Heinz ketchup forced to change iconic sauce bottles following death of the Queen – Mirror Online

https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/heinz-ketchup-forced-change-iconic-27976834 Do all these newspaper editors need more freebie Heinz Ketchup or something? This one has been doing the rounds in several newspapers, and is stupid because A TONNE of things will also need to remove it now. So why single out Heinz Ketchup?

Owen Husney Interview shortly before Prince died..

https://www.vice.com/en/article/689pwv/the-man-who-discovered-prince-owen-husney This is a fucking brilliant interview with a top notch bloke, who just tells it like it is, with lots of full and great details about his first few meetings with 18 or 19 year old Prince, lying to 3 record companies in order to play them off against each other – even thoughContinue reading “Owen Husney Interview shortly before Prince died..”

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Are Rethinking How Phones Work

https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/google-must-face-most-of-texas-antitrust-lawsuit-on-ads/ Oh dear, Lisa, oh “tech journalist” since you left school. In your gushing and need for continued press passes you’ve really embarrassed yourself by pretending that trying to defy basic scientific principles (i.e. – if you constantly put stress on glass, it is going to crack after not very long) isn’t anything to concernContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Are Rethinking How Phones Work”

Echos in Excess: Put an Alexa Device in Every Room of Your Home – CNET

https://www.cnet.com/home/smart-home/echos-in-excess-put-an-alexa-device-in-every-room-of-your-home/ Don’t put an NSA Listening Device in ANY room. My god this twat is beyond ignorant isn’t he! “Ooooh it’s so great you can do this! Oooooh it’s so neat you can do that!”. Blissfully unaware of the deep security implications of having the NSA listening in on your every move. I bet heContinue reading “Echos in Excess: Put an Alexa Device in Every Room of Your Home – CNET”

16 ’80s TV Shows You Definitely Forgot Existed – GameSpot

https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/16-80s-tv-shows-you-definitely-forgot-existed/2900-4308/ Yet again I FUCKING HATE smug little 25 year olds TELLING me I’ve “forgot” 80s shows or “missed” things in films. But this one is absolutely cretinously certain to the point that I’ve “definitely” forgot they existed. No, I definitely HAVE NOT forgot some of those existed, thanks, you smartarse little prick. Remember Manimal,Continue reading “16 ’80s TV Shows You Definitely Forgot Existed – GameSpot”