Dad who’s spent over 1,200 hours on ink journey ditches top to show off tattoos – Daily Star Good for you. I mean you look like an utter fool and are going to look like a total idiot when you’re 80 with all that tacky shit, but good for you.

Neighbours Finale : a review…sort of

I did my last ever Neighbours catch up all night last night. It was a marathon in many different ways, but especially emotionally. I started watching Neighbours in 1986. I was 12. To see it taken away from me, being such a massive part of my life and most formative years of my life, isContinue reading “Neighbours Finale : a review…sort of”

Only some of this is correct Don’t you just love people born in the same year as you recalling stuff that doesn’t actually ring any bells. I had a TV in my room as a boy – no my family was certainly not “absolutely minted”. Never witnessed any bars of soap being shoved down anyone’s mouths in front of anybody.Continue reading “Only some of this is correct”