Vagina tunnels and sneaker closets: the escapist appeal of celebrity house tours | Celebrity | The Guardian Oooh a vagina tunnel, ooh teeheehee, I was sexually repressed as a child too! 🙄 And who the living fuck is Troye Sivan???

I’m too tired and busy to play with my children. Is that OK? | Parents and parenting | The Guardian Whine, whine, fucking whine. “Women can do everything!!!” Woman: “I can’t do everythiiiing I’m too tiiiiired”.

I tried Morrisons cafe’s full English breakfast for £5.50 and it was an eye-opener – Bristol Live You didn’t see any alternative to a fried egg on the menu, and, naturally, being a professional journalist, you were too scared to ask them to scramble or poach a fucking egg. Elizabeth, deary? Rethink your career.

Prince: Welcome 2 America – A one-star rating for an album that should have stayed locked away Irish Times believed Sinéad O’Connor’s invented bullshit about Prince beating her up – so they’re evidently hell-bent on trashing anything he released subsequent to her fictitious account surfacing. They mention just 2 of the albums released so far – entirely omitting any mention of the Purple Rain and Sign O’ The Times releases –Continue reading “Prince: Welcome 2 America – A one-star rating for an album that should have stayed locked away”

Tesco Bank to close all its current accounts – BBC News I had a feeling this was coming. 😞 Ever since they stopped taking on new customers for their current accounts, I knew the remaining ones would be sold down the river just like Tesco Homephone and Broadband customers. I still love Tesco but I’m puzzled by their decisions sometimes.

I was waiting for my date to pick me up but he sped off as soon as he saw me – it was horrible, I’m so done with men Shut the fuck up. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re making the video for attention. You’ll be back fucking someone in about a month and you know it. 🙄