Twitter chief says Trump ban was right decision but sets ‘dangerous precedent’ | Twitter | The Guardian

“A ban is a failure of ours to promote healthy conversation”.

Right. Apart from that being the wettest line you could possibly imagine, it doesn’t really explain how your idea of a healthy conversation revolves around bigots in the LGBTQ Commune calling anyone who even attempts to offer a different opinion than theirs a bigot and “an actual fucking Nazi”.


So those are some of the fake open mouthed expressioned people wanting more of that shat.

I don’t wish them any ill will at all (even though you get the feeling the woman especially wouldn’t think twice about spitting that someone is an “alt-right basement dwelling man baby” for so much as suggesting the Disney Star Wars trilogy is not all ‘brave and daring and taking things in a different direction’) but “misguided” springs to mind. Come on, how are you really still holding out for this when the first Solo lost money? And that was before a pandemic.

A Look at EPCOT’s France Pavilion After the Removal of Construction Walls!

Luckily I was there when EPCOT was still interesting. You know, when the whole of EPCOT wasn’t just being denigrated to merely DisneyWorld 2.0 πŸ™„

Donald Trump’s former lawyer Sidney Powell sued for $1.3bn over ‘wild’ vote rigging claims | US News | Sky News


We knew the bint was a little bit unhinged. We didn’t know batshit conspiracy shite would carry such high value!