Resistance: Failed

So I was going to wait for sub-£20, which is doubtless not far from now (I didn’t expect the game to hold it’s value for quite this long into 2020), but fuck it, Deluxe Edition for £23.99 – that’s cheaper than just about any (halfway legit) alternative key seller I can find, and Valve are mostly trustworthy. “How can you say that, Stephen?!!!”. Well, that would probably be because they’re duping you into thinking that you actually own all those games you’ve just parted cash for….

So you see, not exactly 100% trustworthy people, after all.

Aaand incidental point, just like every game I buy, I didn’t buy it based on any irrelevant user score or irrelevant ‘review’. I bought it cos it’s a fucking Need for Speed game and in about 20 years of them they’ve had about 2 duds in the series.

“Cos words and pictures”…

“Rape Day” was a ‘game’ that was due for release on Steam last year. Even Business Insider covered this one. Being a sick puppy I was always going to look into this one. But after finding out it’s merely a series of drawn pictures and words, well, that’s less of a “game” more of a graphic novel.

Yes yes don’t have a fucking spasm, it’s since been pulled from Steam anyway. I love Valve’s reasoning there: it “poses unknown costs and risks”. Yeah basically you mean “a cost to our reputation”. Once again – not funding women’s shelters, are you??? No, just thinking about the bottom line for yourselves. As we see time and time again with the practice of virtue signalling from companies.

I’m not going to buy this game on account of the fact it looks fucking boring – there isn’t even any voice acting. Ohh….sorry did you miss that word….yeah, “ACTING”. It’s fiction. It’s not a fucking guide to rape women. And here’s another fact: people are no more likely to go raping women after ‘playing’ this ‘game’ than they are to go steal some cars and go on a shooting spree after playing GTA. I cannot stand the thought of little furry animals getting shot (often poorly) for fun (a.k.a. “hunting”) but I’d equally support your right to buy it. I even used to have a hunting game myself and quite liked it. Because you know what? Funny thing this, I’m never going to go out and shoot furry animals for fun. Neither would most people playing those hunting games either.

It’s fiction. It’s a GAME. No you might not like the subject matter. Boo-fucking-hoo!!! I don’t like Harry Potter. You don’t see me buying Harry Potter films then moaning about them. All this of course is relatively simplistic stuff to most people with an ounce of basic common sense. Sadly though, you actually need to explain this shit via whole entire posts because the world is vastly simplifying in such basics.

Predictable Twitter is predictable

I’ve just watched both presenters of Tokio Myers interrupt him gently, as, you know, the interview time is never limitless (apologies for those who expect special treatment). He then whined that “you cut me off”. Then Charlie (da evil white benefitter of da slave trade) asked him if current events have influenced his music. He then proceeded to finish his point he was making previously (which we’d actually got thanks even though he was interrupted before the end of it). Then Naga interrupted him again as they had totally run out of time. This was clearly true – because just a few seconds later they said goodbye and the programme ended.

Now wait for the shrieking on Twitter: “Tokio Myers SHUT DOWN by white presenter. Why is this not a surprise. #BlackLivesMatter”, etc etc.


1 sides

No, that wasn’t a typo.

There’s apparently both sides protesting up in London today – left and right. Irritatingly, both the news and the Mayor referred to them as “both left and far right”. Right. Why is there NEVER a “far left” mentioned, and why is the right (namely because they dare to take issue with looting shops to not prove any point whatsoever) ALWAYS the “far” right?

BUT having said that, I can’t help being happy both sides even ARE allowed to go on the streets to protest. But calling any group that aren’t misinformed SJW fuckwits “far right” is frankly horseshit because the ACTUAL far right groups are banned anyway and wouldn’t even be allowed in the streets! So call them “far right lite”. 😏