Starmer is moving Labour to the right 'brutally and rapidly': a CLP secretary's resignation statement Translation: “Waaaaaa we can’t take over and ruin any election chances anymore with Momentum!” Suck it up, you freaks.

Bianca Williams: Team GB sprinter calls for police commissioner to step down after stop and search | UK News | Sky News Why do we only ever see these people refusing to just get out the fucking car and then submitting it to a hungry media pushing this narrative?? Let’s see them report one where they were black, stopped by the police, got out the car without a fuss and NOTHING HAPPENED. 🙄

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games could be very expensive going off NBA 2k21 prices | GiveMeSport To give you the benefit of the doubt you run a site called “give me sport” – thus you evidently have not the faintest idea how R.R.P. tends to work. 🙄