An interesting proposition

Hmmmmmmmm! The new ITVX Premium is a very interesting proposition.

Not only is all the on-demand stuff ad-free (as you would expect) but now it also gives you access to BritBox – a service which in and of itself was a pointless proposition when the Channel 4 Player and ITV Hub had the same content for free.

It’s £59.99 per year with (mostly) no ads. Versus almost £160 per year and rising WITH ads for a TV Licence. You can see the decision making process laid bare….

ITV appear to fully recognise the upheaval of the TV industry and the big difference in how a lot of people, especially the upcoming generations, are now watching TV – and it mostly isn’t live. Their new ITV X Premium offering certainly reflects that recognition, and it’s a very strong proposition – offering as does a tonne of shows made before the cringey wokeness took hold of programme makers. A great deal of shows these days aren’t commissioned because they’re good shows, they’re commissioned after they’ve ticked all the right diversity and inclusivity boxes, and promise to be as safe and medicore as possible. Quite how mediocrity ended up being classed as “entertainment” is a mystery to the best of us.

This might be one Direct Debit per month that IS worth something to me!!

Cancelled Culture

Today is day 1. I cancelled my TV Licence yesterday. Already I’m missing my Dickinson’s Real Deal on Challenge in the mornings before work – but that was by no means a guarantee anyway as I think Challenge have already swapped that for Supermarket Sweep.

In any case, my TV signal was fucking shot and has been for months – with absolutely zero explanation. Just suddenly started breaking up one day after me adjusting absolutely nothing.

I loved the way TV Licensing site carefully mis-words it when you go through the form to cancel your TV Licence though: “I confirm that I will not be watching TV”. No, people, “that I will not be watching live TV”, is, of course, the correct wording. I’m not going to just have a fucking great 49″ TV sat there in the corner of my room never to be turned on again, am I, you fucking bozos. And nor am I going to be selling my TV.

I see they’ve already sealed off any other escape route – if you select “Other” for a reason, you’re told “We are unable to cancel your TV Licence”. Fine, so WHY EVEN HAVE AN OPTION THAT SAYS “OTHER” THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!!

Anyway, for me, this was never some childish Twitter Toddler reason like “nneerrr biased BBC, not PAYING for that crap!!!”. It was partly the sudden unexplained reception problem, and partly because, although I will always support the BBC being funded in the way that they are, I barely watch it anymore. And I barely watch any other live TV anymore either. I have been using the catch up services though. I’m now no longer allowed to use BBC iPlayer without a TV Licence. But this fails to bother me – as the BBC hasn’t put out a decent comedy in years. Not even a half decent one.

I remember when Saturday nights were gold on BBC. You actually used to look forward to them during the week.

Let’s have a look at this week’s Saturday night, shall we:

Fucking christ….TV to hang yourself by.

Not so long ago the thought to me of cancelling my TV Licence was utterly unthinkable. Now it’s reached the stage that the inability to watch live TV is just a minor inconvenience. It’s sad that it’s come to this. But, at least I get to save about £160 every year.

Agora…? Angora coat more like

1:43 scale car models are nice.

Ferraris are nice.

Asking me for £99.99 a month for just 4 fucking cars is NOT nice.

This is exactly what the latest Agora Models collection is wanting:

You’re asking £25 PER CAR, and there is no way on earth those cars will be of any better quality than the ones in the DeAgostini American Cars Collection that DeAgostini are asking £56 per month for – for 4 cars, including postage.

I’m not liking this exclusive tier of subscription company at all. They’re handy, I suppose, for taking on some builds, especially the Terminator build, that some people might have missed directly through Hachette, but when you price most model builders out in the first place, how is that a sustainable long term business plan?


What the living fuck……

If you had seen this article 20 years ago with a headline “Is Ironheart queer?” the only place you would have read that would have been in an extreme right wing newsletter.

So unless you’re going to start writing headlines like “Is there sufficient representation for niggers in Marvel films?” and take that mainstream then stop using derogatory terms for gay people.

And also stop with this “we’re reclaiming it” horseshit. You’re not – it is still a derogatory term.

Stadia Fans Are Still Mourning The Death Of Their Favourite Service – GameSpot

“Cloud gaming is a niche market now, but it will only get bigger!”

Shut up, you clown. Remind me how we were all going to be wearing VR headsets in the 90s…? Yeah that happened, eh. Oh but wait then we were all going to be using Occulus Rift a decade or so later. Yeah that happened, for sure. Oh no no we didn’t mean Occulus Rift we meant PSVR. Huumm….no wait, I meant to say PSVR 2!!

Gamers just aren’t gaming en masse in the way any “tech journalist” or Stadia fan proclaims that they are. Sorry about that. Now move on and get the fuck over it.

Czech Sphinx Daniel Kretinsky rubbing his hands over Royal Mail

If the dense fucking Union thought Royal Mail offered bad terms, I hope they’ll be happy with themselves if a private equity takeover happens, after they’ve fucked the business over.

Well done, you stupid cunts.