Twitter Memories #2

One of the last times I called out and basically exposed the utter horseshit in this “#Diversity”, “#Representation” debate was when I happened to comment on the official Bad Boys 3 Twitter account, saying I was disappointed with it, and some black woman who claimed to be an actress in some American TV…um…thing (obviously, I’d never heard of it) said that she wished she’d been in it because she was sad that it lacked a black female to “kick ass” in the film.

Yes….you read that right. A film headed up by 2 black actors, executively produced by one of them, and also one of the female co-leads is, oh let’s see now, MEXICAN and these fucking weirdos are STILL unsatisfied and demand MORE #REPRESENTATION!!

So naturally, I asked her “why did it need a black female to kick ass? If you’re really wanting to be in a female kicking arse film, why don’t you go up for the next Charlie’s Angels film?” To this she retorted, presumably after spitting her coffee out all over her Iphone screen, “Nah I’m good. What do you have against POC females in movies, Stephen?”

Let’s break that down shall we. First casually dismisses my suggestion of being in a film that is ALMOST ENTIRELY ABOUT FEMALES OF MIXED RACES KICKING ARSE. I wonder why that could be….could it possibly…possibly be because she already knows that no one is interested in films with crowbarred-in social justice narratives…?? It’s proving how full of shit they are that they won’t admit to this, so they’re not interested in those roles, no, we want all your vastly more successful films to hijack instead for OUR cause – because basically we know we can’t do it ourselves, so hey, white men…hell even black MEN, help us WOMEN out here would ya….? I thought you didn’t need us men. Us toxic, toxic men.

Second, she of course skips all that responding properly to my question would involve (mainly unravelling her entire point) and immediately turns it into some sort of “oh here’s another sexist racist everybody!!” These idiots are so fucking predictable. Call them out on a point, and they’ll just invent a new point to make themselves feel like they’ve won on that one instead. Diversion is not how you win arguments, fuckwads.


All set up

The new monitor is pretty special. No dead pixels, THANK FUCK.

Now the real test will be if it actually wakes back up when I move the mouse later. I was expecting to have to connect something else to get the RGB lights on the back to work buuuut turned out they just worked off the power alone. It’s a little worrying that the top of the actual monitor casing is not fully flush against the top edge of the panel. But it doesn’t seem to affect anything. Certainly there is seemingly no light bleed at all at any of the edges which is very nice indeed.

I’m having trouble deciding whether to stick with the HDR or the out-the-box colours – as those were really punchy and my desktop forest scene never looked so lush. Maybe I’ll turn it off and on until I can make up my mind.

The footprint is a lot smaller than my old 27″ – to the point that I was at first questioning whether it was actually a 27″ I was looking at.

All in all, I’m happy but I’ll be even happier if it keeps having a signal after going into standby…


Well, I’ve gone and ordered me a sexy new monitor from CCL (for Amazon customers – they’re another PC parts site you won’t have heard of because you prefer paying more for things which helps subsidise your ‘free’ next day delivery and trash Amazon TV). It was the cheapest online I could find but since then it seems have reduced their price to the same.

I was about to opt for the FI27Q-P – but when you look at the comparison between the FI27Q and the FI27-P, side by side, they’re virtually identical. And yes the P has 10bit colour over 8 bit. But when the P variant is £569.99 PLUS postage on Overclockers, and the standard version cost me £454.98 on CCL with postage, I really had to question : is that really £115 worth of 10bit colour?? With all the other spec being exactly the same and that good, I really don’t think so.

I think I’ll still be pretty fucking happy…

#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)

What the living fuck…..

Could this horseshit actually be any more vague…? Not to mention patronising and condescending. Google have me over a barrel as my phone is Android, and I can’t be fucking arsed faffing around with the likes of Tizen and the others. Besides, I do actually like the Google eco-system and find it very handy.

You can see this vagueness leaves Google’s opportunities WIDE open, to terminate accounts on the very flimsiest of ‘reasons’, where they’ll just point you to this “respect others” rule and have their bot tell you you broke it without providing any specifics as to why (because they can’t – and they know they can’t, but tough you just clicked to accept so fuck you).

