Twitter Memories #2

One of the last times I called out and basically exposed the utter horseshit in this “#Diversity”, “#Representation” debate was when I happened to comment on the official Bad Boys 3 Twitter account, saying I was disappointed with it, and some black woman who claimed to be an actress in some American TV…um…thing (obviously, I’dContinue reading “Twitter Memories #2”

#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)

What the living fuck….. Could this horseshit actually be any more vague…? Not to mention patronising and condescending. Google have me over a barrel as my phone is Android, and I can’t be fucking arsed faffing around with the likes of Tizen and the others. Besides, I do actually like the Google eco-system and findContinue reading “#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)”

Channel $ News (did you see what I did there)

Oh my fucking god – I just saw Channel 4 News issue “a correction to our earlier story about the Harvey Weinstein verdict – we reported that he’d been found guilty on 3 counts – in fact the jury is still deliberating and he’s not been found guilty”. FUCK ME, so desperate are Channel 4Continue reading “Channel $ News (did you see what I did there)”