Weighing up the end of Twitter

Things I will not miss on Twitter: SJW’s Some fuckwit trending that I’ve not a clue who they are until I find out people are blethering on about fucking Love Island again Simple Twitter users thinking everything in life works in binaries (also very much social justice warriors again) Entitled wankers using exotic animals asContinue reading “Weighing up the end of Twitter”

No flashy tech for YOU this month…

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn MWC is cancelled. I always look forward to this, maybe even more than CES. At least Sony will still be doing the press conference thing….well sort of. It’s a livestream anyway – I’ll take it!! I love Android Authority’s hoighty toighty attitude problem : “Little consumer impact In the end, most consumers won’t evenContinue reading “No flashy tech for YOU this month…”

Social Media Sitting

I am so sick to fucking death of Government and campaign groups forcing social media companies to “take responsibility” for online harm – particularly with regards to suicide in teenagers. I don’t know when this fact vanished into the current noise surrounding it but there is, in fact, just 1 person responsible for someone killingContinue reading “Social Media Sitting”

Does Bernie ever ask himself why he thi…actually just why

I think most people watching Bernie wheezing and blurting his way through his ‘victory’ speech last night were thinking the same thing as I was: “WHYYY Bernie…just whhyyyyyyy”. Can’t he just give it up? Hillary Clinton says nobody likes him. She’s probably well placed to actually know this. But noooo, oh no, Bernie is gonnaContinue reading “Does Bernie ever ask himself why he thi…actually just why”

HS2 will mean the end of the world!!

Did you spot my slight sarcasm… Jesus, you’d get this impression if you listen to those shrieking about “IT’S GOING TO DESTROY ANCIENT WOODLAND FOREVER!!!!” That’s a little bit simplistic – even according to the Woodland Trust itself – there ARE no truly ‘ancient’ woodlands left. If you’re only starting from 1600 – I thinkContinue reading “HS2 will mean the end of the world!!”

Joined, left, rejoined, cancelled

Well yesterday I finally bit the bullet and joined EE – them of refusing to directly answer the question of why if they can afford to throw millions every single year on sponsorship of TV shows, awards ceremonies and sports events, they somehow can’t afford a couple of fucking quid a year to honour theContinue reading “Joined, left, rejoined, cancelled”

Have gay people been eradicated…?

Do you know what I went through college hearing every single week…? “Queer”, “faggot”..”queer”. So mostly “queer”. It was a deeply hurtful thing to hear over and over and over again – not least when I’m not even gay. These days, it’s ALL you hear, as if they’re “taking ownership of it”. Even Wokequin PhoenixContinue reading “Have gay people been eradicated…?”

Oh boo-fucking-hoo, Twitter…

Look at these know-nothing bots: Thanks for the personal touch, Twitter!! “It was found to be violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct”. Don’t you just love when clueless bots use the term “specifically” when they’re not being specific in any way, shape or form. Then they go on toContinue reading “Oh boo-fucking-hoo, Twitter…”