Historical cancellation time…

You have to wonder just why this wasn’t doing the rounds when he was still alive. I’ll tell you why – because 20 year old college students have literally fuck all else to actually DO with their time! How about some study and a bit of careful, proper research for your actual course, boys and girls?

Age Assumptions

Yeah but you know what pisses ME off?? When a clearly English person says “I am pissed”. Funny, love, you don’t seem like you’ve had too much to drink. Ohhhhh yes, you meant “pissed off”, but you’re trying to be all hip and trendy, so you shortened it to “pissed” because you think Americans are so “awesome”.

Also charming assumption that this man was in his 40’s. Well, of course, we can’t actually SEE him to actually assess this. Convenient for your shock horror factor there.

She also evidently thinks all 17 year old girls are “vulnerable”. Bit patronising, isn’t it? I bet when she was 17 she didn’t consider herself “vulnerable” – unless she was always needing to feel like a victim, of course – which judging from this video is entirely possible.

When you’ve run out of ways to feel offended by white people…..


Someone actually sat and wrote all this fucking drivel. Someone who NEEDS to feel that no matter what, where, or how, evil whities must be cast out of everything, everywhere.

You’ve REALLY got a psychological problem there, deary, and I’m not sure that anyone can effectively help you with it.