Dame Vera Lynn dies …

Rely on The Guardian to write a story involving the word “toxic” about it.

How about you shelf your fucking lunatic leftist fucking obsessions just for 1 single day. This newspaper is driven by a woke narrative at the expense of any form of objectivity and rational thought.

Actually let’s be honest here – she probably took one look at morons shrieking “Churchill was racist!!! Tear it down!! Tear it down!!” and thought “fuck this – Virginia! Pass me the Pentobarbital”.

2020 is driving those of us left not deranged by lockdown to want to top ourselves having to listen those that are.


Donald whenever a new book comes out from an insider that knew him that makes him look like a tit: “it’s a fake book. Fake news and lies”.

Donald when John “Monopoly” Bolton’s book is due out: “It can’t be published because it is a threat to national security……..er…I mean it’s a fake book, all lies!”

From my bed

For today’s bedtime story I’m going to start off my Christmas Carol – read by the masterful Tom Baker no less!

I do actually have it already from AudioGo (when they existed) but I’m a sucker for Google’s ecosystem and how easy it is to set a time it switches itself off and hooks up nicely to my Bluetooth speaker etc.

Goodnight! (day)

Kate Middleton’s video hijacked by Meghan Markle fans –’not best spokesperson on kindness’ | Royal | News | Express.co.uk


Oh and let me guess, those muppets ARE the best spokespeople for kindness….?

Pray tell how exactly to they KNOW how Kate was towards the “oh what a lovely free fairytale royal wedding – oh actually I don’t want to be a royal anymore – let’s go to Canada!” Meghan? What exactly are they basing any of their critique on? Ohh, oh yes, that’s right: newspaper gossip.

You fucking cretins aren’t the best placed to say anything on this one.

Stop Apologising for ‘Harry Potter’ and JK Rowling’s Missteps (Marie Claire has been duped by the woke mob)


I’ve said it before. I will continue to say it because unlike anything you fucking SJW weirdos base your arguments on this is based on fact:

Opinions are not “transphobic”.

Additionally, “transphobic” is not an actual word. Sorry to double tap you there….

A shame because she looks quite fuckable..