Bless you, children of the digital age…*stifles giggling*

Screen Rant is to gaming knowledge what I am to a Halfords mechanics team. I’ve just had their story about PSN errors pop up on my Google feed and it did make me chuckle. Especially this part: Oh, SONY needs to be “more transparent” with them, does it Screen Rant?? You don’t think, maybe, thatContinue reading “Bless you, children of the digital age…*stifles giggling*”

Can I get a “bwahahahahahaha!!!”

A rather glorious piece from The Verge all about how badly Google Stadia is going. I mean, you know how I hate being right about that shite. The comments are ‘mixed’ to say the least. There are several compelling points people make that all point towards Google pulling the plug on this inherently stupid concept.Continue reading “Can I get a “bwahahahahahaha!!!””


What “changed” is that I found out you want money for every little stage of the course. And fuck off with the “Free” bollocks. I can safely bet if I tapped that I’d be taken to a page that said “7 days for free!” 🙄 Not QUITE what your irritating email says, is it.

Another bank that says a big “FUCK you” to its customers….

Yes because once again : “Comments are turned off” – we don’t want to hear from you peasants. You don’t need to see it all. Just skip 10 seconds in: Did….did they really just SAY that???? A fucking BANK advising that a “secure password” should contain actual words. The evidence is right here for you….

“NO opinions that differ from ours, NO!!! So sign our petition against a bigot!!”

This is old news, and yet The Mirror has let the shit float to the surface again. I say it’s old news because this petition has taken 7 months to reach a rather feeble 50,000. To the fuckwitted SJW who set up the petition (and I’ll come to his horseshit in a bit), this probablyContinue reading ““NO opinions that differ from ours, NO!!! So sign our petition against a bigot!!””


Who NEEDS this fucking shit?! Oh, I’m forgetting – the vast majority of the country apparently falls apart unless surrounded by sham friends, whose continued friendship and huggywugs depend largely on you continuing to Like their Instagram posts. What a time to be alive…