Play Away

I am sick to fucking death of people calling for people to be cancelled purely because of their beliefs and/or opinions.

Latest is Israel Folau. Hilariously, and very refreshingly, he refused to back down from his twitter post. But my god check that article too, for the line about “football players caught Liking the tweet”. In other words, there are actually people sat there clicking to view who liked someone’s tweet and then reporting on it. There’s a whole world out there, go out and live in it, you people!

I don’t share his view or opinion of gay people but let’s instil some common sense to this one shall we: if some part time hobby player tweeted out “I’m an LGBTQI+ ally, #LoveIsLove!!” would you insist that that person automatically be given a place in a top rank team? Sorry what was that..? “No“….? So then why are people calling for the reverse to happen?

If he was beating up gay people sure – kick him out instantly!! Errrrr but he wasn’t doing that…was he.

Sorry for the breaking news but just like being straight doesn’t affect your ability on the pitch, being gay doesn’t affect it, being a gay rights supporter doesn’t affect it, being what could be interpreted as homophobic doesn’t affect it. Are there people who are actually going to argue that fact…..?


Sorry no clever title. I’m not clever enough. I miss It was a blogging site that was brilliantly laid out, highly addictive, your posts could gain traction easily and I met all KINDS of people. It was around pre-‘woke’ days, and before the internet was largely sanitised to the point of banality and mediocrity. This meant that you could find pretty much ANYTHING on there. Yes, you could find dumbarse racist accounts on there but guess what: YOU COULD JUST IGNORE THOSE ACCOUNTS. Imagine that as a concept. You know, the concept of “ignoring something I don’t like, moving on, and not shrieking on Twitter all day every day that it must be shut down because I don’t personally like it”. Of course the really bad ones were terminated – but there’s obvious levels of really bad on a blog site that is used by all ages from 13 on up.

But there was so much that the site owners let slide, and it was a massively richer experience because of this. I got talking to incredibly diverse, different and interesting people on there – lost touch with all of them once the original Xanga died.

Right now, it seems they tried to relaunch, but then stopped bothering again. The status is unclear. Whilst the login page is there, I’m not even sure if anyone can actually log back in. And that seems unlikely as that landing page has been sat there for at least 3 years now, and you can’t create a new account. Even if it did come back, you can imagine the hate-filled SJW mob infesting it like they have Twitter now, and making it an equally miserable experience. They’re basically like a form of cancer.

Xanga was the most accessible, interesting, varied, well populated social/blogging site out there. It will never be beaten by the glib, assimilated crap of Facebook, the autobot account closing trash fire that is Twitter, or the tedious anime infested Tumblr.

Xanga also represented the most interesting and enlightening times that you could, and will now EVER HAVE exploring people on the internet. And I miss it terribly.

R.I.P. Xanga. You were the best blogging site the internet ever had.

The Rise of Skywalker logic

There was no one person, or group, or account, anywhere on the internet or offline, that brain-rinsed me, discouraged me, or influenced me in any way whatsoever from not bothering to go to the cinema and waste my time and money watching The Rise of Skywalker on the big screen.

The reason I didn’t bother wasting my time going to see The Rise of Skywalker at the cinema, having been a Star Wars fan since I saw Return of the Jedi at the cinema in 1983, was because I saw The Last Jedi.

Yeah sorry about that not-Star Wars fans who will not give up trying to tell the internet that The Last Jedi was a great film…

One of the very few memes that I did NOT make.

SJW’s eat themselves….AGAIN

Here we go. The Brit Awards are upon us and Sky News ran a piece about “lack of diversity in the Brits nominees“. No that might not be the headline on their site but it was the clear narrative they were running on their TV news – mentioning the D word.

Let’s look at the male nominees shall we:

Oh looky there – just 2 white men out of 5 (well that’s not very diverse in a predominantly Caucasian nation but NO WE DIDN’T MEAN THAT VERSION OF DIVERSITY) Who the fuck is “Dave”, by the way? Anyway I digress. Let’s look at the “Best New Artist” nominees shall we:

Now obviously I don’t have a fucking clue who the fuck 4 out of 5 of those but oh looky there – a black geezer, white men, and a woman. Uummmmmm just when will these fucking weirdos actually be content….??? Tell you what, create yourself a category of “Best New Black Transgender Autistic Amputee” – let’s see you fill that one with 5 candidates.

Ohh looky here Amazon are being full of shit….AGAIN

The story is the same as ever from Sky News – loads of people hurt at Amazon’s UK fulfilment centres. They’re not yet killing their staff and covering it up like they are in America, but trust me it’s only a matter of time before they do.

But heeeyyyy, you want your free (it isn’t free – you’ve just been paying £89 a year for it you gullible muppet) next day delivery yeah!

You want the kind of prices that simply cannot be BEATEN!!

Oops you’ve been conditioned

Cos everything is cheapest on Amazon, right?!!

I love what their wheeled out ‘Head of Amazon UK’ (to be honest that person changes on a weekly basis depending on how awkward the questions are) says about “we’ve invested over 9 billion Pounds here in the UK”….SO WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PAYING THE LUXEMBOURGER CORPORATE TAX RATE, you cunts. Yes yes “we pay all applicable taxes”. Very fucking generic Amazon-speak for “we have a fuck tonne of lawyers finding loopholes every year”.

Solution….? Maybe

I’ve been reading up half the weekend on the endless reports of Windows 10 PC’s and indeed laptops too not waking up the monitor after it going to standby (though who is stupid enough to leave a laptop on long enough for it to even go to standby is a separate matter).

Some solutions say “set hybrid hibernation to NEVER”. Some say “set hybrid hibernation to ALWAYS”. Yeah thanks……

Eventually though I spotted someone’s own solution that might just make a little sense – I’ve switched my graphics card to the other PCI-Express slot – he cited “the one that’s nearest the CPU” and this one definitely is that one. The reason I put it in the lower slot is because I just wanted it away from my sound card to improve the airflow that comes through the front of the case from the 2 14″ front case fans – however minor that benefit might have been.

Anyway, time to see if this works. If not I’m going to remain out of my mind here. Constantly pressing reset on a PC whenever you come back to it after a few hours is not an option.

In other news, I think I’ve decided on a Gigabyte IPS monitor. I was going to auto-go Asus, until I started reading not 1, not 2, not a handful, but actual owner after actual owner of them bemoaning dead pixels on their monitors. So far I’ve not seen any response from Asus themselves about this one. One person was even asking if they buy up b-grade panels. When you’re spending £350 on up for a decent monitor the last thing you want to hear about is quite a few users having dead pixels – sometimes over several Asus monitors too. But in any case, I think I’m going to sit this one out a little and wait for a price drop. But after one reviewer mentioning noticing no light bleed whatsoever, that’s a very appealing sell. Display Ninja said “better monitors can be found” but Display Ninja basically says that about every single monitor ever released.

Windows 10’s latest update fail could be its most serious yet | TechRadar

I’ve said it dozens of times and I’ll say it again : Windows 10 IS a fucking train wreck. Pull your “lalala not listening” fingers out of that sticky ‘*shrugs* – cloud service is where all the profit is now anyway’ pie and fucking fix it, Microsoft. You look about as competent at OS engineering as college grads these days.