But yeah just remember everyone: Respect others!!! #BeKind.

Yeah let me just imagine, for a moment, an internet where everyone is kind to eachother, no one says mean things, nothing inappropriate is said and everyone gets ALONG with one another……….. ….. ……

YES I WANT TO BLOW MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT!!!!! Well I would if that world came to pass. Can you IMAGINE how fucking dull that would actually be….?? And yet this is a serious proposition. This is some group’s mantra. Jesus, just keep your fucking nicey wicey kindness in your little online cliques where you pretend to actually GIVE a shit about each other, and by the way, we all KNOW 99.9% of men identifying as “male feminists” are rapists and predators. We also know that 99.95% of those with “#BeKind” in their Twitter descriptions are some of the most vile, hate-filled nasty little cunts you will EVER meet. So just stop being such fucking hypocrites and just be yourselves you fucking vapid cunts!!

PS5 expert in the house….

Oh to be an “analyst”…

I’m not even going to link to the article it’s so bereft of worth. Tell you what I’ll just make some vague guesswork based on ‘my analysis’ for the end of 2020 and call up tech magazines telling them I’m “an analyst”, shall I. Then suddenly and conveniently vanish when my predictions turn out to be total and utter bollocks, but oops I’ve already cashed your cheque 10 months earlier.

Channel $ News (did you see what I did there)

Oh my fucking god – I just saw Channel 4 News issue “a correction to our earlier story about the Harvey Weinstein verdict – we reported that he’d been found guilty on 3 counts – in fact the jury is still deliberating and he’s not been found guilty”.

FUCK ME, so desperate are Channel 4 News, the Wokiest Woke News currently on TV, to convict Harvey, they thought they’d take it upon themselves to announce the verdict before the Jury!! I think if he isn’t found guilty they’ll be running reports asking “but were the jury swayed by the excessive media coverage and perceived backlash to the MeToo movement”.

Twitter Memories #1

You know what I really used to love reading from the simple folk (invariably the woke mob and SJW’s…?) One of the following:

“Your profile picture tells us everything we need to know about you”

“Your bio tells us everything we need to know about you”

“Your tweet tells us everything we need to know about you”

In other words, they’re already admitting they don’t bother doing any other research into a person, a subject, or anything else they proclaim to have all conquering knowledge on, they find that 120 odd characters on a micro blogging site are a totally adequate way to be completely informed about the person they’re talking to. I had each of the above said to me at some point by some cretin.

Never neutered

I’m going to switch my comments to just appear straight away (when I get home and have more time). It’s tedious having to approve them first.

And in any case I am not one of those idiots who bangs on about being booted off Twitter, complains about not being allowed to say what I want to say, and then subsequently runs a blog that no one is permitted to comment on unless they agree with me and everything that I say. FUCK that.

That’s not to say if it’s very fucking obvious you’re an obnoxious prick without anything to bring to the table I still don’t reserve the right to just remove your comments but that is always my very LAST port of call – not the first. So know that I’m not some spineless fucking jellyfish who’s waiting by the “Block” button just because someone dares to tell me I’m wrong.

Play Away

I am sick to fucking death of people calling for people to be cancelled purely because of their beliefs and/or opinions.

Latest is Israel Folau. Hilariously, and very refreshingly, he refused to back down from his twitter post. But my god check that article too, for the line about “football players caught Liking the tweet”. In other words, there are actually people sat there clicking to view who liked someone’s tweet and then reporting on it. There’s a whole world out there, go out and live in it, you people!

I don’t share his view or opinion of gay people but let’s instil some common sense to this one shall we: if some part time hobby player tweeted out “I’m an LGBTQI+ ally, #LoveIsLove!!” would you insist that that person automatically be given a place in a top rank team? Sorry what was that..? “No“….? So then why are people calling for the reverse to happen?

If he was beating up gay people sure – kick him out instantly!! Errrrr but he wasn’t doing that…was he.

Sorry for the breaking news but just like being straight doesn’t affect your ability on the pitch, being gay doesn’t affect it, being a gay rights supporter doesn’t affect it, being what could be interpreted as homophobic doesn’t affect it. Are there people who are actually going to argue that fact…..?