Get Yo #BAME right, Jack..

Jackie Long talking to Jeremy Hunt just now on Channel 4 News said “black and ethnic minorities”. Or #BAEM – which sounds a bit like some Arabic rapper. I think the time has come to admit that hashtag-friendly buzzy acronyms haven’t worked out. Can we just return to saying “ethnic minorities”? It’s respectful, it’s functional,Continue reading “Get Yo #BAME right, Jack..”

The One Show’s Alex Jones, 43, teases cleavage in plunging minidress for ageless display Never once growing up into an adult did I ever imagine I’d be thanking the Daily Star for anything at all. But in these wet, whimpering sorry sack of shit times, it’s most comforting to have a manly man story pop up in my Google feeds: “Look! Tits!” 😂😂

Barking up the wrong tree. Again.

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!! Channel 4 News is running a story asking if the pandemic will “change people’s attitudes towards immigration”. Yes because maybe, when they see all these immigrant NHS workers helping out, they’ll think TWICE about daring to question levels of immigration, and might think twice about immigrants coming overContinue reading “Barking up the wrong tree. Again.”

Twitter in meltdown conspiritard mode

Okay I just can’t help myself. I don’t know which is more embarrassing, admitting that, or that these people are actually genuinely believing the shit they type out.. Translation part 1: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH don’t WANNA do lockdown!!!!” I bet you this fucking idiot sits there and looks at the projected figures for deaths if no lockdownContinue reading “Twitter in meltdown conspiritard mode”

Windows 10 May 2020 Update now tells you if it can’t be installed on your PC Err…when did it NOT do this, Tech Radar??! You know that little app thing when Windows 10 first insulted the intelligence of actual PC users? Yeah that. It ran checks to see that your PC met requirements.. “Oh, yeah”, indeed….😏

Ensuring special treatment for those wanting “equality”

I can’t guarantee much about the world, personally. But I can guarantee you this: YOU WILL NEVER READ A BIGGER PILE OF FUCKING GARBAGE TODAY THAN THIS. And “Chief Diversity Officer”. Does that by its very definition mean there’s a subset of Diversity Officers running around Disney? Fuck me, let’s look in particular at this,Continue reading “Ensuring special treatment for those wanting “equality””