This current Amazon ad sums up Amazon customers perfectly….

Little wonder Amazon are too scared to allow comments on their videos. I for one would be all over them like a rash reminding their dumb fuck customers that Amazon kill their staff AND try to cover it up. But anyway, don’t you just love this selfish bitch? After finding out it’s 4am any NORMALContinue reading “This current Amazon ad sums up Amazon customers perfectly….”

Righteous Media Feasting Begins

Ohh god it’s actually toe-curling watching the coverage of the Harvey Weinstein verdict – and king of the cringe right now is Channel 4 News. Their deep insight of this amounts to “Ooooh what did you say? Ooooh and what did he say then?” interviews with copious amounts of women who didn’t bother saying anythingContinue reading “Righteous Media Feasting Begins”

Twitter Memories #2

One of the last times I called out and basically exposed the utter horseshit in this “#Diversity”, “#Representation” debate was when I happened to comment on the official Bad Boys 3 Twitter account, saying I was disappointed with it, and some black woman who claimed to be an actress in some American TV…um…thing (obviously, I’dContinue reading “Twitter Memories #2”

#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)

What the living fuck….. Could this horseshit actually be any more vague…? Not to mention patronising and condescending. Google have me over a barrel as my phone is Android, and I can’t be fucking arsed faffing around with the likes of Tizen and the others. Besides, I do actually like the Google eco-system and findContinue reading “#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)”