Insanity Up To This Very Minute

I like Piers Morgan, let’s get that straight. But my GOD the man has been hoodwinked so badly and is currently doing a whole hour dedicated to his twee, nauseating, white washed visit to Ukraine. To hear him casually calling poor ickle Ukraine a “free and democratic country”, without irony, was staggering, considering the factContinue reading “Insanity Up To This Very Minute”

Self Terminated (I’ve ‘deactivated’ my Twitter)

Yes I “deactivated” my Twitter. This basically means “okay you don’t get any further access to your Twitter account but WE’RE going to sit and look through it now to make sure you’ve not said anything too mean – oh, and keep all of your photos you posted – cos they’re ours now – wellContinue reading “Self Terminated (I’ve ‘deactivated’ my Twitter)”

Touched by fame

Well, probably tapped by fame – as Gina Carano has blocked me on Twitter… Oh but WHYYYY Stephen??!! You must have said something totally egregious and without any foundation, you silly man!! What I actually did was merely point out the blanket auto-agreement going on. Just see for yourselves: — Gina Carano 🕯 (@ginacarano)Continue reading “Touched by fame”