Ohhhh, Amazon….

Just who are you trying to fucking kid…. You have a proven track record of killing your staff and then covering it up that you’ve killed them. What joker thinks anyone with a brain cell is actually fooled by this basic level propaganda – coming as it does from a company that has vending machinesContinue reading “Ohhhh, Amazon….”

Abandoned…? Or just “probably not going to take legal action, so I’ll take my chances”…

I didn’t used to give “Abandonware” a second thought. My first thought would have been “oh! Free games that publishers have decided to give away now! That’s nice.” Except err…..have they though? I LOVE the first Beavis and Butthead game – much much more than it’s sequel (although the sequel is good, it really doesn’tContinue reading “Abandoned…? Or just “probably not going to take legal action, so I’ll take my chances”…”

Stuff we’ve learned after Lockdown week 3…

Still evidently nobody washed their fucking hands before March – judging from the constantly cleared handwash shelves. I’m never going round the houses of any of you filthy cunts once this is over, thanks all the same. Tesco are shit hot with stock control. I swear Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s aren’t a patch on them (thoughContinue reading “Stuff we’ve learned after Lockdown week 3…”

When I’m cleaning Windows..

Oooh. This is what the new Windows 10..ahem..’start menu’ will look like, kidz. Who gives a fucking shit? Windows hasn’t had a Start Menu since Windows 7. No, no no, you’re getting really baffled here, aren’t you. Let me explain. The “start menu” that they call that useless piece of shit in Windows 8 andContinue reading “When I’m cleaning Windows..”