Slight Correction (won’t ever be rectified)

You all remember the headlines and clickbait…”SOME PS5 GAMES TO COST £70!!!!!“ Just 4 short months on, and whilst customers are still scrabbling around for the actual PS5 to even play the PS5 games on, as you can see, these prices are hardly eye-watering for a next gen console. It’s a hastily bashed out article,Continue reading “Slight Correction (won’t ever be rectified)”

‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos

‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos “Oh but Democrat protestors invaded the Capitol Hill building during the Kavanaugh hearing!!”. Yes this is true – they were idiots as well. But they didn’t go quite this far, did they. “All fake news!! The people were all antifa in disguise!!!”. Grow theContinue reading “‘We are at war’ – New video reveals riot chaos”

Update! Star Wars Set Construction Upsets Residents of UK Village (Photos) – Star Wars News Net It’s interesting that the kind of (almost exclusively) posh twats you find living in Buckinghamshire didn’t have a problem with a dirty great quarry, but do with a film set…