Is Blu-ray the Last Optical Disc Format Ever? What’s Next? OHHH, Samsung stopped making blu-ray players!! And…..? Sydney here evidently places a much greater relevance on anything Samsung do than anyone who knows much about the technology landscape. Samsung are a short termist company who just follow the money for a fast buck. Sony still make blu-ray players. Panasonic still make blu-ray players. HellContinue reading “Is Blu-ray the Last Optical Disc Format Ever? What’s Next?”

Microsoft ‘support’ strikes again Their usual slack style in effect here: vaguely claim “I’d like to help”, ask for more information, get given more information, then fuck off and never bother to answer again. I have found the solution for this myself (zero thanks to Microsoft, obviously), and it appears to involve not a stupid third party program,Continue reading “Microsoft ‘support’ strikes again”

No need to be simple

God why the fuck do pretentious twats post bollocks like this: Oohhh, “an exuberance in the vocals”. The guitarist “set out his identity”. Or you could say, I dunno, “that was a fucking great album and I loved it!!!”. You know, to prevent yourself from disappearing up your own arse. This ‘assessment’ reeks of “whyContinue reading “No need to be simple”