Solution….? Maybe

I’ve been reading up half the weekend on the endless reports of Windows 10 PC’s and indeed laptops too not waking up the monitor after it going to standby (though who is stupid enough to leave a laptop on long enough for it to even go to standby is a separate matter).

Some solutions say “set hybrid hibernation to NEVER”. Some say “set hybrid hibernation to ALWAYS”. Yeah thanks……

Eventually though I spotted someone’s own solution that might just make a little sense – I’ve switched my graphics card to the other PCI-Express slot – he cited “the one that’s nearest the CPU” and this one definitely is that one. The reason I put it in the lower slot is because I just wanted it away from my sound card to improve the airflow that comes through the front of the case from the 2 14″ front case fans – however minor that benefit might have been.

Anyway, time to see if this works. If not I’m going to remain out of my mind here. Constantly pressing reset on a PC whenever you come back to it after a few hours is not an option.

In other news, I think I’ve decided on a Gigabyte IPS monitor. I was going to auto-go Asus, until I started reading not 1, not 2, not a handful, but actual owner after actual owner of them bemoaning dead pixels on their monitors. So far I’ve not seen any response from Asus themselves about this one. One person was even asking if they buy up b-grade panels. When you’re spending £350 on up for a decent monitor the last thing you want to hear about is quite a few users having dead pixels – sometimes over several Asus monitors too. But in any case, I think I’m going to sit this one out a little and wait for a price drop. But after one reviewer mentioning noticing no light bleed whatsoever, that’s a very appealing sell. Display Ninja said “better monitors can be found” but Display Ninja basically says that about every single monitor ever released.

Windows 10’s latest update fail could be its most serious yet | TechRadar

I’ve said it dozens of times and I’ll say it again : Windows 10 IS a fucking train wreck. Pull your “lalala not listening” fingers out of that sticky ‘*shrugs* – cloud service is where all the profit is now anyway’ pie and fucking fix it, Microsoft. You look about as competent at OS engineering as college grads these days.

EE and Carphone Warehouse – have a chat with eachother.

Signed up on the 10th of February to a 50gb plan at £24. Got the .pdf file confirming this a day or so later. (Incidentally, don’t say “pdf file” too quickly over the phone to complete strangers)…

Come the end of last week I then had a further billing letter from EE….for £20 for 30gb a month. What………

Called up EE, to be told “yes that is correct, your contract is for 30gb of data for £20 a month. I was actually asked to take a photo of the .pdf contract to prove what I’d signed up for was what I said it was, and only after perusing that did EE come back to me saying they’re adding 20gb of data but keeping the same price. It’s a nice solution, sure, but come on, people….in this day of instant data, this is fucking pathetic and amateurish.

I was also…ahem..’delighted’ to find out that come April my bill, just 2 fucking months in, will increase by 50p per month. “Oh but it’s only 50p!!” KIND of not the fucking point, is it. You go to the trouble of signing up for a 12 month contract, only to have that broken within 2 months….????!! Jesus these people are crooks. “Oh but RPI Stephen, we got you over a barrel – fuck you”. Yeah you know what, fuck you too, EE, I might just demand to cancel due to you breaking the contract already. How’s about “due to RPI, I’ve had to change my bank account details so you can’t take payment anymore”.

Still waiting…..

Well I’ve been on, mooted as one of the biggest alternatives to Twitter, though also a “haven for extremist views“. No this site isn’t full of “extremists” it’s full of the Cult of Donald. Fairly harmless bunch in general, except they’re brain rinsed by the very person who’s constantly banging on that the “fake news media” is always trying to brainwash US. Gab is systematic of the problems of both sides who can only think in simple binaries. Everyone in the Cult of Donald thinks “free speech” is only referring to the poor downtrodden Donald Trump supporters and little children who want to keep their little guns, and they’re all being set upon. Those equally stupid far leftists, think “this is just a haven for racists”. To sincerely believe that anyone who supports Donald is racist is very very basic level thinking, and shows just how closed and shallow your mind is. I deleted my account within an hour of signing up for one once I discovered that their merchandise to support the site revolved around “Orange Man Good” t-shirts and various gun loving t-shirts. You’re incredibly insular if you don’t consider the fact (obvious to anyone who isn’t running the site) that there are actually countries on the planet other than America. So, that was out the window.

Mastodon is touted in more than one place as being “one of the biggest” alternatives to Twitter. But when the server stats look like this:

Snapshot taken 7:39am 17/2/20

It’s pretty hard to swallow that claim. I didn’t even bother signing up after looking through the pitiful interest level in everyone’s stuff.

I have signed up with, but it’s a bit of a disorganised mess. Some people like that. But I’m talking about a visually unappealing disorganised mess, with no obvious pointers on where to go and what to do. But it does, at least, seem to be well populated, and I had about 12 views of my first post within the first 20 minutes of posting it just after sign up. That’s more than half my Twitter posts used to get after a fucking month.

Tumblr is clearly designed for faux suicidal 18 year olds with A.D.D. (yeah I’m old school – before the cool kids came along and dropped that one and replaced it with ADHD – suck it, bitch).

So I’ll see how that goes. Other than that – it’s pretty bleak out there. Even though they fucked Twitter up last year with a horrible re-vamp it was basically still the most usable instant gratification rant-fest.

Basically I’ll be staying here, lost in the wind….

