Ohh fuck I feel like crap. I feel lethargic, and quite down. Last night I forced myself to stay awake until about 2 or 3:15am. After which it really didn’t take long to knock myself out with an audiobook.

No this is not an experiment, it is because I agreed to pick up my ex-colleague and friend from Stansted Airport on Monday morning at 1:30am. Fucking stupid package holiday flights. Google Maps estimates it is at least a 90 minute drive. However, Google Maps has previously estimated a “38 minute” drive for what turned out to be over an hour. So there is that.

Being that there is absolutely no fucking way in hell that I would be awake at 1:30am normally, I am having to prepare myself to BE capable of driving down some fuckarse motorway for nearly 2 fucking hours in the middle of the night by forcing myself to stay awake, and getting up later.

It serves to me as validation that all my longing to live normally was right. I know I’ve said but context is a thing so I’ll just say it once again- I used to drive to work at around 9:20 and drive past some houses in the next village, and they would have their lights on in the upstairs rooms, and their curtains open. I used to look in as I drove past (lack of traffic in front of me and oncoming permitting) and think it looked so cosy. I used to know they were just winding down for the night……and I was just about to START my night.

Now, I live that way myself. And already this weekend I feel just as crap as I did back then. So I’m going to do whatever it fucking takes to get back to my healthy routine by the end of next week.

Proof that happiness is not money….?

Okay so I’m a little poorer than I expected to be at this stage – despite my actual wages being a bit higher. My back up account has fallen to below 4 figures for the first time in years which is a little concerning. But I’ve been really strong this week and not splurged on the things I have been splurging on (let’s not go there), and only using mum’s birthday gift cards in Tesco and Sainsbury’s. But those are dwindling fast.

But you know what? Still I’m Lovin’ It!! (thanks, McDonald’s – I’ll use that for free since you don’t want it anymore). One thing that may be presenting a skewed picture of my finances are the current eye-watering petrol prices (and no, America, you DON’T know what I’m talking about – you’ve been getting away with paying pennies per litre for decades now – you can stop whinging about finally paying close to a realistic price) and also my electric – after the 54% average price hike for that. This has meant that instead of putting £40 on my meter every 3 weeks or so, I’m now having to put it on every (just over a) WEEK.

One thing I know about time is that it tends to pass very fast when I’m having a nice time. It’s already been 2 months or so since I started Collections Monday to Friday. As I understand it, after 12 months your hourly pay rises to £12 per hour. That is fucking insane to me!! So if I can manage to hold down this job and not fuck up for another 10 months, I will be more than sorted. As it is, we are ALL due a pay rise soon. I overheard 2% being mentioned. Some have called that derisory, some are probably going to strike over it. Fuck that I am NOT going on strike!!! These people want to try working in a care home, where ALL you get every fucking year is “Thanks for all your hard work in these tough times” in a blanket letter from Head Office with a printed signature. Perspective is very much a thing.

So the race is on!! But christ I hope energy prices come down again before the end of 2022!! Cos this is heavy duty shit.


Look at this shit. This is the kind of stupid shit I get on penpal sites….

Obviously I mean her no ill so I’ve censored her e-mail address as she is clearly a real person. But fuck me, NO.

I fucking hate people telling me shit like “writing to you sounds like it would be a blast”. What, so, does that mean if I don’t say something funny or witty in a message one time you’re going to sit there thinking “well….he’s not the person I thought he was!” or “Stephen isn’t much like his profile!”.

Then “oh, I’m not a gamer but I live in a household with a gamer/model maker”. Ohhhh!! Well fuck me, I’ll just have a chat with the gamer by proxy then, shall I?!

Oh and the best is saved until last “I don’t know much about gaming, so some enlightenment would be welcome”. just said you LIVED with a gamer…?? Had it never occurred to you to ASK THEM….?????

Fucking christ, no I did not fucking reply to this woman. And no, not “because she’s black”, because she’s a fucking idiot!!

Couple feel like they are ‘living in a kennel’ in greasy home ‘not fit for a pig’ – Mirror Online

Jesus….. So basically, you spoiled your child so badly it throws a tantrum when you’re not around, and the Council is in the process of fixing it all.

Cry me a fucking river.

Microsoft Explains the Windows 11 Start Menu No One Wanted

There is no way in fucking hell I will be ‘bringing back’ the Windows 10 not-a-Start Menu when I finally build my next PC and install Windows 11.

I will be finding a way to get the Windows 7 Start Menu back.


I’ve asked on Twitter but no one provided an answer: why are advertisers in the UK so utterly terrified now of featuring a white couple?? WHY????? It’s the fucking UK.

Now I know why they pretty much ONLY now feature a mixed race couple, but sorry, I’ve been on this earth nearly 50 years now, and I know 1 mixed race couple. ONE. 1….mixed…race…couple. You look at the adverts now, you’d think every other fucking couple is mixed race!! I thought adverts were supposed to “reflect society better” these days. So why whenever I’m out and about do I see maybe 1 mixed race couple, sometimes. As opposed to, you know, every couple in Tesco, for example, being a mixed race couple. THEY’RE JUST NOT!!!

Sorry, advertisers, you’ve been REALLY badly misled by somebody with an agenda.