JK Rowling’s first husband Jorge Arantes ‘admits he slapped her but he’s not sorry’ – Mirror Online

https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/jk-rowlings-husband-jorge-arantes-22178817 SJW’s so fucking confused right now.. “JK Rowling is a fucking bigoted transphobe…but she got hit by toxic male…#BelieveWomen…but #LoveIsLove…#…ohh….FUUUCK!!!!!”

Da evIL Nazis coMMING!!

Fucking jesus….Channel 4 News is getting to insufferable levels of wokeness now. There was a report tonight about “a rise” in far right/Nazi groups online. 2 things immediately sprang to my mind: The only time I EVER even know these nazi groups EXIST is when your reporters fucking tell me about them!!! This means IContinue reading “Da evIL Nazis coMMING!!”

FREEBIE FOR YOU!!* (*must be a stupid cunt to qualify)

YES, I’m talking to YOU stupid cunts! Do you have what it takes to be the next clueless fucking dolt working for a clueless company called Amazon? Well now you can learn how for absolutely FREE!! You know, like that totally free delivery you just paid £79 every year for! What could go wrong? EvenContinue reading “FREEBIE FOR YOU!!* (*must be a stupid cunt to qualify)”

Tenuous Titles

This is precisely why I called this “Insanity Daily” – there’s shit popping out every single fucking day right now. Here’s today’s contemptible shite : SPLASH MOUNTAIN IS EVIL!! Firstly when they start off “Fans of Walt Disney World and Disneyland want the theme of Splash Mountain changed“, it’s important to know that those peopleContinue reading “Tenuous Titles”

Ant and Dec sorry for ‘impersonating people of colour’ on Saturday Night Takeaway

https://news.sky.com/story/ant-and-dec-sorry-for-impersonating-people-of-colour-on-saturday-night-takeaway-12004327 I’ll translate: we weren’t racist then, we aren’t racist now, but to counter the incoming shrieking appeasement junkies on Twitter, as we do have a big following and can’t be fucked trawling through clueless parroted copy and paste outrage: here’s some appeasement. I have a sense of humour. I’m fairly fucking offended you’re beingContinue reading “Ant and Dec sorry for ‘impersonating people of colour’ on Saturday Night Takeaway”