug, which is a perfectly reasonable question. Here’s their response:

Yep, no “Hello”, no “Thank you for your enquiry”, just a blunt, indignant “European Factory Unlocked Model”, which is a fucking useless answer, because, and I’m not sure if this has escaped their worldly fucking knowledge here, but electrical sockets and voltages are not all the same across Europe, and certainly not the same as the UK. So congratulations, Kickmobiles – you’ve just killed your own sale.

Whatever happens with onetechgadgets though, I am never ordering from them again.

Replacement PS5 faceplate company says Sony threatened to sue them


What did these muppets think was going to happen?? You stick something with a Sony brand on the front of it, unless Sony have asked you to do this for them, it’s not going to go well.

A small child could probably have told you this.

2 down, not a cross Stephen

Well I’m down by 2 Followers on my new Twitter. So that makes 3 Followers left.

Oh well.

I probably said some ‘wrong’ stuff. Some wrong think. Twitter is a place where fucking morons follow you because they like one tweet you made. But then a bit further down the road you say something they DON’T like and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It’s too much, oh my god, this person is now terrible, I must UNfollow.

Fuck off then.

I don’t say ANYTHING to gain followers, either here on my site or on the constrictive, free-speech hating Twitter. I don’t say stuff to be ‘oooooh outrageous’, and I don’t say anything to please anyone, or to play to an audience, or to reel in Likes. I say things that I believe to be the case. Here is one of the only places left that I can say them freely with gay abandon.

This will never change. I am not a herd follower. Following someone is about the bigger picture. You may not like every single thing I say and that’s perfectly fine. But what kind of fucking moron follows someone because their views line up with everything that they believe, and they never say anything their follower disagrees with. I don’t think I know anyone like that. Nor would I wish to.

Death Stranding Has Ruined Other Open World Games For Me

What a fucking pillock.

“Not all open world games are the same so cos I like this one now I don’t like any of the other ones!!!”. What are you, 10?

You just adapt your playing style to the open world game you’re in. So you find that one quite realistic – whoopee-do. I’m not entirely sure you share the same reason for playing games as most gamers, pal – it’s to NOT represent reality. Do you write off all FPS games because they’re not as realistic as Soldier of Fortune? Have you just stopped playing all other racing games after Project Cars 2?

You relish each game for what that particular game brings to the table. You know, see the bigger picture and all that. You are a pathetic specimen, and totally unqualified to write for a gaming site.

Drew Barrymore Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Bill Murray’s On-Set Behaviour

God I love these smug, virtuous wankers “suspecting all along”. No, you didn’t. You were just guessing like the rest of us.

And I bet you’re right cunt to work with, as well. Except minus the being funny and talented at the end of the working day.

Pocket Rocket

Small times are coming back – I finally ordered a Zenfone 8 before bed – the 16GB variant. That’s more than most laptops have in them. Whether that actually makes any difference day to day than the 8GB variant – time will tell. But I do know my 12GB Zenfone 6 Edition 30 was always very smooth. I also read that there is barely any speed increase from 8GB to 12GB, although I read that before the Snapdragon 888 was around, and maybe it has changed since. Certainly Sony have chosen to put 12GB in the Xperia 1 III, and Sony don’t generally choose to over-spec their products if there isn’t any benefit to doing this.

We shall see!

The phone was £850 from an Ebay seller. Yes that is a lot – but it’s still not £1199.99! I will also be able to use it out and about right away because ASUS include a plastic phone case in the box! They’ve been known to do this for several of their phones, in fact. I really wouldn’t ever choose to use a plastic case but it should be fine for a bit whilst I get to ordering a gel case.

Disappointingly I read that the Zenfone 8 does not have an HDR mode for the camera. Whether this is a huge issue, again I will wait to see. One thing I do know for sure is that I have always been very pleased with the results I get with taking photos with Zenfones. Ohh but it doesn’t have wireless charging. Oh NO. How ever will I cope without the need to source and pay extra money for a wireless charger, just so I have to lug that thing around with me to work all the time instead of just plug and go with a normal charger. Ohh, I am just so very heart broken about the lack of wireless charging.

Hopefully ASUS also leave silly gimmicks to the likes of Samsung next year as well…..

Icing is yet another dating trend to make you miserable – so are you being iced? – Metro

No it doesn’t sound “pretty shit” (or “pretty s**t” as you put it – if you’re going to need to censor that out why not just choose a different, and publishable word, you amateur).

Unless of course you’re one seriously clingy little bunny boiler, this is a perfectly rational step a person might take if, for example, they’re not feeling all that mentally well right now, but want to work on that, and then think they would be in a better position afterwards, and can already see they would want to be with the other person, but just not right now.

But oh, no, we see a trendy buzzword to use – it’s FUCKING SHIT TO DO THAT TO SOMEONE!!!! 🙄