Thankfully, it appears that my refund request for Fawlty Towers (bought on Google Play) has gone through. Thank FUCK I own the DVD’s. I just read someone’s review of it and they said it’s had many cuts made to it.

Jesus fucking christ, what is so fucking difficult for people to grasp about the concept of comedy?? Comedy is subjective. Look up the meaning of that in a fucking dictionary you wet, spineless fucking jellyfish.

I’ve never bought The League of Gentlemen on dvd. Why? BECAUSE I DON’T ACTUALLY FIND IT FUNNY, SO CHOSE TO SPEND MY MONEY ON OTHER THINGS INSTEAD. But if you like that – you buy it and have a ball!! It’s not down to me to tell you what part of it I find acceptable for YOU to see. It’s a fucking comedy!!

How is all of that so fucking difficult for you to fucking process you fucking WEIRDOS.

Can these people please just not get out of bed in the mornings anymore. Just stay there in bed, please leave normal thought processes to us normies. Just get out of the way of anything even remotely close to decision makers, for my own fucking sanity.

Also breathing gives you cancer, so stop doing that as well, just to be on the safe side.

*UPDATE* – Google did approve the refund. This is why with illicit toxic racist contraband like this (also known as “comedy”) you should ALWAYS ensure you have a physical copy on DVD/Blu-ray. NO ONE is gonna take that away from you!

SJW’s in 2020: “Now you must not insult Nazis”.


New levels of snowflakery.

For fuck sake you fuckwits are totally uneducated. This is the result of schools closing and everyone out of work. Please sign up for a basic education online.

This better not affect my purchase just 2 days ago of the entire series!!

GMB today, 2 of the presenters, no less, casually mentioned there were 10 episodes.

There were 12, you fucking idiots. Woke media doesn’t even know the basics that millions, upon millions, of normal people know. 🙄

Presume that where people were watching this on a paid streaming service, they will be refunded the equivalent value of the “removed cos feelings” episode…?

I sense this one incoming on Channel 4 News tonight. They won’t question how pathetic it is, of course. They’ll probably call it “the no longer appropriate scene in Fawlty Towers”. Appropriate for WHAT??

It’s.A.Fucking.Comedy. You remember? Comedy? That thing you go “ha ha” at if you find it funny? If not, you just watch something else that does, you don’t sit there analysing it like it’s a social commentary?

JK Rowling’s first husband Jorge Arantes ‘admits he slapped her but he’s not sorry’ – Mirror Online


SJW’s so fucking confused right now..

“JK Rowling is a fucking bigoted transphobe…but she got hit by toxic male…#BelieveWomen…but #LoveIsLove…#…ohh….FUUUCK!!!!!”

Da evIL Nazis coMMING!!

Fucking jesus….Channel 4 News is getting to insufferable levels of wokeness now. There was a report tonight about “a rise” in far right/Nazi groups online.

2 things immediately sprang to my mind:

  1. The only time I EVER even know these nazi groups EXIST is when your reporters fucking tell me about them!!! This means I would have to go specifically look them up to ever stand a chance to even so much as ‘stumble across them’.
  2. You will see ISIS videos on Twitter potentially EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING FOR THEM. So TRY not to come at me with that shit about “tech companies will have pressure on them to do more to take down extreme right wing content”. TWITTER LEAVES ISIS VIDEOS UP FOR DAYS.

The 2 are simply not comparable. BitChute was also “mentioned in the report”, apparently. Ohh my GOD. That host is a fucking comedy goldmine – and anyone who even casually glances through the crackpots on there would notice that. They were making it out to be a ‘HAVEN FOR NAZI PROPAGANDA!!!!’.

No one condones actual ACTION against any race at all. But to police thought….??? That’s where it becomes dangerous, and that is definitely the inference. And when black people are now calling other black people racist, that’s when you KNOW the word “racist” has lost all meaning and impact. But of course that clueless bint has to bemoan the “free speech” point. No no, that IS a point, love – when probably the best example of ‘racism’ you’d be able to muster is “well I was overlooked for a promotion in my last job – my manager was white. Racism. Case closed”.

Buy from Ebay – Choose Amazon?

Fucked off incident of the week arrived just before I left for work last night. I ordered a replacement mouse mat with a gel wrist rest. From Ebay. What do I find placed against my door last night when I opened it? A FUCKING Amazon box. First thing I said to my puzzled self: “What?? I didn’t order anything off Amazon”. Only to realise it was actually the mouse pad I’d ordered…off EBAY.

No mention whatsoever on the seller page of Amazon. The entire REASON I buy stuff off Ebay is so I’m NOT ordering from the killers/corporate tax evading cunts at Amazon – which I’ve told the seller via message. Let’s see how they respond to my asking where to return it for a refund.

Now that “posted 2:30am” doesn’t look quite so implausible after all – when you exploit staff on zero hours contracts they’re doubtless having to work 24/7.

FREEBIE FOR YOU!!* (*must be a stupid cunt to qualify)

YES, I’m talking to YOU stupid cunts! Do you have what it takes to be the next clueless fucking dolt working for a clueless company called Amazon? Well now you can learn how for absolutely FREE!! You know, like that totally free delivery you just paid £79 every year for! What could go wrong? Even the man in the advert looks like a clueless fucking bell-end who lost his razor! Don’t miss out – apply today (if you wish to be laughed at – that element is also completely FREE!).

Tenuous Titles

This is precisely why I called this “Insanity Daily” – there’s shit popping out every single fucking day right now.

Here’s today’s contemptible shite : SPLASH MOUNTAIN IS EVIL!!

Firstly when they start off “Fans of Walt Disney World and Disneyland want the theme of Splash Mountain changed“, it’s important to know that those people have never been to Disney World. I have been to Disney World, in fact around 8 times over the years which I feel lucky for. I’m pretty sure I saw black people who were exiting that ride NOT feeling all upset and oppressed, and downtrodden. I’m equally 100% certain that I didn’t hear “that terrible racist film” even mentioned, by any black person, on any part of that ride, ever. Now, of course all these poor black people were probably ordered to remain silent upon their entry by Disney World staff, and forced to sign a declaration that if they dared to complain about the ride in any way they would be removed from the park and banned for life……


It’s based on a rabbit, a fox, and a fucking frog, dears. I realise that this will be news to you as you’ve never been on the ride. However, I have – many times. So you can take it from an expert, yeah?

Christ. These are the people that get traction now….