Fortnite’s Save the World finally leaves early access, no plans to go free to play Err I thought “Fortnite is free” – due to its reliance on 12 year olds pestering their parents to pay for stupid dances via microtransactions? A morally sound business model I think we can all agree.

Welcome to Microsoft Help Forums can I help you please thank you

Jesus christ….this stuff writes itself. Thread locked – well of course it is – another user has perfectly pointed out what an UTTERLY USELESS DICKHEAD the person at Microsoft is. So just lock the thread. It’s the equivalent of saying “we cannot solve this one, so we need to stop making ourselves look even moreContinue reading “Welcome to Microsoft Help Forums can I help you please thank you”

Wwwwaaaaahh, we’re invisible!!. Or : Back to the start

Lockdown. And though the corporations on social media (what’s left of them) are bringing out all the rainbows (even though rainbows too have now been reclaimed by the NHS) all the visibility is GONE!!!!! THE LGBTQIRSTUVQXYZ MOB CANNOT MARCH DOWN THE STREETS OR HOLD MASS GATHERINGS TELLING YOU THEY’RE STILL GAY.. Now I know EXACTLYContinue reading “Wwwwaaaaahh, we’re invisible!!. Or : Back to the start”

The Last of Us Dev Isn’t Ruling Out Part 3 but Says Going Back to the Same World Will Be ‘Exponentially Harder’ | PlayStation LifeStyle Not hard – just kill all the women and girls with a total fucknut of a brand new actual male protagonist. The universe has balance, no…..? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Reddit bans hundreds of subreddits for hate speech including Trump community Oh fucking dear. I think Donald supporters of The Cult of Donald are idiots. But I would never want them banned just for fucking TYPING. Jesus. Will there be freedom of thought anywhere, unless you pay for your own url? Bearing in mind that in 2020 all it takes to be accepted as “HATEContinue reading “Reddit bans hundreds of subreddits for hate speech including Trump community”