Alienware’s New Gaming Laptops Get 8-core CPUs and RTX Super Graphics – IGN Who fucking cares?? It’s still several slabs of components piled right on top of eachother, overheating. “Oh but this time the airflow is taken care of by…” SHUT UP. Please don’t make yourself look even more clueless than you do already by attempting to argue against very basic science and physics. 🙄 Gaming laptopsContinue reading “Alienware’s New Gaming Laptops Get 8-core CPUs and RTX Super Graphics – IGN”

Why Amazon’s hardware makes more sense than Google’s 2 words for you dickheads: Fire Phone. 🤣 Okay I jumped the gun somewhat. The overall ‘point’ of this article is that “Google doesn’t constantly try and shove more overpriced tat down your neck when you buy their hardware – so therefore it’s pointless”. Lockdown does produce a fuck load of trash that bizarrelyContinue reading “Why Amazon’s hardware makes more sense than Google’s”

It’s time to squirrel away a clean copy of Win10 version 1909 | Computerworld Brilliant idea, Computerworld. Just one question springs to mind… What the FUCK is the point in doing that when Windows 10 is going to force you to update regardless, and doubtless before Microsoft have dawdled around to fix any problems that their latest attempt at a functioning OS has created?

A Time To Ponder The Workplace, Post Pandemic..

Resources Manager Workflow Supervisor Social Media Manager Communications Coordinator Once offices all start back up again you’d hope that companies will take a little look down lists including meaningless shit like these and think “hang on a minute……FUCK off!!!”, and start dishing out the P45’s. But do you think they actually will?

Old school….? I fucking hope so.

I’ve placed my order for that Logitech (G613) keyboard at Box. It is a bit of a splurge – especially in these times. But here’s 2 main things I’m really hoping for with this one. The first is NO more rubbing off of key letters. I ADORE my Logitech K350 – it is the ultimateContinue reading “Old school….? I fucking hope so.”