I have joined

And I’ve already found batshit crazy on there. I mean here’s your biggest clue:

Did you know that you don’t have to be a doctor in order to join PIC?” [Physicians for Informed Consent]. Nooo, I BET you don’t. Hell, just call yourself an “expert” and start spreading the good shit all around still that vaccines cause autism. Jesus fucking christ you fucking crackpots.

It’s like being caught in a web with these lunatics. “Oh, Stephen you know you’ve been conditioned by the mainstream media and big pharma as to believing that the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism”…

Yeah, which is of course why it takes me a few seconds to find well linked and detailed points about Dr Andrew Wakefield’s bullshit on any given random site. “Oh yes but of course Stephen, that’s because big pharma has paid a lot of money for those results to come top in Google’s algorithms”. And so they will go on deeper and deeper – in fact it’s THEM that’s doing the conditioning – by constantly trying to make you doubt your own instincts and judgements.

Nevermind the evidence that totally discredits Mickey Mouse “Doctor” Andrew Wakefield’s fraud, no no no, that’s all been sponsored.

Imagine if these freaks had been around when Louis Pasteur worked his magic. “Pasteurisation causes blindness!!” they’d probably try and shriek out to anyone simple enough to listen and take it on board.

Of course these people will tell you to “research for yourself if you don’t believe us”. But they will expect you to come to the conclusion that they’re right. Yes nevermind that scientific consensus – that ‘consensus’ is a dark cabal sponsored by big pharma, I tell you!!

For information for anyone reading this I live my life almost entirely free of medication – the most I take is Ibuprofen and that’s perhaps once a year if that. I’m not coming at this post from some ailing person flagging on prescribed drugs and desperately hoping the big pharmaceuticals aren’t stitching me up here. Read actual science, and actual papers, and read them from any number of sources. Either they’re all lying and this ONE person is your own personal saviour trying to save you all from certain doom, or he’s a fucking cunt out for personal gain and preying on the vulnerable, and paranoia among new parents. Really….do I have to help you out with this one…..?


I absolutely adore my Zenfone 6 Edition 30. It’s giving me now what isn’t even available yet (at time of writing) in other, so called “best” manufacturers.

The battery life is insane, the screen is perfectly viewable under direct sunlight, the software is near flawless (don’t listen to those idiots who “hate” it just because it isn’t their precious bloody Nova launcher), the sound is not the best, but it is a HELL of a lot better than the very first Zenfone 5. This phone had the speaker in the back of the phone – can you imagine..?! No it wasn’t the only phone to have a speaker in the back of the phone, but this is just an Asus to Asus comparison I’m making. The camera is just brilliant and I’ve only scratched the surface in getting the best results out of it. It’s not enough just to have “a Sony sensor” in the camera – you have to have the software expertise to process what that Sony sensor captures properly. I had a previous generation Sony sensor in a cheapy Vernee phone and the results were mediocre at best.

But I must confess….I’m mad keen to know what Asus will pull out the hat in 2020. It’s a significant year all round – just the year 2020 is, to an 80’s baby, like something out of a sci-fi film. I paid one hell of a lot for my Edition 30, which is limited to 3000 units. And I love having it as it is so rare, and with insane spec (see the above link and scroll all the way). But I know Asus, and I know that after the Zenfone 6 there’s no way they’re going to dip down again as a phone I can just dismiss. I know I’ll be so sorely tempted.

Here’s what I’d love to see in the Zenfone 7 : waterproofing. That’s IT!!! This was the one crucial thing missing for me in the Zenfone 6, and I was far from the only person to notice its absence. I also do appreciate, alongside most of the people that mentioned it, that Asus could not get IPS certification due to the flip camera. So cool as it is, I really hope they drop it in favour of something more standard, so they can waterproof it again. Like Lee from QVC always says it’s not just about being waterproof it’s “life proof”. I find myself so often wishing I could just carry on using my phone walking in the rain! There are conflicting rumours about whether Asus is going to use the flip camera again. For an all screen it is the perfect solution, but it’s not the only solution. Although I’m not sure any of the other solutions would get any IPS certification either. But I can live with a blasted notch, because the fact is Asus, even on the entry level variant, got ALL of the specs right. One of the very first things I look at on ANY phone spec list is the battery. And after experiencing a 5000mAh I don’t want to go back – not even to a 4000 – and that’s tough to find even right now in February 2020. And all this “ohh, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a bigger battery because of software optimisation!” is utter horseshit – and anyone who tells you such piffle is a casual phone user who only uses it to talk on WhatsApp and take bathroom mirror selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S20 up for pre-order…

I can’t wait for the QVC presentation of this one. “This has got…a 5000mAh battery in it…” (had that in my Zenfone 6 since last Autumn). “It’s got 12gigabytes of RAM!!” (had that in my Zenfone 6 since last Autumn). “And the ultra has 512GB storage!!” (had that in my Zenfone 6 since last Autumn).

I will admit though the ultra variant is, for the first time in Samsung’s phones history, genuinely “Ultra”. I was very weary of seeing “Ultra” used, and then giving us a 3600mAh battery. Get a fucking grip, Sammy! They’ve stuck with the 5000mAh battery though which is a little puzzling. Presumably Samsung think “well WE’VE reached the ultimate pinnacle of battery generosity here!!” Oh really, Samsung….