Reddit bans hundreds of subreddits for hate speech including Trump community Oh fucking dear. I think Donald supporters of The Cult of Donald are idiots. But I would never want them banned just for fucking TYPING. Jesus. Will there be freedom of thought anywhere, unless you pay for your own url? Bearing in mind that in 2020 all it takes to be accepted as “HATEContinue reading “Reddit bans hundreds of subreddits for hate speech including Trump community”

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to help | The Independent This is all very hilarious and sadly won’t ever come to anything but “red alert”…? I mean…did you not notice when it happened a few months ago..?

What are Americans so scared?

You’ll see my title wasn’t a mistake – what is so frightening about the word “of” to America?? They say “Today I picked up a couple PS4 games” – to which my reply is invariably “what’s a couple PS4 game?”. Then there’s “and”, they hide and tremble in fear of that one too in numbers.Continue reading “What are Americans so scared?”