Terminator : Resistance (PC) First Impressions!

Very excited that this game is already back in stock on cdkeys.com! So much for all the dismissive whiners – it was out of stock on there AND at instant-gaming.com on day of release. I can’t comment on Steam but then who with a brain thinks Steam is the most competitive source for PC games?!Continue reading “Terminator : Resistance (PC) First Impressions!”

Sorry I’m with someone else now it’s over, bye x

I’ve done it!! I’ve fucking gone and done it!! I’ve signed myself up to PlusNet Fibre for £26.99 a month. They also had a Black Friday offer of eliminating their usual £9.99 activation fee (something I know they aren’t bullshitting customers about because I’ve seen they do normally charge that). Gone are the days whereContinue reading “Sorry I’m with someone else now it’s over, bye x”

I’ve already hit my maximum insanity dose for today…

Okay disclaimer: I LIKE TheTimTracker on YouTube, they’re a really lovely couple, extremely competent YouTubers and aren’t deserving of all the hate they get. BUT… A WHEELCHAIR, because you’re pregnant….???!? Sorry but is pregnancy some form of severe illness…?? I’ve lost count of the number of really heavily pregnant women I’ve seen waddling around, somehowContinue reading “I’ve already hit my maximum insanity dose for today…”

Welcome to some sanity in insane times…

I’m starting this today, this morning. I should be going to bed for my night shift but I wanted to launch my blog. The layout etc will DOUBTLESS change. I am just keen to get it launched. I’ve been suspended from Twitter. Again. My crime…? Telling everyone that gays should be killed? Some racist rhetoric?Continue reading “Welcome to some sanity in insane times…”