Well this needs to enter the lexicon…

You know all those hoity toity women who can’t STAND it when their knowledge is caught out as left wanting? They’ll say “thanks for mansplaining”. Well, in a similar vein, after the countless number of times I’ve had those with the fictitious, Twitter invented ‘trans flags’ in their bio attempt to ‘educate’ me as toContinue reading “Well this needs to enter the lexicon…”

2021 The Zenfone the Year Forgot

I honestly think the Zenfone 8 was one of the most forgettable Zenfones ASUS will have ever made. Yes it was back to handheld, one handed typeability – that is undeniably a good thing. But sadly that was the only good thing. Next to the Zenfone 8 Flip (itself actually a downgrade from the ZenfoneContinue reading “2021 The Zenfone the Year Forgot”

Thanks for possibly the most useless ‘guide’ ever

Just been Binging (it’s never going to be “Googling” level proliferation but I stopped using Google years ago so it will have to do until Microsoft change their search engine name again) “best way to display 1:43 scale cars in display boxes” and found this handy guide. Yes, on a site called “doityourself.com” you naturallyContinue reading “Thanks for possibly the most useless ‘guide’ ever”