RIP Windows 10 Control Panel — Microsoft is killing the much-loved feature | Tom’s Guide Oh fucking dear. It’s not about being “familiar” and “comforting”, dickhead, it’s about being useful and practical. I love how this bloke describes anyone wanting to access very, very basic settings and checks on their own PC as a “power user”. Jesus fucking christ I must have a mind like a Cray supercomputer byContinue reading “RIP Windows 10 Control Panel — Microsoft is killing the much-loved feature | Tom’s Guide”

LEGO Group may use display sets to release obscure Star Wars ships Why can’t we just have proper models of them? All LEGO Star Wars stuff looks like shit. Yeah yeah you’re way into denial territory if you try and tell me otherwise. The Millennium Falcon looks like a 12 year old drew it and as for Yoda – fuck me that shit is just ALARMING.

North Denmark in lockdown over mutated virus in mink farms I got a solution to this issue: stop breeding millions of furry little animals in bare cages only to be gassed (I’m sure not always entirely to death) and skinned so some ugly, middle-aged scrag end can wear 27 carcasses in Winter.

History All Over The Place in your muddled head (if you’re Donald)

(Paraphrasing) Donald 2016: “There’s no evidence of any collusion with Russia, this is ridiculous, no one has interfered with our election, this was a straightforward election, the Democrats just can’t handle the fact we won”. Donald 2020: “It was big tech, big media, deep state, fraud, this was a terrible process and they stole theContinue reading “History All Over The Place in your muddled head (if you’re Donald)”

Kat Dennings stands up to body-shamers for Billie Eilish: ‘Take a good hard look Again, you’re just not getting it. This is Twitter. This is social media. No one actually really thinks like these people when they’re not sat behind their phones. Ergo, your counterpoints are moot. Celebrities, eh…..